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Garden Railway Forum constipated on bankster “political” stuff

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On November 30, 2016, I open a notification about new post on a thread:


Nov 26 at 10:12 AM


You are receiving this email because you are watching the topic, “admin moves the threads around” at Garden Railway Forum. This topic has received a reply from “JMORG” since your last visit. You can use the following link to view the replies made, no more notifications will be sent until you visit the topic.

I click to a vacuum:

Garden Railway Forum Forum Index

The topic or post you requested does not exist

I can’t log in, I’m no longer a member, all posts deleted — some being unique info in English for the less priviledged modeller, thousands of views, scores of praises… The trace is left only in others calling my name and quoting from Piotr Bein. In some of my threads, other members shared their neat stuff — gone with an emotional push of a button. How will the team clean THAT up? LOL

As with the other forum, the cowards have e-annihilated me 馃檪 because they fell too deep into own rubbish and are unable to justify their decision. No official email with the reason for dismissal while remaining top secret obvious to anyone who has followed the threads.

Missing below is (now deleted) my “Off Topic” reply re antibiotics losing effectiveness, as germs smarter up faster than the Big Pharma that “develops” them. One discussant wanted life-threatening cases exempted from antibiotic bans, because he has been such case. “You’ve been spared at the cost of my grand-kids…” — I replied, asking why talk antibiotics when tens of millions annually get ill/die of GMO, cancer “treatment”, purposefully wrong/fatal medication and medical malpractice, ionising and electromagnetic radiation, unending wars and revolutions, poisoned water, food and air… all caused by the same bankster cabal.

The chief moderator for years on serious fora (DU-Watch, Grypa666) in times of major聽 threats to humanity from the same source that the moderators disliked my mentions of, I followed the netiquette. In their replies they featured:

  • stupid car (what will Toyota say to this? LOL),
  • limits to freedom of speech (as if my topics that they claim to be offenders, have infringed on that!), and
  • moderator “immunity” (i.e. autocracy, incl. mowing down a critic who insists on proper conduct of their duties)…

At the same time, they were:

  • singling me out for political content (as they admit in the thread LOL)
  • violating forum’s rule (ban of commercial advertising in a thread outside “For Sale” dept )
  • disregarding the scope of “Help Me!” dept when my car got stuck in mud when needed for errands related to modelling activities that I specified upfront
  • despite my repeated requests, ignoring an-out-of-context, slanderous suggestion posted聽by the forum’s聽 veteran 馃檪 in revenge for my disliking his favourite figurines.

Why not write, e.g.

The moderator team, with overwhelming sigh of relief聽 from the usual majority members [see below LOL] have decided聽 that you are persona non grata on our forum. Thank you for your contributions which we have just trashed — all of them, even the non-politicos and 100% on topic, because the majority here don’t give a damn about whatever RRRevolutionary contributions you may have for our hobby, since it’s OUR hobby, garbage-free and politically sanitized.

Signed — moderator team “We the Forum”

They throw you out, clean up own dirt, pretending before a bunch of claquers that it’s yours.There are great people on that forum, not lemmings for sure, I e-befriended several… Why does the membership sit still in face of blatant irregularities by the moderators and some members?

Don’t take my word, read what follows, and judge for yourself. I’d like to hear your opinion. Please email it.

Piotr Bein

聽***聽聽聽 ***

November 29, 2016

Eventually moved to Off-Topic department with a hoopla, my original post in “Help Me!” department聽 adhered 100% to the topic specs:

New posts Help Me!
Do you have a problem? Here is the place to appeal for help
Moderators laalratty, Mr. Bond of the DVLR, Big Jim

First the original post and exchange聽 that I’ve copied on Nov. 29, 2016, from the Off-Topic place on http://gardenrails.myfreeforum.org/

then my protestation.

SOS Help! Urgent! Emergency!

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Author Message
Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 11:39 am聽 聽Post subject: SOS Help! Urgent! Emergency! Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

I can’t go pick up free junk for models and layout, materials to finish my basement workshop, fire wood (it’s getting cold even in Vancouver), possibly Excalibur scrollsaw 2nd hand tomorrow, deliver a case of beer to a guy who gave me and loaded onto my trailer 7 one-inch rubber mats (for the workshop floor and layout roads)…
My car is stuck in the backyard in soggy lawn, but you see it’s actually a r-way modeller emergency ))
One of the front wheels (Toyota front-wheel drive) has sunk/dug 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) into the muck, “lubricated” well in several attempts to move back and forth.
My plan after waiting thru a windy, dry (at last!) night: dig out to level exit of the sunken wheel, throw in some gravel, put geo-fabric and plastic deck planks for the wheel to roll out and 聽over a few feet of this instant swamp…
Any better ideas?
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Joined: 18 Apr 2016
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:58 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

To save you digging out a big hole – and depending how far the soggy area extends (and how big your jack is) – you could jack up that corner of the car, pack under the wheel with gravel or if you can jack up high enough, pop a plank across the gap and lower car onto a plank and drive off.

Sadly its too far to bring my Landy Defender to pull you out – i get regular practice over here!

Where did I put that uncoupler?

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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 4:43 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Then I move to South East or buy a jack…
Went ahead, dug out in front of both forward wheels, hammered in a plastic deck plank (stronger than wood) covered it with geo-fabric to reduce greasing with mud. Swang the carback and forth by an inch or two, but it grabbed the board and geo-fabric and pushed it back, getting stuck in new soggy depression.
Repeated the procedure, with more of the hard underlay w. geofabric on top under the offending wheel and a few feet on its soggy path. Only a plank and geofabric under the other wheel. No problem under rear wheels.
Swang again a few times… the car rolled forward no problem, leaving 聽slip marks on the grass (full torque).
Digging was not a problem, there is only 4-5 inches of soggy sod on hardpan underneath. It took a Plasticard modeller skills to cut the grass out from under the wheels and coffee stick experience to lay down the planks 聽
Thx, Mark for the advice and readiness to help if I lived over there
Had my method not worked, I’d buy a jack. But with civil engineering/gardening knowledge, modeller perseverance and retiree thrift, I managed to do it in 10 minutes w/o an hour’s trip to h/w store
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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:28 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Photo documentary, for future generations 聽
Patent pending
Rear wheels no problem, inconsequential sinking:
First attempt — soggy sod cut out, geo-fabric laid on plastic sheet to eliminate “greasing” with mud at the tire-ground contact; plastic plank put in (NOT hammered in) under tire:
First trial unsuccessful – front wheel grabbed plank and fabric, 聽pushed them backwards. Second trial. Cleaned up excess mud “lubricant”, hammered the plank under tire, covered with geo-fabric. Front wheel rolled out of the hole, but sank again in the mud forward:
Third and last trial 10 minutes from start. Dug out again, plank hammered in on top of geo-fabric. Hard surface to roll out of the soggiest sod:
Leftmost: the offending front wheels’ path looking forward, from first trial to the last one, plastic sheet and geo-fabric mangled before tires grabbed the longitudinal plank and rolled on the cross-planks out of the soggy area:
Looking back, the offending wheel’s path on the right. I kept my foot on the gas pedal, presuming 聽that higher speed means less downward pressure and faster exit from soggy area that begins at the plywood edge:
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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2016 9:27 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Probably old clothing/linen could be used instead of the geo-fabric (strangth and friction for tire) and plastic sheet (blocking mud from entering the tire-fabric contact surface).
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Joined: 18 Apr 2016
My Line:聽Castle Hill Light Railway
Posts: 46Location: South East
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:17 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Well done – what about using the channels for an extension to your line – you’ve dug the cuttings already!
Where did I put that uncoupler?
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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:17 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Mark, negatory, the Boss does not allow any track on lawns

The curvature would not fit my track, either. I’m odd as I do my layout to suit available (cheap) track. Besides, crossing a bog would require stryrofoam sub-base for the track,
as well as extensive soil stabilization and drainage works… Adjacent 聽eco-nut Fairyland would oppose touching the wet-after-rain-lands… Empire has more important things to worry about:

I only got a few sq. m of Prairies when the Harmony Treaty was signed. Another place is the Larch Tunnel under the end of a lawn to make access to Little Mount Compost possible

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Joined: 18 Apr 2016
My Line:聽Castle Hill Light Railway
Posts: 46Location: South East
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:42 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

A tunnel – I’d love to see that in action!
Where did I put that uncoupler?
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Joined: 20 May 2014
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:45 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

maybe an easier way for next time…



If work is so great, how come they have to pay us to do it?

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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:07 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post

Mark, in due time I will show-case my tunnels.
This morning after rainy night I see what the problem is: no drainage from the soggy area, water to the brim of wheel depressions.
Remedy: dig a trench across, all the way to a slope nearby, throw in a drain pipe, refill with gravel. Works everywhere else on my acre.
My wife’s solution: plant raspberries in the soggy area, car will have to make a tighter curve. Hers was the idea with geo-fabric or clothing
I will go with her idea again — less work for me )) 聽Preparing beds for raspberries will remove the sod, clearing way for natural drainage down the slope.
The board on the wheel is ingenious — conversion of car to a tank

***聽聽聽 ***聽聽聽 ***

Subsequent discussion, my latest reaction first


Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
My Line:聽RRRailways
Posts: 84Location: Canada
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:22 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post

I beg your pardon, Barry and co-moderators…
“Help Me!
Do you have a problem? Here is the place to appeal for help
Moderators laalratty, Mr. Bond of the DVLR, Big Jim”
The thread is multiple times related to railway modelling, as the original post says. You have not presented any rational basis for moving the original thread.”…moderators are supposed to act in a way that pleases most of the people most of the time and keeps good order and keeps the forum on topic for the benefit of all.”
The first part is nonsense: if the majority want upfront rules to be broken and one opposes, than he/she destroys good order? I’ve adhered to “Help Me!” specs, but somehow am the guilty. 聽Did you ask the few hundred viewers to “please most of the people most of the time”?

I judge your performance by what you have done regarding my cases, your past performance certainly does not justify unjust treatment. It’s not up to you to suggest what I should do next. Just do your job right, thank you! If I am the first to tell you that, somebody has to. It is a public forum, I see no warning that it’s ruled by whimsical moderators.

There was no reprimand when a vendor advertised where he should not. Are forum department specs and rules of behaviour fixed, or changeable every time a disgruntled member is “political” not to your liking? You are darn right! I demand that a moderator intervene in a slander of my good name on another topic. It may be stupid request to you, but I mean it: I’ve never advertised commercially on this forum, it’s a plain slander in the context of that “discussion” w. Peter Butler.

Just in case, as happened recently on another forum in a similar situation that left me w/o documentation, I am copying to my blog.

Author Message
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:54 pm聽聽聽Post subject:

Can we move this topic to the bin?

Moderators on here have always done a good job.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:44 pm聽聽聽Post subject:

I totally agree with every word. Thank you.
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:29 pm聽聽聽Post subject:

If you look at the title of the forum it clearly says Garden Railway Forum. It does NOT say that its a forum for cars stuck in mud. Therefore your post is off-topic. The whole point of a moderator is someone who is apointed to manage the forum on behalf of the members. Therefore the moderator acts as he sees fit. This won’t always please everyone but the moderators are supposed to act in a way that pleases most of the people most of the time and keeps good order and keeps the forum on topic for the benefit of all.

