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USSLiberty Survivor Pres Johnson Ordered US Jets Grounded – Bryce Lockwood

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Crimea Germans slam Berlin for calling Russia a ‘global threat’

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Yes, there is a German ethnic minority in Crimea and they have been there since the end of the XVIIIth/early XIXth century. And no, they were NOT invaders: they were legal settlers.

In fact, there was a time where the Germans were the migrants of Europe and they settled all over Slavic Europe.

Everyone has heard of the Sudetan Germans (aka Bohemian Germans), but there were German ethnic minorities all over central and eastern Europe. For those interested, they may want to look up the Seibenbürgen, the Drang nach Osten or the Ostsiedlung.

These German settlers sometimes ended up taking over what was initially a settlement and ‘germanize’ it to the point where its Slavic roots have been completely erased (for example, Slavic Berlin or all the ‘German’ cities which are located on the eastern side of the river Elbe).

In the cases where they did not manage…

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O Polsce na konferecji prasowej Putin – Netanjahu

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Na wspólnej konferencji prasowej premiera Izraela i prezydenta Rosji wybrzmiała też, o dziwo, kwestia gazu w relacjach między Moskwą i Warszawą. „Poprosimy o komentarz w sprawie rezygnacji Polski z rosyjskiego gazu” — poprosili prezydenta rosyjscy dziennikarze.

„A co ma do tego Izrael?” — zapytał ze zdziwieniem prezydent, ale zaraz też zaproponował swój wariant: „Nabywca się znajdzie. Może Izrael kupi i będzie go odsprzedawał tejże Polsce”. Netanjahu roześmiał się z sympatią i pośpieszył przedłożyć własny wariant.



Netanyahu in Russia– ‘Israel doesn’t intervene in Syrian civil war’

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The Ugly Truth


PM tells Jewish community leaders that he doubts Assad’s Syria will survive the conflict as a single state

ed note–Let’s just add this to a small list of other statements uttered by the Jewish state over the years–

‘Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY was a case of mistaken identity’

‘Israel does not spy on the United States’

‘Jonathon Pollard was not working for Israel’

‘The IDF is the world’s most moral army’

‘Israel is not targeting civilians in Gaza’

‘Israel is not using white phosphorous in Operation Cast Lead’

‘There’s no such thing as Palestinians’

‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’ –motto of Israel’s Mossad.

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US House calls on Germany to ‘fulfill moral obligation’ to Holocaust survivors

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The Ugly Truth


Resolution urges Berlin to reaffirm financial commitment to fully address unique needs of victims of Nazi regime

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Why are people afraid of the facts about Jews

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Ikony i modlitwy przynoszą ulgę ciężko chorym

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Yemen 2015: at least 785 children killed, 1168 injured + ISIS is Turning US Humvees into Iraq’s Worst Nightmare

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U.N. Quickly Removes Saudi-Led Coalition From Its List of Child Killers

ISIS is Turning US Humvees into Iraq’s Worst Nightmare

Fans travelling to Euro 2016 are warned ‘stadiums, fan zones, bars and stations’ could all be terror targets

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Fans travelling to Euro 2016 are warned ‘stadiums, fan zones, bars and stations’ could all be terror targets

NWO Luciferian Ceremonies On The Rise + Propaganda Bill in Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of “Truth”

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Propaganda Bill in Congress Could Give America Its Very Own Ministry Of “Truth”

Germany’s Future Is Burka Clad Women + Muslim Invader Says He Hates Germany But Will Stay & Loves The Free Stuff + USA: Illegals Openly Brag About $300k Scholarships + USA: up to 30% of Illegals Who Commit Crimes Re-offend After They Are Released from Prison + Illegal Haitian Immigrant Sentenced to Maximum 60 Years for Woman’s Murder + VIDEO German Party Leader Destroys Illegal Migrant Argument

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Germany’s Future Is Burka Clad Women

Muslim Invader Says He Hates Germany But Will Stay & Loves The Free Stuff

Illegals Openly Brag About $300k Scholarships on Twitter

Up to 30 Percent of Illegals Who Commit Crimes Re-offend After They Are Released from Prison

Illegal Haitian Immigrant Sentenced to Maximum 60 Years for Woman’s Murder

Watch German Party Leader Destroy Illegal Migrant Argument

Bilderberg 2016: German Military Running Security + Bilderberg 2016 to Talk Trump, Riots, Migrants & Brexit + Agenda Revealed + What Actually Happens and Who is Attending + Pyramids And All Seeing Eyes + Threatening Eviction Notice To Reporters

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Breaking! German Military Running Security At Bilderberg 2016

Bilderberg 2016 to Talk Trump, Riots, Migrants & Brexit

Bilderberg 2016 Agenda Revealed!

