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Chinese President Orders People’s Liberation Army to “Prepare For Combat”

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Chinese President Orders People’s Liberation Army to “Prepare For Combat”


Migrants Rape, Molest Women at “Anti-Racism” Festival in Sweden + Mom Of Idaho Rape Victim: ‘We’re Being Treated As Criminals’

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Migrants Rape, Molest Women at “Anti-Racism” Festival in Sweden

Mom Of Idaho Rape Victim: ‘We’re Being Treated As Criminals’


Lebanon: 10 Years After the War, an Eternity of Injustice to Go

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UK – Theresa May dines with Chief Rabbi on eve of becoming Prime Minister

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The Ugly Truth


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE 12JUL16 – Theresa May kept a longstanding dinner date with the Chief Rabbi on the day before becoming Prime Minister, it has emerged. Mrs May and her husband,Philip,were guests at Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s north-west London home this evening.

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U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

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UK – Theresa May commits to remembering the Holocaust

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The Ugly Truth


THE JEWISH CHRONICLE – Moments after it was announced Theresa May will replace David Cameron as Prime Minister, Mrs May signed a pledge committing to remembering the Holocaust.

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Turkey, Egypt & Eastern Africa: How Israel Is Getting Ready To Replace America

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The Ugly Truth


“Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, talks about retreating from America’s preeminent role in the world (…) Similarly Europe, overwhelmed by a refugee crisis, is becoming more insular”.

In other words, to quote Sheikh Imran Hosein: the zionist entity is “most likely seeking to look favourable in the eyes of the world, looking to champion a Halo before stepping into the shoes of America.”

As a side note, it is interesting to note that Modi, the PM of Hindutva India, started his tour of Africa as soon as Bibi ended his.  Coincidence? 

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Tweet Of The Month – “Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs”, Trump.

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‘Students for Justice in Palestine’ blames Israel {LEEP} for shootings of black men by American cops

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The Ugly Truth

Link here

And for entertainment purposes, watch these two Jews whine, moan, and complain about it here

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The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel

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The Ugly Truth


I have been running Snippits and Snappits for over ten years now.  Over the years I invested many long hours in reproducing books and articles that I feared would eventually disappear, otherwise, from the Internet and, in several cases, I was correct. Just try to find Dave McGowan’s Laurel Canyon series complete, anywhere else.  Perhaps it might be a good idea to bring forth a few of these old pieces for reprint simply because they are significant, especially in retrospect since they were a major part of my learning curve.

When I posted this book by American Jew Jack Berenstein years ago, I was, like so many of you, still naive in so many regards and learned a lot although, of course, so many years later, I look at everything much more cynically when it comes to “our dear friends” aka the Tribe.  Please leave a note if the article…

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David Icke defines “reptilians”

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Żydowskie dziedzictwo

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Dałabym więcej przykładów, ale nie mam czasu. Kto chce to sobie poczyta.

nadużycie link skomentuj

Magdala 11.07.2016 17:40:34

  • Masowe mordy i składanie ludzi w ofierze.
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 13:13-19

    Zabijanie dobrego samarytanina
    2 Księga Samuela 6:3-7

    Zabij wyznawców innych religii
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 13:7-12

    Poligamia, gwałty, zabijanie niemowląt i Boże “Przebaczenie”
    2 Księga Samuela 12:11-14

    Bicie niewolników
    Księga Wyjścia 21:20-21

    Morderstwo za zbieranie opału “na pustyni?”
    Księga Liczb 15:32-36

    Prawo co do gwałtów
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa22:28-29

    Morderstwa, gwałty, grabieże i rabunek
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 20:10-18

    Mordowanie i podpalanie świątyni
    2 Księga Królewska 10:18-27

    Księga Jozuego 11:21-23

    Miasta wymordowane
    Księga Liczb 21:1-3

    Księga Jeremiasza 25:33

    Zabijanie dzieci
    Księga Ozeasza 9:11-19

    nadużycie link skomentuj

    Magdala 11.07.2016 17:38:52

  • @Magdala 17:38:52

    Morderstwa, gwałty, i rabunek w Jabesz w Gileadzie
    Księga Sędziów 21:10-24

    Morderstwo i rabunek w transie bożym
    Księga Sędziów 14:19

    Masowe mordy i składanie w ofierze własne dziecko
    Księga Sędziów 11:29-40

    Mordowanie dzieci z premedytacją
    Księga Psalmów 137:9

    Ludobójstwo na życzenie boga
    Księga Jozuego 11:16-20

    Gniew Boga
    Księga Jeremiasza 25:34-38

    Bóg jest źródłem złego ducha 1
    1 Księga Samuela 18:10-11

    Musisz zabić
    Księga Jeremiasza 48:10

    Masowe morderstwa
    1 Księga Samuela 15:2-3

    Bóg przyznaje, że czynił zło
    Księga Jeremiasza 42:9-10

    Gwałt na kobietach (instrukcje)
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 21:10-14