The moderators of this forum have over the years shown themselves to have acted in an exemplary fashion and I support everything they have done.

You Piotr seem to be someone that has the ability to disagree with everyone. If you don’t like the way this forum is run I would suggest you remove yourself from it. This forum has over the years, as well as modelling garden railways in general seen some spirited debate but it rarely decends into comments from mebers demanding the moderators do this or that, indeed i’ve never seen such comments before. In fact neither you or anyone else of us is in any position to demand the moderators do anything.

I support the moderators 100% and really if you are only here to disagree with everyone and make stupid demands of the moderators I for one would rather you clear off and leave us in peace to enjoy our hobby without pictures of cars stuck in mud which have no Garden Railway value at all as far as I can see which is exactly why the moderators quite rightly moved them to ‘Off-Topic’.

In parting can I say that this is one of the best run and orderly forums I have ever been a member of and would like to take this oppertunity to thank the moderators for the work they put in on our behalf and the time they give to supporting this forum.
Best Regards

Piotr Bein
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 11:47 am聽聽聽Post subject:

JMORG wrote:
I think it’s more of a case of keeping the forums on topic. Every forum has rules…
A prime example is 4chan; despite the fact that it considers freedom of speech without repercussions (hence why everyone is signed as Anonymous) its main selling point, it is still quite heavily moderated to ensure each topic is correct for each forum.
Unfortunately it’s just the nature of forums; freedom of speech does not really exist anymore…

Why was I ostricized for other people’s misbehaviour? I insist that a moderator clear it with the discussants… One ugly slander remains unaddressed; I request disciplining the offender, attaching a note to his post, w/o removing it.
Re car stuck in mud — exactly on the Help topic specified. Many reads, many would benefit, but not from a post tucked away.

PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:12 am聽聽聽Post subject:

I think it’s more of a case of keeping the forums on topic. Every forum has rules…
A prime example is 4chan; despite the fact that it considers freedom of speech without repercussions (hence why everyone is signed as Anonymous) its main selling point, it is still quite heavily moderated to ensure each topic is correct for each forum.
Unfortunately it’s just the nature of forums; freedom of speech does not really exist anymore…
Piotr Bein
PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:19 am聽聽聽Post subject: admin moves the threads around

My Help! thread, most relevant to modelling (car stuck in mud in time of urgent errands around modelling), has been moved here. There is no restriction specified upfront, how do I know where to post? Had I posted it here, I would hardly get any advice from fellow members.

TomTomGo has appropriately moved another thread to For Sale dept, but the hoopla accompanying the move focuses on my “political” contents rather than the true reason for doing so: commercialization (along business politics ) of the other thread by a vendor.
TomTomGo writes: “The forum does not cost me a penny to run as it is hosted by a free provider myfreeforun.org who generate their revenue through advertising on the hundreds of forums they host.”
So why in the last couple of days, at the top of the forum page, I’ve seen appeals to chip in for the cost of forum server?
I presented my own opinion (if it differs from “majority”, too bad for them LOL), debated misconceptions (politically grounded) that the other discussants have introduced, and also objected to an ad hominem slander.
The way the move and now closing of the thread has been done is a classical case of politics LOL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Politics
On a social level of the forum, it’s disgusting to me…

If TomTomGo believes that merchant ads should be a free run on this forum, why not impose a fee each time they advertise as a forum member?

Another issue: is the admin sure the file w. our e-addresses is hacker-proof? Since joining this forum, I get email advertising for r-way modelling.



***聽聽聽 ***聽聽聽 ***聽聽聽 ***

The thread where I was slandered. It was eventually moved to “For Sale” department because a moderator found my (and other critiques?) too “political” as he says in the discussion. So the move was not for the basic rule regarding commercial activities on the forum… This is in a way confirmed above in hostile comments by a few moderators.


Black Friday // 50% off garden rail figures
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Author Message
Joined: 04 May 2016
Posts: 4Location: Huddersfield
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 5:16 am聽 聽Post subject: Black Friday // 50% off garden rail figures Reply with quote

I may be crazy, but hey I had some good news yesterday. And as it’s Black Friday, how would anyone feel about 50% off all garden rail miniature figures?

Head over to http://designscanprint3d.bigcartel.com/

Once you’ve added figures to the cart, head to the Checkout and use the code BLACK.


* PS the miniatures above we’re painted by a customer and all our figures are supplied in white.
Visit our website www.designscanprint3D.co.uk to view and buy our realistic miniature figures!

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Trainee Driver
Trainee Driver

Winner of:聽Winter 2013 GRFPC
Joined: 30 Jan 2011
My Line:聽Elderbury & District Light Railway
Posts: 558Location: South Northants
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:40 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Excellent offer, order placed, thank you.

…and I always swore that I wouldn’t get sucked in to the nonsensical Black Friday hype!!

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Keith S
Joined: 24 Feb 2011
Posts: 1287Location: Canada
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:54 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

I’d always assumed “Black Friday” was an American tradition. Then it leaked into Canada, and I must say I’m pretty disappointed to see it catching on in Britain too.

I can’t think of a more cynical “holiday” than the “first Xmas shopping day after American thanksgiving” as it is, but all the more stupid when you consider that Canada and Britain don’t even celebrate “thanksgiving” (at least not on that day).

In Canada, “black Friday” is the 20th of February, and marks the cancellation of our home-made jet interceptor program and the subsequent total destruction of our aerospace industry.

But hey-ho, “Christmas” as traditionally celebrated, which goes from Dec.24th till January 6 or so, bears little to no resemblance to what I call “American retail Xmas” which is a consumer extravaganza starting in late November and ending at midnight, exactly, on “Boxing Day”.

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Joined: 04 May 2016
Posts: 4Location: Huddersfield
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:04 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Believe me I too am skeptical about Black Friday, and I could have made this offer any other time.

Unlike other retailers though, my discount is genuine, not something of lesser quality or standard. It’s my first time doing this, and it may be the last, depending on how it goes

Visit our website www.designscanprint3D.co.uk to view and buy our realistic miniature figures!

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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:13 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Keith, I’m with you.
Even at 50% off, the figurines are over-priced as they come unpainted.
Is blatant advertising allowed on this forum?
I lived in Denmark for a few years in 1970s. Sales (very good ones!) were AFTER Christmas.
Xmas is January 7 for Orthodox Christians, I celebrate twice: with my Catholic family, and again on Jan 7
Avro Canada CF-105 Arrow was so revolutionary that it threatened the powers-to-be and their CIA destroyed the project. I do not blame Americans, they are powerless, also in the consumerism, Hollywood, “medicine”, militarization and MSM — all hammered down their throats by the said powers.
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Peter Butler
Joined: 09 Sep 2012
My Line:聽B.U.R.P.S
Posts: 1840Location: West Wales
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:16 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

I have bought your figures before and genuinely needed more so have taken advantage of your generous offer.
They are superior figures and have the most realistic poses (as you would expect!). 聽Even at the original price they are exceptionally good value and the extended (and increasing) range makes them most desirable.
Many thanks.
The best things in life are free…. so why am I doing this?
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Peter Butler
Joined: 09 Sep 2012
My Line:聽B.U.R.P.S
Posts: 1840Location: West Wales
PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:23 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Piotr Bein wrote:
Is blatant advertising allowed on this forum?


Apparently so according to your own link to ‘mansonvilleplastics’ which don’t even seem to have any connection with garden railway modelling!

As for unpainted figures, I much prefer to paint my own rather than have mass produced ones identical to all the others, or substandard ones painted by someone who has no care (or time) for detail.
The best things in life are free…. so why am I doing this?

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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:53 am聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

1. I neither set nor enforce the forum rules.
2. Where do I advertise here as a retailer?
You can buy and do whatever you want, I just expressed my personal opinion.
I don’t use unpainted figurines — my eyes are too weak to paint such detail.
Pic by Dean is illustrative of the setup: “business” people distanced from “working class”.
The modeller community is taken advantage of quite a bit because of their weak spot and passion… Thanks to “business people”.
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Winner of:聽Summer 2012 GRFPC, Winter 2012 GRFPC
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:19 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

There has been nothing to stop people advertising in the past on here. All we ask is that it goes in the correct board, ie the For Sale one which this topic has now been moved to.
“What the hell is that?”
“It’s a model icebreaker sir.”
“It’s a bit big isn’t it?”
“It’s a full scale model sir…..”
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Piotr Bein
Joined: 14 Nov 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:03 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post

Laalratty: So my reaction was appropriate, the salesman did not even bother to read website rules.
Why are we being asked to chip in for a server? Let the businesses pay for it.
Peter: my Q2 stands, I demand an explanation what you mean.
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Soar Valley Light
Trainee Driver
Trainee Driver
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 2:53 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Hello Dean,

Peter’s recommendation is high praise indeed. Thanks for making such a generous offer.

I’ve had a look and your figures look very impressive and (in my humble opinion) are remarkably reasonable in price for something so good.

You’ve got my order!

All the best,

“Smith! Why do you only come to work four days a week?
“’cause I can’t manage on three gaffer!”

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Trainee Driver
Trainee Driver
Joined: 25 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:43 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

I got myself scanned at the last Peterborough show and as such I now have a mini me… The detail on these figures is really good and this is a really good deal. Discount or not, they’re worth it.
No one expects the SPANISH ACQUISITION!!!
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Joined: 26 Feb 2016
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:50 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

Down here in Victoria Australia “Black Friday” is
remembered as the day in January 1939 when bush
fires burnt out nearly 2,000,000 hectares of land
and 36 people died.
One of the biggest bush fires in the world. Didn’t
realize there were other meanings to the term and
so wondered what this was all about.
FWIW I didn’t think this was a political forum either,
yet I’m finding it so, recently!!!
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Joined: 22 Dec 2008
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:21 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

I see no reason why blatant advertising if it is on-topic is not allowed. This is a good offer from a retailer that has had considerable interest since his appearance at peterborough. Why do some people, albeit only our Canadian friend as far as I can tell, have to complain about everything. If I had the skill to paint these figures i’d take advantage of this offer and why not.

As for black friday its becoming a non-event anyway. The deals are rarely that great. My TV is on its way out so i’ve been looking for several weeks and I thought i’d head to Currys on Black Friday to find most prices unchanged. Also from what i’ve seen on social media the shops have been quiet this year and one big retailer pulled out of any involvement. Seems a load of hype about nothing….

Good luck to you Dean and thank you for making this offer available to the forum members and I hope you will ignore the one person that feels they have to make a negative comment about your offer when there seems to be nothing negative about it at all.