Bilderberg Group Meeting: What Actually Happens at the World’s Most Secretive Gathering of Global Elites, and Who is Attending?

Pyramids And All Seeing Eyes At Bilderberg 2016

Bilderberg Sends Threatening Eviction Notice To Reporters

Azaziah interviewed on MuslimPress.com– ‘THE BATTLE FOR FALLUJAH’

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Hezbollah Warns: Zionists Paving Way for Total Destruction of Al-Aqsa

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The Ugly Truth



Hezbollah strongly denounced the Zionist desecration of al-Aqsa Mosque during Israelis’ celebrations on the 49th anniversary of al-Quds’ occupation. In a statement released by the party’s Media Relations, Hezbollah said the move was a deliberate policy by the Zionists aimed at paving the way to totally destruct the holy mosque.

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Man who ‘plotted attacks on synagogues in Paris to coincide with European Championship’ arrested in Ukraine

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The Ugly Truth


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – A man has been detained in Ukraine for allegedly planning attacks on Jewish places of worship in France on the eve of the Euro 2016 championship.

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China vs. the US: The Struggle for Central Africa and the Congo

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The Ugly Truth

islam christianity alliance

EUROPE NEWSWEEK – Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that his country will always be a “reliable ally” to the “Islamic world” at a discussion event on the topic of Islam and Russia, state news agency RIA Novostireported.

“The agenda for your meeting today addresses important issues, many of which are directly related to the events that are happening at the moment in a number of Muslim countries and, without exaggeration, urgently call for a global response,” Putin told a panel gathered to discuss Russia’s strategy in dealing with Islamic countries.

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[2011-2012] VIDEO Islamic revolution in Europe is Unavoidable‬‏ + Sweden Is Finished, its constitution secretly changed + [2015] Islamiści w Szwecji: Nienawidzimy was! To my tutaj rządzimy!

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Iran: Saudis gave Israel ‘strategic’ intel in 2006 Lebanon war

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The Ugly Truth


Tehran parliament speaker says regime has ‘definite information’ about Riyadh-Jerusalem security cooperation

ed note–Having been to Iran 3 times in the recent past, and having been on the receiving end of the investigation/examination process that takes place when someone requests entering the IRI, to say nothing of the manner by which a foreigner is carefully scrutinized after arrival by their security/intelligence services, I can attest to the fact that the Iranians are very thorough and not what you would refer to as a ‘sloppy’ or ‘half-assed’ in terms of their security.

Having said this, if the Iranians charge that the Saudis cooperated with Israel in slaughtering helpless Lebanese back in 2006, rest assured that this was indeed the case. Furthermore, besides underscoring what wretched dogs the Saudis are in helping to facilitate the 2006 Judaic bloodbath that for all intents and purposes was nothing more than ritual mass murder in…

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Infowars Paul Joseph Watson: ‘There Is No Jewish Influence Anywhere’

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–That the entire Alex Jones operation is one directed by unseen forces out to keep the herd confused is not a question up for debate. On many issues Jones has made clear his obvious intention to avoid hitting the bull’s eye of the target and instead to pull his punches so as not to do any substantive harm to the real enemy we all face and which he makes the pretenses of fighting, not the ‘New’ World Order as much as the ‘Jew’ World Order.

This being said, it only makes sense then that one of his top operatives, Paul Joseph Watson, would go down the road to la-la land in making the statement that there is no ‘No Jewish Influence Anywhere’, similar in many respects to other statements made in this Orwellian age that are at complete odds with reality.

But there is another aspect to Watson’s posture here that…

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