    Bóg dyskryminuje niepełnosprawnych
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 23:2

    Bóg karze potomków grzeszników
    Księga Powtórzonego Prawa 23:3

    Bić dzieci z małżeństw mieszanych
    Księga Nehemiasza 13:23-27

    Bóg aprobuje kazirodztwo
    Księga Rodzaju 19:30-38

    Morderstwa mężczyzn, kobiet i dzieci…
    Księga Ezechiela 9:5-7

“NOWA POLSKA” zgłasza społecznościowy udział w postępowaniu dot. Dra Piskorskiego

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On Sunday, August 7, 2016 10:24 AM, Andrzej Dziąba <rs.nowapolska@gmail.com> wrote:

26 lipca 2016 r. podczas pobytu w Warszawie rozmawiałem telefonicznie z prokurator Anna Karyńską z Mazowieckiego Wydziału Zamiejscowego Departamentu ds. Przestępczości Zorganizowanej i Korupcji Prokuratury Krajowej w Warszawie, która zajmuje się dr Mateuszem Piskorskim. Chciałem przystąpić do tego postępowania na podstawie art. 90 par. 1, 2 i 3 kpk, ale dotyczy to tylko spraw sądowych. Podaję adres internetowy tej jednostki: sekretariat.vwzo@pk.gov.pl 
Powiadomiłem o moich staraniach Piotra Kreta ze Zmiany, ale mi nie odpowiedział. Spróbuję przystąpić do sprawy na podstawie przepisów kpa.   


Od: Andrzej Dziąba <rs.nowapolska@gmail.com>
Data: 13 lipca 2016 11:45
Temat: W sprawie dr Mateusza Piskorskiego
Do: SEREMET <biuro.podawcze@pk.gov.pl>

Mazowiecki Wydział Zamiejscowy

Departamentu ds. Przestępczości Zorganizowanej i Korupcji
Prokuratury Krajowej
w Warszawie
Na podstawie art. 90 par. 1, 2 i 3 kpk zgłaszam udział stowarzyszenia zwykłego Ruch Społeczny “NOWA POLSKA” w postępowaniu dotyczącym dr Mateusza Piskorskiego. W załączeniu przekazuję scan potwierdzenia wpisu do ewidencji oraz oryginał regulaminu.
Proszę o poinformowanie dr Mateusza Piskorskiego o naszym udziale. Proszę również o informację n.t. możliwości spotkania z nim.
Z poważaniem.
Ruch Społeczny “NOWA POLSKA
mgr inż. Andrzej Dziąba

Germany draws up plans for greater military powers in EU and NATO

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UK – LEST WE FORGET – How Britain wages war

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The Ugly Truth


By John Pilger – Five photographs together break a silence (…) The second photograph is of a 12-year-old boy, one of three children. They are Kuchis, nomads of Afghanistan. They have been hit by Nato bombs, American or British, and nurses are trying to peel away their roasted skin with tweezers. On the night of 10 June, Nato planes struck again, killing at least 30 civilians in a single village: children, women, schoolteachers, students. On 4 July, another 22 civilians died like this. All, including the roasted children, are described as “militants” or “suspected Taliban”. The Defence Secretary, Des Browne, says the invasion of Afghan istan is “the noble cause of the 21st century”.

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Western aggression: NATO conducting naval drills in Black Sea with 25 military vessels taking part

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The Ugly Truth


RT – As many as 25 military vessels, two planes, two helicopters and some 1,700 personnel are taking part in the exercise conducted in the international waters, reports Sofia New Agency.  All NATO member states of the Black Sea region, namely Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey, are taking part in the drills, also attended by warships from Greece and Spain. The exercise also involves NATO associates Ukraine and Georgia.

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NATO Warsaw Declaration Is a Declaration of War

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The Ugly Truth

RUSSIA INSIDER – “This is about preparations for war, although it’s impossible to say at this point what the war will be like.”

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The USA Are Waging War on Europe on Four Fronts

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The Ugly Truth


RUSSIA INSIDER – A lot has been written on the many recent American attacks on Russia, China and Latin America, but little has been said about American containment of the European Union (EU), historically its closest ally since WWII.

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Erdogan’s Russia Apology Has Been Anything but Sincere

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The Ugly Truth

happy merchant turkey

Sabba – I agree with the writer. Erdogan is playing games but like all jews, he must think of himself as being so superiorly  smart that no one can see thru his mask of zion. We know that as a jew, he must have sworn his Kol Nidre Oath last Yom Kippur. As a crypto-jew who parades as an extremist Muslim, he has lived a schizophrenic life all his life guided by the perennial advice of his tribesmen: by way of deception thou shall do everything. The writer of this article is right: “The Russians would be well advised to demand several “pounds of flesh” at each stage of a rapprochement with Turkey.”

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Western lies about Syria and crimes against humanity are leading us to the unthinkable

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The Ugly Truth


“The war is not a “clash of civilizations” as some warmongers might profess; it is a clash of one civilization, Syria’s, against Western barbarism.”

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