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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:03 pm聽 聽Post subject: Reply with quote

As Barry has said, I don’t see anything wrong with advertising anything that will further our garden railways and benefit members of the forum.
I apologise to Dean if it is felt I sidetracked his great sale offer.
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Piotr Bein
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Grant (LNR): define political, and who do you believe is the offender?
You did not object to the breaking of rules re commercialization.
Peter: Painted or not, a mass produced figurine is just that: 3d scanner, digital re-scaling, 3d printer, mold, or similar industrial process that leaves the modeller an illusion of individuality when he grabs a paint brush… Otherwise it could not be offered at 5 pounds and 50% discount.
Your scratch builds are original, but no mass produced figurine would be. You want original figurines, make them from scratch, e.g.:
https://piotrbein.wordpress.com/2…/rrrailways-scratching-figurines/At recent fair, I got 25 German-made high quality people figurines for C$8, can “customize” them w. paint. That’s my retiree budget. 聽Overpricing cements the hobby for the well-to-do… I hear public’s remarks 聽fair after fair, see mothers trying to restrain kids, lest they would get infected with the hobby. At the going prices (and steady impoverishment of society, LNR 聽), I don’t blame the parents for doing so.I wished the businesses became less greedy and exploitative (would it not raise the level of general happiness?).Dean: Could you please comment re pricing and exploitation of the modeller addiction? Other retailers’ discounts are also genuine, aren’t they? — I find your comment manipulative.
Years ago, Japanese cars were considered junk in N. America, now they are superior to US products at comparable prices. Your business may be doomed, e.g. the Chinese will emulate and under-price you… 聽Such is the bankster 聽policy, LNR, whether you ban “political” content or not ))Barry: 2 Canadians Why would you try to gang on this one? Still lots of common sense here, for which I love my chosen country… You are wrong: the advert was inappropriate for the original thread and was moved to the proper one because I made noise )))
You are not “we the forum”, I have the right to express negative opinion about products pushed. Why only good opinions?Re Black Friday: Merchants choose to advertise, as Dean did, fully knowing black exploitative aspect. In Poland (my place of birth), Black Friday has web and facebook pages. So it’s not just US, Canada and UK, and no shortage of idiotized demand from, sadly, the poorer part of society; in Poland, there was a stampede to buy, among other products, “leather” handbags at an outrageous $100 a pop:
A known “controversy” is production of sub-standard product batches for Black Friday. It’s not a one-day hype, either: in a h/w store today, I saw a poster: “Black Friday — Thursday thru Sunday” I have checked the brands featured: many are bankster controlled, as they control 80% of world’s corporations https://piotrbein.wordpress.com/2…snationals-run-the-world-economy/)
and some are on lists dating couple of yrs back 聽for boycotting Israel for genocide in occupied Palestine; the corporate take-overs have not ceased since…How’s that for political contents, LNR? )))) I have not caused the “controversy” here, did not brake any rules, reminded others that such exist, defended the interest of the poorer modellers, and justified my stance. Anything wrong with that and namely what?Interestingly, this debate proceeds in steps similar to those that have just happened on another forum, from which I’ve been banned since, w/o even the admin notifying me. I wonder what’s next after singling out LOL
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I feel as though I should apologize- I LIKE Dean’s figures! I would happily pay the normal price for them.

I simply object to the “Black Friday” phenomenon in general. There are a lot of brilliant things our American relatives have brought to the fore that have made our lives better; their massive retail juggernaut is not one of them.

Barry, if it helps you, I am your “Canadian friend” but I’m also a citizen of the UK, so I can be your “English friend” too, if it helps you to accept my point of view!

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I have now locked this topic as it has gone completetly off-topic.

The forum does not cost me a penny to run as it is hosted by a free provider myfreeforun.org who generate their revenue through advertising on the hundreds of forums they host.

Advertising of a railway nature has always been allowed here as it promotes the hobby and because the forum is free to host we do not need to generate any revenue from commercial providers to cover hosting fees.

If you wish to discuss politics please use the ‘Off-topic’ section of the forum.

Now, back to the trains…






Radio ma 偶-ryja: za艂gany psychopata Singer skomli o gojowskie mi臋cho armatnie

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PB: Krypto-偶yd艂ak Singer zwraca si臋 do katolak贸w o s艂u偶b臋 jako mi臋cho armatnie w 偶-interesach z Rosj膮, bo mu nic innego niezosta艂o. Tak to 偶yd艂actfo zamalowa艂o si臋 w k膮cie… Kto chce z karabinkiem czeka膰 w przesmyku przemyskim (dalej Rosja nie pu艣ci) a偶 dostanie pociskiem balistycznym w durny 艂eb? Ju偶 nawet urabiani przez wieki katolacy nieocal膮 偶yd艂actfa od latarni o艣wiecenia聽 LOLLOLLOL

Merdium zapodaj膮ce za艂gane 偶-skomlenie o gojowskie mi臋so armatnie jest wsp贸艂winne rusofobii, debilnej 偶-nienawi艣ci do prawos艂awia, Rosjan, Putina… k艂amstw o Krymie i obecnej 偶-wojnie oliparchatu z gojami ukrai艅skimi w tym etniczne ruskie Donbasiaki… Radio ma 偶-ryja jest wsp贸艂udzia艂owcu w sorosowskiej chucpie 偶-nienawi艣ci do wszystkich muzu艂man贸w w zw. z “syryjskim” buhaha “uchod藕stwem” BUHAHAHAHA itd. itp. Szkoda mi czasu i艣膰 dalej, w tym milczenie 偶ydomaso艅skiego papiu偶a ws. dintoryjnych tysi臋cy Polak贸w, ws. 偶-genodcydu scypionkowego na Polakach, ws. GMO, radiacji i ca艂ego 偶-szajsu przeciw Polakom i 艣wiatu…


BREAKING “Nazi” genocide continues on Poles — by Zio-Jew “vaccine” corporations! / Prof. Majewska: Przera偶aj膮cy program szczepie艅 w Polsce

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English text under / line.

Genocide on Poles (and Slavs in WW2 in general) was a Zio-Jew job: Judeocentrycy i masowe zbrodnie

The continuators of Auschwitz (it was a death camp for Poles, Russian POWs and some other groups, Jews perished in nearby Birkenau — compare with shameless, Zio-Jew propaganda), the Big Pharma companies (roots in IG Farben cartel in Hitler’s Zio-friendly Germany) are finishing the unfinished genocide job. If WW2 lasted longer, the Zio-Nazi plan was to murder 1/3, enslave 1/3, and relocate to Siberia the remainder of Poles to make room for the Herrenfolk聽 (mostly extreme German Zio-Jews who annihilated their tribal bretheren in Shoah).

The world hasn’t got the faintest idea about it, mindlessly peddles “Polish jokes” — an anti-Polonism by the “antisemitic”-sensitive frigging Zio-Jews.

Piotr Bein, PhD PEng

independent genocide researcher, Canada and Poland

On Saturday, November 26, 2016 7:48 PM, Maria Majewska <nonnocere3@gmail.com> wrote:

Warto przeczyta膰, co si臋 za granic膮 pisze o totalitarnym programie szczepie艅聽w Polsce.聽 Polska jest g艂贸wnym聽poligonem do艣wiadczalnym聽 dla聽karteli farmaceutycznych i polskie dzieci聽 od urodzenia s膮 traktowane jak kr贸liki do艣wiadczalne.聽 Polska jako jedyna w Europie nie聽ratyfikowa艂a聽聽聽Europejskiej Konwencji聽 Boetycznej, kt贸ra g艂osi, 偶e 偶ycie i zdrowie聽ka偶dego cz艂owieka 聽s膮 warto艣ciami nadrz臋dnymi w stosunku do iluzorycznego聽 “dobra og贸lnego”. To jest podstaw膮聽obowi膮zkowych szczepie艅聽w Polsce, kt贸rych聽nie ma prawie nigdzie w Europie.聽聽聽Brak ratyfikacji tej konwencji to wielka ha艅ba dla polskiego rz膮du.聽 Stosowana w Polsce polityka szczepie艅聽stanowi ogromne egzystencjalne zagro偶enie dla聽naszego narodu, z premedytacj膮聽przeznaczonego 聽przez polityk贸w i kertele farmaceutyczno-medyczne 聽do depopulacji.

Wiadomo艣ci z netu, t艂umaczy艂a Ola Gordon:




鈥淗ello Everybody
I鈥檝e found the following article somewhere on the internet about 2 weeks ago, but it is not there any more. The webpage must have been removed for obvious reasons, which you鈥檙e going to find out when you read the article. I managed to copy the text and paste it in Word as I was looking for some information about immunisation.
Here it is:


Poland is a country situated in Central Europe. Yet, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Poland considerably differs from the vast majority of the other European countries and Russia in such an important and basic aspect of life as human rights. These human rights concern immunisations.
Let us have a look at the vaccination policy IN POLAND. Every specified item below will purposefully contain the repeated words: IN POLAND or POLAND in capital letters so that the reader can remember exactly where the inhumane practices take place.

IN POLAND, vaccines are given to newborn babies within the first 24 hours after their birth! These vaccines are against TABERCULOSIS and HEPATITIS B.
IN POLAND, swabs from the ear, nose or throat are hardly ever taken during an infection of a disease, so the doctor does not know exactly what kind of disease it is 鈥 viral, bacterial, parasitic or allergic.
POLAND is the only country in Europe which has never ratified the European Bioethics Convention. What does it mean? There is an extremely important resolution in the European Bioethics Convention which says that human life and health are the superior values and under no cirumstances can they be subjected to the general well-being. It is IN POLAND that any new medicines and vaccines can be freely tested on people. Well, it can be said that POLAND is the experimental polygon of any pharmaceutical companies.

In 16 European countries there is no compulsion of vaccinations. In 13 European countries and Russia as well there are compensations for the victims of unwanted vaccine side effects, whereas IN POLAND not only vaccines are compulsory, but also there are no compensations at all for the victims of unwanted vaccine side effects.
IN POLAND, an institution called the Sanitary and Epidemiological Inspectorate (Pl. Sanepid) is the distributor of vaccines and their supervisor. IN POLAND, trainings for doctors and nurses are run by people cooperating with pharmaceutical companies.
IN POLAND, a Mamber of Parliament Lidia G膮dek who belongs to the Civic Platform Party (Pl. PO – Platforma Obywatelska), introduced a plan made by the mentioned party of including four additional vaccines in the compulsory immunisation calendar. These vaccines are against pneumococcus, meningococcus, chicken pox and the very controversial vaccine against HPV called Gardasil (IN POLAND also named Silgard being the anagram of the word Gardasil). The vaccine is said to be against cervical cancer, but it is becoming known more and more widely that the HPV vaccine is causing fatal side effects. IN POLAND, the Gardasil is to be for free. However, there is a reason for fear because, unfortunately, IN POLAND, when it comes to medical practices,”for free” means ”compulsory”. It is terrifying that POLAND as the first and only country in the world is introducing the controversial HPV vaccine as compulsory. The HPV vaccine has been strongly criticised and protested against in other coutries. In France, many doctors filed a written petition against using the Gardasil vaccine (http://sanevax.org/french-petition-hpv-vaccines/), and in Japan the Department for Health withdrew their approval for the HPV vaccine (http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/806645). It is appaling that the number of the HPV vaccine is still growing. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gCVCP8BFrU
Read more: http://womenagainststirrups.proboards.com/thread/410/vaccine-totalitarianism-poland#ixzz4RArGOP7g


Well, it looks like Polish girls are next in turn. IN POLAND, there exists the so called STOP NOP FOUNDATION (Pl. NOP – Niepo偶膮dane Odczyny Poszczepienne – Unwanted Side Effects of Vaccines). Every week, the organisation receives a great number of reports from parents / carers of babies and teenagers as well as adults about serious side effects of vaccines (miscellaneous ones). The STOP NOP work very hard helping the harmed victims and their families with legal aspects concerning the procedures of side effects of vaccines. Nevertheless, the STOP NOP are not either respected or taken seriously at all by the Polish Government. In July 2015, when the STOP NOP representatives participated in the meeting of the National Health Committee of Health regarding the new vaccine regulations, they were not allowed to speak, though they had pass permits as the meeting participants! One of the MPs even questioned their presence in the meeting asking what they were doing there. It implies that the reports of as many as 17.000 parents who informed the STOP NOP about serious side effects of vaccines were totally ignored, just thrown away.
One of the main associated members of the employers’ union IN POLAND is INFARMA. Infarma consists of 29 pharmaceutical companies. In such circumstances, lobbying and pressure for the new vaccine law to be passed are unavoidable. Furthermore, the INFARMA wants to secretly push through a law which will allow to introduce vaccines against influenza in regulations of workplaces IN POLAND. This law is going to be compulsory as well. IN POLAND, there are plans to vaccinate newborn babies against influenza. The issue of vaccinating pregnant women against influenza is being also considered, which is more and more often mentioned in advertisements and medical recommendations. However, there is no information in the influenza vaccine leaflets about any clinical research on the prenatal development. Nobody has done it so far and it looks like pregnant women are supposed to be medical guinea pigs. Unfortunately, this vaccine may cause a permanent damage of the foetus. It seems vital to mention, however, that 95% OF MEDICAL STAFF IN POLAND DO NOT GET VACCINATED! Well, if the 95% were immunised, the vaccination plan would be carried out, wouldn’t it?
Let’s come back to the topic of the introduction of the HPV vaccine – Gardasil (also known as Silgard in Poland). When 11 and 12-year-old girls were vaccinated with Gardasil IN POLAND, a great number of their parents were not informed at all about the side effects of the vaccine! Even though parents have reported the side effects, often serious ones, they have been simply ignored by the medical staff. They simply hear from doctors that what has happened to their daughters has nothing in common with the vaccine!
In Denmark, a great number of girls have been permanently harmed by the HPV vaccine.
Similarly, 300 girls in Columbia experienced serious side effects of the same vaccine, where it caused paralysis and consciousness loss.
IN POLAND, the same incidents take place, but THEY ARE NOT SPOKEN ABOUT! Once, a teacher from one of smaller junior high schools IN POLAND was horribly shocked to see that SEVERAL DOZENS of girls vaccinated against HPV fainted, lost consciousness and got seizures after returning to school. Before that, they had been fetched to a medical centre and given the HPV Gardasil vaccine. When the teacher wanted to call for an ambulance, the school headteacher infromed her that if she did this, she would be dismissed from work immediately! The whole incident was barefacedly camouflaged! Nobody got to know about this! There are lots of incidents IN POLAND in which GIRLS, WITHOUT THEIR PARENTS’ KNOWLEDGE, ARE TAKEN TO MEDICAL CENTRES AND VACCINATED WITH GARDASIL (THE HPV VACCINE)! To make matters worse, IN POLAND only 1% of doctors report side effects of any vaccines that children’s parents inform them about! Well, how come that IN POLAND, merely 1% of doctors act in accordance with the rules of the medical ethic? Polish girls are aimed to be medical guinea pigs on whom HPV Gardasil is being tested. Large numbers of girls all over the world who have been vaccinated with Gardasil, have been experiencing dramatic side effects, which mostly are:
-memory and concentration disorders
-sleeping problems
-changes in the sleep rhythm
A great number of girls experience:
-hypersensitivity to bright light and have blurred vision
-dysponea during physical activity. The dysponea is combined with heart palpitation.
-muscular fatigue which impedes walking
The mascular fatigue experienced by the HPV vaccine victims is felt as if numbness of arms and legs, or as paralysed arms and shoulders as well as legs which makes it really impossible to walk.
The next side effects of the Gardasil vaccine are:
-nausea and stomachache
-lots of girls suddenly experience a wide range of food allergy, which makes them change their diet.
-large numbers of girls suffer from unintentional movements, muscle cramps especially in their hands and legs. Plenty of the girls report their muscles are weakened and many of them move on wheelchairs.

More horrifying issue is that the HPV Gardasil vaccine is closely linked to premature menopause in girls and young women who experience lack of menstruation even as early as at the age of 16. Gardasil makes ovaries stop working. There is the evidence of the potential of the HPV vaccine to trigger a life-disabling autoimmune condition. How dreadful and distressing it must be for young women to face the fact that they will not be able to have children in the future. healthimpactnews.com/2013/studyhpv-vaccine-linked-to-premature-menopause-in-young-girls/
Not only does Gardasil bring about serious health deterioration, but it also causes infertility. Can it be concluded that the specific HPV vaccine WAS PURPOSEFULLY (not unintentionally!) PRODUCED TO DEPOPULATE NATIONS (especially Slavic)?
In spite of so many experienced, proven and testified dramatic side effects of the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) , THE POLISH GOVERNMENT VOTED FOR THE INTRODUCTION OF THE FATAL VACCINE. It seems important to mention that the vast majority of Members of Parliament IN POLAND voted for this controversial vaccine. Amongst 432 MPs, as many as 406 voted for the lethal HPV vaccine, 25 were against it, whereas only 1 MP abstained from the vote. To top it all, the Senate of the Republic of Poland voted for it as well! Finally, the new President of POLAND, Andrzej Duda signed the new law, according to which the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) IS TO BE COMPULSORY IN POLAND FROM THE BEGINNING OF 2017.
What can people IN POLAND who do not wish to immunise their children do now? It needs to be emphasised that they do not give their consent to vaccinating their children not because they simply do not wish to do so for some weird reasons. They do so for fear of very serious and often horrifying side effects that many children have been experiencing, or because their children have got side effects after being given previous vaccines. What can parents IN POLAND do when their daughters are fetched to medical centres, OFTEN SECRETLY, to be given an HPV jab? What can they expect in case they decline the vaccine? What will happen to them and their children if they decline the HPV Gardasil and other vaccines? They realise severe consequences of the TOTALITARIAN AND TOTALLY ROTTEN MEDICAL SYSTEM IN POLAND against which they have to fight. This is the ill system which charges them with huge amounts of money to pay for not having their child / children vaccinated.
The medical practices IN POLAND can be undoubtedly described as absolutely inhumane. The question is when Polish parents, who live IN POLAND will have the legal right to decide about their children’s health and well-being. How is it possible that IN POLAND people are forced to undergo a medical procedure without their giving prior informed consent to having such a procedure done?!
Despaired parents from POLAND.鈥

Read more: http://womenagainststirrups.proboards.com/thread/410/vaccine-totalitarianism-poland#ixzz4RArqQCe0

Prof. Majewska: Film Vaxxed o zbrodniach szczepiennych podbija swiat

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On Saturday, November 26, 2016 8:41 PM, Maria Majewska:


[uaktualniona dyskusja] Jak to tam panie z tym 偶-hitleryzmem by艂o

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PB: nic nie odbi艂e艣; ze S艂owianani nie musieli si臋 liczy膰, a ze swoimi to co innego

ze 艣wiadomo艣ci膮 by艂o聽 odwrotnie: S艂owianie od pocz膮tku (i z historii) widzieli na w艂asnej sk贸rze, co jest grane, 呕/偶ydzi za艣 do ostatniej chwili ufali syjusiom
jak m贸wi艂em, spos贸b mordowania nie gra roli, cyklon to jest fa艂szywy trop, co najmniej p贸艂 mln swoich zag艂odzili syjusie w gettech, oczekuj膮cych na ziemi臋 obiecan膮 (kt贸r膮 mia艂a by膰 Palestyna z planu rotszyldziak贸w)
Andrzej Szubert: Nie mam czasu na odbijanie pi艂eczek. Tym razem kr贸tko:

(1) Tylko idiota wy艂o偶y艂by ludob贸jczy plan i to przed wielomilionowym 偶ydostwem, kt贸re mia艂o s艂u偶y膰 sprawie w izraelskim syjonizmie i w realizacji NWO globalnie.

Plan贸w ludob贸jstwa S艂owian nie ukrywali. A konferencja w Wannsee by艂a w “gronie zamkni臋tym” i powzi臋tych uchwa艂 nigdzie publicznie nie drukowano. By艂y wr臋cz obj臋te tajemnic膮. Dlatego, gdyby chcieli 偶ydowsk膮 biedot臋 eksterminowa膰, by艂aby o tym wzmianka. A nie by艂o. Ponadto Hitler nadal wierzy艂 wtedy w “Endsieg” i w tysi膮cletni膮 Rzesz臋 i nie mia艂 powod贸w ukrywania si臋 przed nikim 聽z ew. planem wymordowania 呕yd贸w cyklonem B (kt贸ry do trucia ludzi nie nadawa艂 si臋 a s艂u偶y艂 wy艂膮cznie do dezynsekcji).
To w艂a艣nie ogromna ilo艣膰 pojemnik贸w po cyklonie B znalezionych we wszystkich obozach koncentracyjnych da艂a 偶ydowskiej propagandzie “dow贸d” na trucie 呕yd贸w w komorach gazowych. A cyklon B do gazowania ludzi nie nadaje si臋.

PB: Z Twoich mo偶e i wynika, ale nale偶y poda膰 podk艂adk臋 z odno艣nikami do materia艂贸w 藕r贸d艂owych…
jedna krowa w Palestynie jest wi臋cej warta ni偶 Ostjuden — syjusie nienawidizili zubo偶a艂ych ortodoks贸w — Ostjuden, Betteljuden przeznaczonych do zag艂ady dla chucpy “6 mln”. Zwrot znaczy: nawet gojowska krowa na miejscu w przysz艂ym Izraelu jest wi臋cej warta ni偶 bezu偶yteczny, zacofany, n臋dzny 偶yd ortodoksyjny przeciwny syjonizmowi jak mu zapaj臋czyniona religia przykazuje.
mo偶liwo艣ci wykupienia tysi臋cy 呕yd贸w — by艂y, celowo duszone przez 偶yd艂actfo 偶eby osi膮gn膮膰 “6 mln” i status narodu-m臋czennika, wybieli膰 si臋 pod艣wiadomie ze zbrodni bratob贸jstwa i m贸c manipulowa膰 gojami pedagogik膮 winy za genocyd z r膮k 偶yd艂ackich, nie tylko na wsp贸艂plemie艅cach, co S艂owianie znakomicie wiedz膮, cho膰 s膮 og艂upieni zak艂aman膮 histori膮. “Nazi艣ci” mieli ilu chcieli niewolnik贸w nie-呕yd贸w do roboty, burdeli, do艣wiadcze艅 “medycznych”…

nie pad艂o ani s艂owo o fizycznej eksterminacji 呕yd贸w
(1) Tylko idiota wy艂o偶y艂by ludob贸jczy plan i to przed wielomilionowym 偶ydostwem, kt贸re mia艂o s艂u偶y膰 sprawie w izraelskim syjonizmie i w realizacji NWO globalnie. Za聽 wy艂o偶enie ludowi 偶ydowskiemu w knidze Rabina Schonfelda bodaj偶e, nak艂ad poszed艂 na przemia艂.
(2) Nie takie rzeczy zosta艂y utajnione, s膮 prawdopodobnie w archiwach w dojczlandii, Rosji i u in. Aliant贸w. To co by艂o jeszcze kilkana艣cie lat temu np. w Muzeum KL Auschwitz, zosta艂o “przekazane” do dojczlandi, a wiadomo kto tam 偶ondzi = ci sami co u in. “zwyci臋zc贸w” II w艣. Jedyna nadzieja w Rosji, a ta trzyma to jako atut do strategicznyvh rozgrywek.
Historia pozornego zwrotu w Wansee — mo偶emy si臋 tylko domy艣la膰. 呕yd艂actfo nie durne, 偶eby zostawia膰 inkryminuj膮ce dowody. Natomiast bez w膮tpienia:
– rotszyldziaki z talmudycznym syjonistycznym rabinatem od dawna planowali zdobycie Palestyny wszelkim kosztem, cho膰by legendarno-religijn膮 chucp膮 “6 mln”
dokumenty z historii syjonizmu wskazuj膮 na ci膮g艂膮 gotowo艣膰 i deklaracje po艣wi臋cenia wsp贸艂plemie艅c贸w dla sprawy syjonizmu
– historia 偶ydowska roi si臋 od zdolno艣ci ich jelit do po艣wi臋cenia braci i si贸str plemiennych dla “wy偶szej” sprawyco najmniej jeden pomnik historyczny w Izraelu piel臋gnuje t臋 “wy偶sz膮” konieczno艣膰 oddania 偶ycia jako najwy偶sz膮 z po偶膮danych cech narodowych.
wszystkich namierzonych 呕yd贸w wywieziono by za Kaukaz lub za Ural — albo jak z Polakami: 1/3 do roboty, 1/3 za Ural (czyli te偶 do roboty), a 1/3 do zag艂ady (kt贸r膮 nota bene mo偶na osi膮gn膮膰 bez “gazu” jak sam piszesz: zaniedbanie roboli-niewolnik贸w, z艂e od偶ywianie, zamarzanie (przyczyna 艣mierci w 偶-Gu艂agu sowieckim), g艂odzenie, brak pomocy medycznej…

Zabrak艂o czasu na zabawy z sortowaniem i transportami, roboli by艂o zado艣膰, wi臋c logicznie na plan A wychodzi ten najwa偶niejszy: zag艂ada wsp贸艂plemie艅c贸w niechcianych przez syjusi贸w.

ani jednego niepodwa偶alnego dowodu na komory gazowe
Kwestia kom贸r kwesti膮 sporn膮, moim zdaniem celowa nieoznaczono艣膰, by 偶yd艂actfo mog艂o manipulowa膰 fa艂szywym tropem — i manipuluje! Tzw. negaci/rewizjoni艣ci Holocaustu nie wspominaj膮 ani s艂贸wkiem o 偶yd艂ackim sprawstwie masowego brato-ubijstwa, wszystko jedno jakimi metodami z pktu konwencji genewskiej.聽 To jak woda na syjo-m艂yn w razie wpadki: nie by艂o kom贸r, nie by艂o winnych Shoah ani pozosta艂ych Holokaust贸w II w艣. — wi臋c Polacy, Ruscy, Serbowie to zjeby: bredz膮 o swoich zamordowanych milionach.
Serbo艂u偶yczanie to nie jedyny kazus z r膮k szwab贸w pod 偶-kontrol膮 — etnicznych Polak贸w-ofiar by艂o znacznie wi臋cej, w referacie podaj臋 konserwatywn膮 liczb臋. Podobnie w 偶-sowietach.
Zmanipulowanie Shoah = Holokaust to inna sprawa, po偶yteczna syjusiom bez wzgl. na to czy by艂y komory i ile mln ofiar. Podobna do r贸wnania Chazar =聽 呕yd semicki, czy do falszerstw historii biblijnej, nobla Einsteina czy cho膰by Jedwabnego i Kielc, Bractwa Muzu艂ma艅skiego jako wykonawcy mosiadowego terroru w Egipcie, czy chrze艣cija艅stwa Scofielda, 艣wiadk贸w Jehowy, wahabizmu i ISIS jako rzekomo nie-偶yd艂ackich wymys艂贸w.
A o genocydzie S艂owian prawie nikt. — Bo “negat贸w” holokozdu 偶yd艂actfo zwabi艂o na falszywy trop; automatem negujac Szoah musz膮 zanegowa膰 Zag艂ad臋 Polak贸w itd.. Nie znam angloj臋zycznych autor贸w, kt贸rzy twierdziliby jak wy偶ej. Za to zosta艂em zbanowany, wyobcowany z tzw. “rewizjonistycznych” for贸w i witryn, w tym muzu艂ma艅skich! 呕yd艂ackie macki we 艂bie si臋 nie mieszcz膮! Czy bezpo艣rednie czy po艣rednio przez mind control u偶ytecznymi idiotami — to sprawa drugorz臋dna. Dla mnie liczy si臋 tylko najwy偶sze uznanie od Prof. Scherrera (艣p. po zamachu na M17 nad Donbasem?).
Andrzej Szubert: A z moich bada艅 wynika, 偶e 贸w “genocyd” by艂 przede wszystkim przez niewolnicz膮 prac臋 w obozach koncentracyjnych i przez zaniechanie. Sam wiesz, 偶e by艂y mo偶liwo艣ci wykupienia tysi臋cy 呕yd贸w z wyw贸zek do oboz贸w. I znasz odpowied藕 na t臋 mo偶liwo艣膰 – jedna krowa w Palestynie jest wi臋cej warta ni偶 Ostjuden. Albo聽 odpowied藕 elit 偶ydobanksterskich w USraelu w odpowiedzi na raporty z Polski – nie mogli艣my, nie potrafili艣my聽 w to (w masowe wyw贸zki do oboz贸w) uwierzy膰.
Na konferencji w Wannsee w styczniu 42 w programie o “ostatecznym rozwi膮zaniu” nie pad艂o ani s艂owo o fizycznej eksterminacji 呕yd贸w. Zadecydowano tam, 偶e b臋d膮 wy艂apywani i kierowani do przymusowej pracy w obozach koncentracyjnych. I to ju偶 wszystko.
Zreszt膮, gdyby Hitler, jak planowa艂, rozbi艂 Armi臋 Czerwon膮 w ci膮gu kilku tygodni i rozwali艂 ZSRR jeszcze jesieni膮 1941, wszystkich namierzonych 呕yd贸w wywieziono by za Kaukaz lub za Ural. I nie by艂oby konferencji w Wannsee.

Propaganda 偶ydowska nigdy nie przedstawi艂a ani jednego niepodwa偶alnego dowodu na komory gazowe. Za to za ich negowanie w kodeksach karnych podbitych przez 偶ydowstwo krajach s膮 kary wi臋zienia. I to jest najlepszym dowodem na to, 偶e kom贸r nie by艂o. Wi臋zieniami dla dociekliwych i zastraszaniem wszystkich innych chc膮 zatuszowa膰 brak dowod贸w na komory gazowe.

https://opolczykpl.wordpress. com/2015/04/26/ogarnia-mnie- zlosc-gdy-slysze-slowo- holokaust/

A o tym, 偶e w l. 1933-45 w samej III Rzeszy wymordowano 20 tys. Serbo艂u偶yczan, i 偶e innych wysy艂ano do oboz贸w koncentracyjnych, a jeszcze innych na front (“genocid” Serbo艂u偶yczan r臋kami wroga na linii frontu) – o tym cicho sza. I to jest sukces 偶ydowskiej propagandy – bo gdy jest mowa o II wojnie i o III Rzeszy to prawie wszyscy tylko o 偶ydowskim “holokau艣cie” gadaj膮. Cho膰 go tak naprawd臋 nie by艂o. A o genocydzie S艂owian prawie nikt.

PB: Z moich bada艅…. Widocznie prawda, bo referaty zhakowane, zniszczone tu偶 przed publikacj膮 w Malezji w ramach powa偶nego mi臋dzynarodowego projektu bada艅 nad ludob贸jstwem:

Syjo-Hitler od 1942 r. uskuteczni艂 — zaplanowany przez 偶-banksteri臋, rabinat talmudyczny (fanatyczni syjoni艣ci i hejterzy goj贸w)聽 i 艣wieckich syjusi贸w — genocyd na ortodoksyjnym (przeciwnej syjonizmowi), ubogim 偶ydostwie i na zasymilowanych 呕ydach europejskich opornych emigracji do Palestyny. A teraz zwalaj膮 win臋 na Polak贸w!!!

Rotszyldziaki du偶o wcze艣niej wili plany zachachm臋cenia Palestyny, nawijali o “6 mln” 偶eby zyska膰 opini臋 艣wiatow膮 dla syjonizmu. “6 mln” w II w艣. mia艂o u艂atwi膰:

  • powstanie i (jak widzimy dzi艣 wyra藕niej) uzasadnienie nielegalnego, ludob贸jczego tworu zwanego Pa艅stwo Izrael
  • utrzymywanie mas 偶ydowskich w l臋ku przed ludob贸jstwem gojowskim, a przez to — pod psycho-kontrol膮 przez globalny kompleks w艂adzy judeocentrycznej
  • nagonki na “antysemit贸w”, aby zag艂usza膰 rozs膮dek i prawd臋 przeciw syjonistom
  • zwalenie winy za genocyd 偶yd艂acki na innych.

Reszta to hasbarny, niesp贸jny groch z kapust膮, pomylenie z pol膮taniem odurnionych goj贸w oraz samocenzura paw艂owsko wytresowana. Zamo偶nym 呕ydom, kt贸rzy mogli wyemigrowa膰 do USA itp. w艂os z g艂owy nie spad艂… podobnie syjonistom-oprawcom w syjo-aparacie hitlerowskim.

“Polska” sancja pomog艂a wyszkoli膰 przysz艂ych terroryst贸w izraelskich: Jak Polacy pomogli stworzy膰 Izrael

Andrzej Szubert: Hitler, mieszaniec, (1/4 偶ydowskiej krwi) mia艂 kompleks czysto艣ci rasy i kompleks aryjsko艣ci. Owszem, nienawidzi艂 biedoty i kupc贸w 偶ydowskich, ale nie zamierza艂 ich “wypali膰”. Wszak to on i sanacja budowali Izrael.


W ostatnim linku jest uczywisty b艂膮d – to nie Polacy, a 偶ydowska sanacja budowa艂a Izrael – r臋ka w r臋k臋 z Hitlerem.

W planach Hitlera eksterminacji mieli podlega膰 w pierwszym rz臋dzie S艂owianie – zw艂aszcza Rosjanie i Polacy (Rosjanie wszyscy, Polak贸w 85 %). Natomiast biedot臋 偶ydowsk膮 zamierza艂 Hitler wysiedli膰 do Palestyny ew. za Ural. Plany zmieniono, gdy ofensywa na wschodzie pod Moskw膮 i Leningradem za艂ama艂a si臋. Z blitzkriegu zrobi艂a si臋 wojna pozycyjna, Wehrmacht ponosi艂 coraz wi臋ksze straty i wtedy postanowiono biedot臋 偶ydowsk膮 zap臋dzi膰 do pracy na rzecz Rzeszy. “Obozy 艣mierci” i “komory gazowe” to 偶ydowska propaganda. Niewolnik贸w zwo偶onych do oboz贸w koncentracyjnych – wszystkich a nie tylko 偶ydowskich – eksterminowa艂a wycie艅czaj膮ca praca, strach, choroby i niedo偶ywienie.

Zdzis艂aw Jankowski:

W dniu 2016-11-26 o聽04:57, E. Makowiecka pisze:

Kolejny kawa艂ek suwerenno艣ci Polski oddany bezcennemu Izraelowi!

http://www.wicipolskie.org/?p= 20947

Pos艂uchaj kolejnych odcink贸w

Witam! Nie mog臋 zrozumie膰 dlaczego Hitler 偶yd, tak bardzo nienawidzi艂 偶yd贸w?
W swojej armii na dow贸dc贸w wyznacza艂 偶yd贸w, obs艂uga piec贸w w krematoriach – 偶ydzi. Dlaczego?聽 Mo偶e ta sama organizacja, kt贸ra zlikwidowa艂a zagro偶enie JFK wyznaczy艂a jemu t膮 rol臋? —聽 Pozdrawiam, Iwona

Dlatego Hitler 呕yd nienawidzi艂 呕yd贸w, bo biedota 偶ydowska by艂a wi臋kszym zagro偶enie dla oligarch贸w 偶ydowskich ni偶 biedota Polacy. W armii Hitlera s艂u偶y艂o ponad 100 tysi臋cy wysokiej rangi oficer贸w 偶ydowskich. W drugiej kolejno艣ci mia艂y i艣膰 na wypalenie narody S艂owia艅skie w tym Polacy. Po wkroczeniu wojsk hitlerowskich w niekt贸rych miastach 呕ydzi witali ich kwiatami. Tak jak obecnie 呕ydzi w Polsce propagand臋 uprawiaj膮 obietnicami. Ten nar贸d bogaci si臋 tylko na oszustwach a naszej naiwno艣ci.聽 Moja mama mia艂a s膮siada 呕yda, o nazwisku Wajs, m贸wi艂 do mamy. Pani Jankowska najpierw nas wywo偶膮 a potem b臋d膮 was. Mia艂em 艣p koleg臋 Antosia w miejscowo艣ci Sompolno, kt贸ry mi opowiada艂, jak jego mama mu m贸wi艂a, par臋 dni po wkroczeniu wojsk hitlerowskich 1939 komendant niemiecki, poleci艂 w艂adz膮 jeszcze Polskim, zorganizowania zebrania ze so艂tysami wsi i miasta Sompolna. W tych wielu so艂tys贸w z miasta by艂 jeden 呕yd. Komendant hitlerowski, przedstawi艂 zarz膮dzenie wojenne i na koniec zebrania zapyta艂 si臋, czy kto艣 ma jakie艣 pytania. Zg艂osi艂 si臋 呕yd, m贸wi膮c do komendanta hitlerowskiego. Niech mi pan, panie komendancie da pozwolenie, to ja wszystkich Polak贸w tu w Sompolnie i okolicy z likwiduj臋 . Je偶eli rz膮d 22br pojecha艂 dwoma samolotami do Izraela, to pojecha艂 z jakimi艣 ustaleniami, na pewno nie korzystnymi dla Polski i nas Polak贸w tylko pojecha艂 na kolanach s艂u偶y膰 Izraelowi. Nie lod藕my si臋, nie b膮d藕my nadal naiwni, bo sami si臋 zlikwidujemy. To 呕ydzi w 1989 najechali na Polsk臋 poprzez “Okr膮g艂y St贸艂” i Magdalenk臋, zdobywaj膮c w艂adz臋, sprzedaj膮c nas Izraelowi a decyzja zapad艂a za Prezydenta Izraela 艣p Szymona Pereza, kiedy wiedzieli, ze Solidarno艣膰, wojsko , polityka i ko艣ci贸艂 jest w ich rekach, wymy艣laj膮c demokracj臋. By艂em pos艂em w Sejmie rozbiorowym, na Komisji Sejmowych 艂膮czonych, na oko艂o 50 pos艂贸w w tym ponad 40 wi臋kszo艣ci sprzeda艂o oko艂o 200 zak艂ad贸w, tez m贸wili ze to wsp贸艂czesna “demokracja”. Wszystkich sprzedano oko艂o 8400 likwiduj膮c ponad 10 milion贸w miejsc pracy.聽 Wa艂臋sa, jako przewodnicz膮cy Solidarno艣ci mia艂 10 milion贸w robotnik贸w, 偶o艂nierzy z kt贸rymi wywalczy艂 21 postulat贸w, kt贸re dawa艂y oko艂o 100% lepszego poziomo 偶ycia. Niech si臋 nie wypiera, ze nie by艂 Bolkiem. Zdradzi艂 robotnik贸w, zdradzi艂 Nar贸d Polski. Zobaczmy tyle jest przest臋pstw, zbrodni i korupcji i nikt nie siedzi wi臋zieniu. Dlaczego nie siedz膮, bo s膮 wszyscy 呕ydami, albo pacho艂kami 偶ydowskimi. 呕yd, 呕yda ma wsadza膰 do wi臋zienia, my艣lmy troch臋 g艂owami a nie telewizorami. 呕ydzi wsadzaj膮 Polak贸w do wiezienia, by im nie przeszkadzali w rozkradaniu resztek Polski, przyk艂ad Mateusz Piskorski, Miernik, Piotr Rybak, Piotr Trznadel, kt贸rego porwali z jego posesji i zbili go na kwa艣ne jab艂ko nie do poznania, ja te偶 chodz臋 po S膮dach a ilu takich. Ostatnio wiezieniu pobili dzia艂acza od Kukiz 15 艣miertelnie, aby zatrze膰 艣lady, to zawie藕li do szpitala a tam zmar艂.聽聽 Kto im pomaga okrada膰 Polsk臋 i Polak贸w. Pomaga im ordynacja wyborcza, z 5% progiem, tak napisana, gdzie mo偶na fa艂szowa膰 wybory. jest ona wprowadzana we wszystkich krajach podbitych. Zobaczmy Polacy, jak 15 rz膮d贸w wasalnych, oszuka艂o nar贸d, likwiduj膮c zak艂ady pracy, odbieraj膮c nam chleb od ust, a m艂odzie偶 polsk膮 zrobili w balona i wygnali za granic臋 za chlebem, do niewolniczej pracy bez 偶adnych uprawni臋 m. Polacy! Pokaza艂em troch臋 fakt贸w! Nie dawajcie si臋 dalej manipulowa膰, bo sami sobie szkodzicie. Szkodzicie Polsce! Swoje umys艂y przestawcie na polski spos贸b my艣lenia.

Pozdrawiam, Zdzis艂aw Jankowski

Lemingi u偶yteczne 偶yd艂actfu: oplu膰 B艂ogos艂awion膮 Teres臋

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PB: voila:

– aspiryna — uszkodzenia systemu trawiennego,
– tylenol — rak bodaj偶e w膮troby
to tylko najpopularniejsze 艣rodki
moja 偶ona ekspertk膮, chroniczne b贸le od lat (fibromyalgia) o jakich wi臋kszo艣ci ludzi si臋 nie 艣ni艂o… lekarze przepisywali te 艣rodki, ona sprawdza艂a objawy “uboczne”, cz臋sto je mia艂a, w tym prowadz膮ce do trwa艂ego kalectwa i zgonu… rzuci艂a w diab艂y 偶-medycyn臋 i 偶-medykamenta, uwierzy艂a w moje badania naukowe, 偶e to
ludob贸jczy spisek 偶yd艂acki
ka偶dy organizm inaczej reaguje na medykamenta, siostrzyczki nie maj膮c ekspertyzy diagnostycznej, wybra艂y najlepsze dla pacjenta rozwi膮zanie — nie zaszkodzi膰
wiem co m贸wi臋, ty pitolisz pod hasbar臋… prosz臋 bardzo wtran偶alaj 偶-chemikalia, czytaj 偶-opluwanie goj贸w
Ela i Ted: Piotrze masz mala wyobraznie,zrozumiesz wtedy聽jak i聽ciebie to dopadnie a srodkow p-bolowych nie dostaniesz; w Polsce takowych tez nie daja, ale coz cierpienie ponoc zbliza do boga wiec niech ciebie i podobnych zbliza innych zostawcie w spokoju niech sami decyduja.
Przyjemnej lektury i wiary w nia.

PB: 偶ydomaso艅ska odwr贸cona hasbara, jeste艣cie u偶yteczni idioci

Stary cz艂owiek, kt贸remu siostry odm贸wi艂y 艣rodk贸w przeciwb贸lowych, skr臋ca si臋 z b贸lu na brudnym materacu i g艂o艣no wyje. 鈥濩ierpisz, a to oznacza, 偶e Jezus ci臋 ca艂uje鈥 鈥 m贸wi mu Matka Teresa. Starzec warczy: 鈥濸owiedz swojemu Jezusowi, 偶eby przesta艂 mnie ca艂owa膰鈥.
Bardzo dobrze, 偶e odm贸wi艂y 偶-艣rodk贸w p-b贸lowych! Znaj膮 si臋 na medycynie…


Ela i Ted:


Bzdety z kompleksu ni偶szo艣ci zjudaizowanego polactfa

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PB: Dok艂adnie: kompleks ni偶szo艣ci… jak u 偶yd艂actfa, kt贸re bez ustanku wywy偶sza si臋 ponad Ziemianami — zachowanie przeciw intencjom Stw贸rcy, mo偶e pod艣wiadomy kompleks winy za bunt przeciw Niemu?

Ju偶 i Ba艂tyk nie “nasz”: marynarka wojenna z baliami, stocznie w proch, kapitanowie 偶eglugi wielkiej z torbami, rybo艂贸wstwo zatopione w jewrounijnych papiurach, handel zamorski — 偶yd艂ackie korporacje, Batory — w zjudaizowanej fundacji…

Gojowskie pos艂uszne politycznie wyobra偶enia: JedenKamie艅 by艂 “geniuszem” tylko dzi臋ki genialnej serbskiej 偶onie (Eistein dziwnie zamilk艂 naukowo ze 艣mierci膮 ma艂偶onki), a nobla dosta艂 za prace geniusz贸w gojowskich. Zbada艂 to i opisa艂 na 1000 stronach porz膮dny (a jak, s膮 tacy!) 呕yd, Jon Christopher Bjerknes — g贸glnij nazwisko, szukaj pracy o przekr臋cie Einsteina z pomoc膮 globalnego 偶yd艂actfa. Jak wida膰 wci膮偶 bezb艂臋dnie dzia艂a na goj贸w ta hasbara, a 偶yd艂actfo che艂pi si臋 wysokim rzekomo IQ == bzdura na resorach, IQ ma niewiele wsp贸lnego z inteligencj膮; niezwykle z natury inteligentni Eskimosi maj膮 wysokie IQ, a w testach wychodz膮 na durni… im surowsze warunki naturalne, tym inteligentniejszy lud, do艣wiadczy艂em na w艂asnej sk贸rze w艣r贸d Beduin贸w.

Andrzej Szubert: Z poprzedniej beczki – w ostatnich dniach otrzyma艂em mailami od kilku os贸b film. P贸艂 godziny temu wrzuci艂em pod nim w艂asny obszerny komentarz:

W audycji pada stwierdzenie – jak wiemy Ba艂tyk to nasze morze. Czy naprawd臋 “nasze”, polskie? Wszak nie tylko Polska le偶y nad Ba艂tykiem. A 9 tysi臋cy lat temu Polski nie by艂o – 偶y艂y wprawdzie wtedy na naszych ziemiach wczesne s艂owia艅skie kultury, ale nie Polacy.
Zatopionych cywilizacji miejskich jest wiele na wszystkich kontynentach. Niekt贸re si臋gaj膮 30 i wi臋cej tysi臋cy lat wstecz.

Parokrotnie z lekcewa偶eniem wypowiadaj膮 si臋 prowadz膮cy o Neandertalczychach. Chcia艂bym przypomnie膰 w tym miejscu, 偶e gdy przodkowie homo sapiens przyw臋drowali do Europy, kultura neandertalska nie by艂a gorsza ni偶 u 贸wczesnych sapiens贸w. Ich wyroby z kamienia, rog贸w i ko艣ci zwierz膮t w niczym nie ust臋powa艂y wyrobom sapiens贸w. Posiadali te偶 w艂asne rytua艂y pogrzebowe. Traktowanie ich jako prymitywn膮 dzicz (sapiensi w tamtych czasach niczym poza chyba agresywno艣ci膮 od nich si臋 nie r贸偶nili) jest po prostu nie na miejscu. Tym bardziej 偶e wszyscy nosimy w sobie kilka procent gen贸w Neandertalczyk贸w.. Wy艣miewaj膮c ich wy艣miewamy cz臋艣ciowo i siebie.

Sprawa ksi膮偶ki Bieszka, a raczej samego autora… Jego 艣lepa wiara w stare kroniki zadziwia mnie. Im dalej w przesz艂o艣膰 tym kroniki s膮 bardziej fantastyczne, zmy艣lone i tym wi臋cej w nich bajek, legend i mit贸w ni偶 fakt贸w. Branie wszystkiego dos艂ownie jest wyrazem skrajnej naiwno艣ci. A to, 偶e niby kroniki siebie potwierdzaj膮 艣wiadczy tylko o tym, 偶e kronikarze odpisywali od siebie przer贸偶ne bajki nie pr贸buj膮c ich weryfikowa膰. Zreszt膮 taka weryfikacja by艂a niemo偶liwa.
Ogl膮da艂em kilka film贸w z Bieszkiem. W jednym z nich na serio bra艂 wymys艂y z 偶ydo-biblii o podboju Kanaanu przez Izraelit贸w. A przecie偶 powa偶ni naukowcy wykazali, 偶e nie by艂o “niewoli egipskiej”, “wyj艣cia z Egiptu”, “w臋dr贸wki po Synaju” i zwi膮zanego z tymi wymys艂ami “podboju Kannanu”.

Archeolodzy podwa偶aj膮 same podstawy Biblii. Pan B贸g nie przekaza艂 Moj偶eszowi Dekalogu, nar贸d Izraela nigdy nie by艂 w egipskiej niewoli, mury Jerycha nie rozpad艂y si臋 na d藕wi臋k tr膮b, bo Jerycho by艂o miastem nieobwarowanym, pierwsza monoteistyczna religia nie ma swoich korzeni na G贸rze Synaj, a wielkie kr贸lestwa Dawida i Salomona to legenda dostosowana do potrzeb teologii.

Nawet fundamentali艣ci katoliccy publikuj膮 teksty podwa偶aj膮ce niewol臋 egipsk膮. A to po wyj艣ciu z niej mia艂 mie膰 miejsce podb贸j Kanaanu.

Je艣li Bieszk wierzy w te brednie, to nie ma si臋 co dziwi膰, 偶e uwierzy艂 w staro偶ytn膮 Lechi臋 wymy艣lon膮 przez bajkopisarzy zwanych kronikarzami.
Aha – Biesz wierzy te偶 w potop. Nie tylko zreszt膮 on. Potopu – wodnego kataklizmu globalnego nie by艂o nigdy. Owszem, mity o potopie znane s膮 na wszystkich kontynentach i st膮d sam “potop” uwa偶any jest za niepodwa偶alny. Ignorowany jest przy tym fakt, 偶e mit o potopie powsta艂 pod wp艂ywem znajdywanych wysoko w g贸rach na wszystkich kontynentach szkielet贸w i muszelek 偶yj膮tek morskich. I o ile wyci膮gano z tych znalezisk s艂uszny wniosek, 偶e te g贸ry musia艂y by膰 kiedy艣 pod wod膮, o tyle b艂臋dnie uwa偶ano, 偶e musia艂 wydarzy膰 si臋 potop i st膮d woda si臋ga艂a tak wysoko. O tektonice i ruchach g贸rotw贸rczych wypi臋trzaj膮cych dna morskie na kilometry w g贸r臋 nikt wtedy nie wiedzia艂.

Odno艣nie S艂owian fa艂szowana jest historia dwojako – z jednej strony niemieccy propagandy艣ci forsuj臋 k艂amstwa, jakoby S艂owianie przybyli nad Wis艂膮 o Odr臋 we wczesnym 艣redniowieczu – co jest oczywistym propagandowym k艂amstwem.

Drugim historycznym k艂amstwem jest propaganda katolicka, m贸wi膮ca, 偶e przed Mieszkiem i tzw. “chrztem Polski” (wyssanym zreszt膮 z palca),

S艂owianie byli rzekomo dzicz膮 odzian膮 w sk贸ry 偶yj膮c膮 w lasach (a nawet nieomal na drzewach) nie posiadaj膮c膮 偶adnej kultury. I 偶e to w艂a艣nie dopiero 偶ydo-katolicyzm S艂owianom przyni贸s艂 kultur臋 i rzemios艂o. Prawda jest inna – wszystkie opisywane przez archeolog贸w staro偶ytne i prehistoryczne kultury na naszych ziemiach s膮 kulturami s艂owia艅skimi. S艂owianie byli od tysi膮cleci 艣wietnymi rzemie艣lnikami, znali metalurgi臋 (dymarki 艣wi臋tokrzyskie), ceramik臋, wyroby ozdobne i “jubilerskie”.Nawet niemiecki Spiegel o tym pisa艂 (bredz膮c niestety przy okazji o naj艣ciu S艂owian nad Wis艂臋 w VI wieku): Niemieccy rzemie艣lnicy z kolei podgl膮dali u S艂owian technik臋 i sztuk臋. W znaleziskach ceramicznych z wczesnego 艣redniowiecza w g贸rnej Frankonii wida膰 wyra藕nie wp艂ywy s艂owia艅skie na kszta艂ty i ozdoby niemieckich wyrob贸w ceramicznych. Bi偶uteria, kolczyki ze srebra, korale ze szklanych paciork贸w, szklane pier艣cionki, bransolety ze srebra, diademy zdobione charakterystycznymi p臋tlami w kszta艂cie litery S pokazuj膮, 偶e S艂owianie byli obeznani w produkcji i u偶ywaniu bi偶uterii i ozd贸b w 艣redniowieczu i nadawali ton modzie.https://opolczykpl.wordpress. com/2012/08/09/niemiecki- spiegel-o-slowianach- polabskich/

Kultura S艂owian, ich etyka oraz organizacja spo艂eczna (brak biedy i 偶ebrak贸w obok bogaczy) niewyobra偶alnie g贸rowa艂a nad anty-kultur膮 przywleczon膮 na nasze ziemie przez rzymsk膮 szubienic臋.
https://opolczykpl.wordpress. com/2015/10/20/wartosci- poganskie-i-wartosci- chrzescijanskie/

Narzucon膮 zreszt膮 naszym przodkom brutaln膮 si艂膮 po buntach poga艅skich, zw艂aszczy tym z czas贸w Boles艂awa Zapomnianego, wymazanego przez kler z naszej historii.
http://www.polityka.pl/ tygodnikpolityka/historia/ 231607,1,zniknal-wmrokach- sredniowiecza.read

Wymy艣lanie staro偶ytnej Lechii to mitoma艅skie leczenie kompleksu ni偶szo艣ci. Zreszt膮 zastanawia mnie ponad 900-letnia przerwa pomi臋dzy kr贸lem nr 9: Wandalem “Panowa艂 oko艂o 1272 roku przed nasz膮 er膮”
Czy kto艣 powa偶ny uwierzy w ci膮g艂o艣膰 kr贸lestwa pozbawionego przez ponad 930 lat kr贸la?

S艂owianie byli ludem podzielonym na wiele r贸偶norodnych plemino. Posiadali przez tysi膮clecia wysok膮 kultur臋, tyle 偶e przedcywilizacyjn膮, przed-miejsk膮. I to mnie ca艂kowicie satysfakcjonuje. Natomiast wolny jestem od kompleksu ni偶szo艣ci i dla lepszego samopoczucia nie potrzebuj臋 mit贸w o pot臋偶nym pa艅stwie lechickim.

Wyznawcom tych mit贸w polecam kompletnie odlotowe wymys艂y Szyd艂owskiego, Szczyty艅skiego i Gawro艅skiego:
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=hC8ShishhBM
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=loF_DemC-WY&list=PLsl9qhb8vV lI0T–fmNz0UwexGNSAf0sZ
https://rafzen.wordpress.com/2 012/06/16/w-raju-adam-i-ewa-ro zmawiali-po-polsku-2/

Andrzej Dzi膮ba: Dok艂adnie tak: “Pami臋tajcie o logice. Tam, gdzie jej brak, nale偶y doszukiwa膰 si臋 podst臋pu”.

Gdzie zaczyna brakowa膰 logiki, pojawia si臋 podst臋p. Szczeg贸艂y w linku.

Andrzej Szubert: Piotrek – to jeszcze nic – pos艂uchaj co wygaduje Szyd艂owski: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=hC8ShishhBM

Zwr贸膰 uwag臋 na t臋 mapk臋 na “ok艂adce” filmu (jest pokazana od 24 sek.)聽 i na t臋 nazw臋 – Polonorum Imperium. Serce ro艣nie! Szyd艂owski powinien wys艂a膰 j膮 Putinowi i za偶膮da膰 zwrotu Krymu (i nie tylko). Bo jest polski. Szkoda, 偶e nie pokaza艂 ca艂ej mapki tego “imperium”. Ciekawi mnie, czy si臋ga “tylko” do Persji i Indii czy a偶 do pustyni Gobi. A mo偶e do W艂adywostoku?

No i te brednie (napis na pocz膮tku) o synach Noego. Ten palant rzeczywi艣cie wierzy w biblijn膮 bajk臋 o potopie i Noe.

Owszem, mity o potopie znane s膮 na wszystkich kontynentach i st膮d sam “potop” uwa偶any jest za niepodwa偶alny. Ignorowany jest przy tym fakt, 偶e mit o potopie powsta艂 pod wp艂ywem znajdywanych wysoko w g贸rach na wszystkich kontynentach szkielet贸w i muszelek 偶yj膮tek morskich. I o ile wyci膮gano z tych znalezisk s艂uszny wniosek, 偶e te g贸ry musia艂y by膰 kiedy艣 pod wod膮, o tyle b艂臋dnie uwa偶ano, 偶e musia艂 wydarzy膰 si臋 potop i st膮d woda si臋ga艂a tak wysoko. O tektonice i ruchach g贸rotw贸rczych wypi臋trzaj膮cych dna morskie na kilometry w g贸r臋 nikt wtedy nie wiedzia艂. Ignoruje to tak偶e palant Szyd艂owski i szuka pochodzenia Polak贸w od 偶ydo-biblijnych bredni o Noe i jego synach.

Podobnie bredzi Szczyty艅ski, z tym 偶e jest jeszcze wi臋kszym mitomanem i oszo艂omem.
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=loF_DemC-WY&list=PLsl9qhb8vV lI0T–fmNz0UwexGNSAf0sZ
U niego Noe gada艂 po polsku, a j. polski by艂 j臋zykiem przedpotopowym, pierwszym j臋zykiem ludzko艣ci i dopiero Jahwe mieszaj膮c j臋zyki na wie偶y Babel “stworzy艂” w ten spos贸b wszystkie pozosta艂e j臋zyki. Ale polski by艂 praj臋zykiem ludzko艣ci (dodatkowo Szczyty艅ski bredzi, 偶e Ziemia – wszech艣wiat – s膮 wkl臋s艂e i 偶e 偶yjemy w jej/ich wn臋trzu).

Wszystkiego co bredzi Szczyty艅ski nie s艂ucha艂em, ale u niego nawet mur chi艅ski ma zwi膮zki z Polakami. A j臋zyk rosyjski to dialekt polskiego.

Brednie Szczyty艅skiego o j臋zyku polskim to nic innego jak podobne brednie Gawro艅skiego, 偶e Adam i Ewa w raju rozmawiali z Jahwe po polsku.
https://rafzen.wordpress.com/2 012/06/16/w-raju-adam-i-ewa-ro zmawiali-po-polsku-2/

Mojego komentarza kanalia do dzisiaj nie zatwierdzi艂:

Votre commentaire est en attente de mod茅ration.

A w膮偶 kusiciel te偶 gada艂 po polsku?


Po tych kilku przyk艂adach wida膰 do jakiej szajby mo偶e prowadzi膰 wiara w 偶ydo-biblijne brednie wzmocniona polskim szowinizmem i mitomani膮 wywo艂an膮 kompleksem ni偶szo艣ci.

Na tych i im podobnych szajbus贸w nie ma lekarstwa.

PB: Typowa szajba polacka, podobna do piania, 偶e siedzimy na najbogatszych w swiecie z艂o偶ach naturalnych, 偶a katolactfo polskie ma specjaln膮 misj臋 do spe艂nienia w jewropie i w og贸le we Wszech艣wiecie, 偶e Polacy niezwykle m膮drzy itp. itd. Tymczasem m膮dry nar贸d nie da艂by si臋 tak wydutka膰 偶yd艂actfu na strychu … czy wystrychn膮膰 na dudka :))) …

Bardzo to przypomina 偶yd艂actfo cz贸jonce wyj膮tkowo艣膰 we wszy膰kim bez wyj膮tku. Takie zajawki i fakt 偶e maj膮 wzi臋cie u scyropolskich durni (np. kiedy艣 u nieruchawego Maruchy, gdzie debatowa艂em t臋 bzdet臋 z pojebami) 艣wiadcz膮, 偶e jednak mn贸stwo durnoty w艣r贸d Polak贸w. Wnioskuj臋, 偶e im mniej mo偶e kto艣 zrobi膰 i bardziej zniewolony, tym bardziej si臋 takim szajsem czaruje.

Andrzej Szubert: Tytu艂 i tekst zawieraj膮 ewidentne b艂臋dy.

Jeste艣my jedn膮 z najstarszych cywilizacji na 艣wiecie! — Termin cywilizacja pochodzi z 艂aci艅skiego civis i oznacza mieszka艅ca miasta (Rzymu). Cywilizacja to kultura (a raczej anty-kultura) miejska. S艂owianie przez tysi膮ce lat tworzyli r贸偶ne, cho膰 podobne, kultury przedcywilizacyjne, wiejskie, naturalne. Mieli wprawdzie grody, ale nie by艂y to miasta w p贸藕niejszym tego s艂owa znaczeniu. S艂u偶y艂y jako miejsca obronne w wypadku zagro偶enia z zewn膮trz, ale nie wytworzy艂y typowo miejskich, oderwanych od naturalnego 偶ycia zawod贸w i podzia艂u spo艂ecznego na r贸偶ne stany (patrycjusze, rzemie艣lnicy, biedota miejska).
Mylenie kultur przedcywilizacyjnych z “cywilizacj膮” jest pokazem ignorancji.

Okaza艂o si臋 bowiem, 偶e Polacy zamieszkuj膮 swoj膮 Ojczyzn臋 od zawsze, od przesz艂o 10 tysi臋cy lat. — No to jak – od zawsze czy “tylko” od przesz艂o 10 tys. lat? Bo jest to jednak r贸偶nica. I nie Polacy, a przer贸偶ne plemiona s艂owia艅skie, kt贸rych si艂owe “jednoczenie” (podb贸j) 聽rozpocz臋li w X wieku Piastowie. Termin Polska to arbitralne przetlumaczenie 聽艂aci艅skiej nazwy pa艅stwa wczesnopiastowskiego – Palaniorum, Polania, a Polak to arbitralne t艂umaczenie z 艂aciny nazwy jej mieszka艅a – Polianicus. S艂owo Polak pojawi艂o si臋 dopiero w bodaj偶e XIV, najwcze艣niej w XIII wieku.
W czasach plemiennych s艂owo ojczyzna te偶 nie by艂o znane. Co najwy偶ej ojcowizna – Ziemia ojc贸w.

Udowodniono ponad wszelk膮 w膮tpliwo艣膰, 偶e 偶yjemy u siebie jako nieliczny Nar贸d w 艣wiecie od przesz艂o 10 700 — Szowinistyczny be艂kot. Termin nar贸d jest nowo偶ytny. Na ziemiach polskich pojawi艂 si臋 w czasach Rzeczypospolitej szlacheckiej i dotyczy艂 wy艂膮cznie polskoj臋zycznej szlachty, kt贸ra mieszczan ani ch艂op贸w za nar贸d nie uwa偶a艂a. Tylko siebie nazywa艂a “narodem”. Przez kilka pierwszych wiek贸w w pa艅stwie piastowskim nadal dominowa艂o poczucie to偶samo艣ci plemiennej – Polanie nazywali siebie Polanami, Wi艣lanie Wi艣lanami, 艢l臋偶anie 艢l臋偶anami itd.
Poczucia wsp贸lnoty narodowej wtedy jeszcze nie znano. Ani terminu nar贸d. Jest naturalnie prawd膮, 偶e r贸偶ne plemiona聽 S艂owian zamieszkiwa艂y tereny wsp贸艂czesnej Polski od wielu tysi臋cy lat. Ale nazywanie ich Polakami i narodem to szowinistyczny be艂kot.



Pocz膮tek ko艅ca kijowskiej bandyckiej banderowskiej junty?

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PB: Jak zawsze, dobra analiza Andrzeja Szuberta.

Dzieje si臋 od pocz膮tku tak, jak przewidzia艂 think-tank Putina.
Rosja niepotrzebuje wsp贸艂pracy, potakni臋cia z 偶-Zachodu dla normalizacji stosunk贸w z Ukrain膮, bo alternatyw膮 jest wojna natowska, albo powstanie Ukrai艅c贸w przeciw oliparchatowi. Poparcie 偶-Zachodu jedynie przyspiesza jak聽 proces normalizacji dla Ukrai艅c贸w (rosyjskich i nie). Wojna zako艅czy艂aby si臋 sromotn膮 kl臋sk膮 偶-NATO (vide Syria), a powstanie popar艂aby skrycie Rosja, a mo偶e聽 Chiny i Iran.
Zdumiewaj膮ce, 偶e 偶yd艂actfo mia艂o nadzieje na co innego– 艣wiadczy to o tym, 偶e nie jest tak genialne jak si臋 maluje. Co nie znaczy, 偶e ust膮pi. Izrael jest tylko atrap膮 kompleksu w艂adzy judeocentrycznej — nie najwa偶niejsz膮, bez Izraela 偶yd艂actfo te偶 prze偶yje. Ten nelegalny, ludob贸jczy tfur jest聽 pretekstem do “wojen z terrorem” itp. podjazd贸w przeciw gojom wszelkimi metodami, podstawy ju偶 globalnej 偶-polityki.itp.
Sklerotyki KiSSingery i BrzezinSSkie ust臋puj膮 starci wiekiem, 偶-neokony musz膮 si臋 liczy膰 z in. mocarstwami — co wymy艣li 偶-banksteria dla kontynuacji plan贸w NWO?
Czy osierocone kundle 偶yd艂actfa w Polin —聽 singery, kalksztajny, dudy…. wylec膮 na zbite pyski czy zmieni膮 pie艣艅?
Wylansowanie Trampka przez 偶-suszpy wr贸偶y “zmian臋” polityki “wschodniej” 偶-Zachodu, z konsekwencjami dla sojuszu rosyjskiego i 艣wiata arabskiego. Tylko zmian臋 na co? Rosja te偶 obstawia wszystkie k膮ty. Z Fort Russ, g艂osu Rosyjskiej Racji Stanu:
Putin nienapuga艂sja 偶-NATO: zgnieciemy NATO kiedy podejdzie za blisko
Putin: Mi臋dzynarodowy S膮d Karny o dup臋 otrze膰
Cienko za艣piewaj膮聽 Gaw臋dziarze Narodowi, agenci wp艂ywu jak prosorek A. Nowak itp. z偶yd艂aceni opluwacze Rosji i Putina w Polin. Teraz to b臋dzie kondominium rosyjsko-ruskie pod kremlowskim nadzorem buhaha

Przekle艅stwo chi艅skie: oby艣 urodzi艂 si臋 w ciekawych czasach — i takie nadchodz膮…




US elections: Making the Hispanic vote as 鈥渋nvisible鈥 at the macro level as the Black vote

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Making the Hispanic vote as 鈥渋nvisible鈥 at the macro level as the Black vote


RRRailways — Ships, fire boat, fishing boats, huts from hulls

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First part appeared on http://gardenrails.myfreeforum.org/about10722.html

About Nov 30, 2016, lemming moderators of the forum have maliciously destroyed all of my contributions.

My first attempt at a ship couple of years ago was an elongated nut bowl made of exotic wood. On top of the bowl, I glued a deck shaped from a piece of extruded styrofoam. It stuck out above water, the bowl visible under it, so I filled bow and stern outline down to waterline.

To hide the multiple deck joints and imperfections, I wound synthetic rope around the deck perimeter, cutting in the stern so each ring’s fried ends meet. For the top, largest perimeter rope, I used a dirtied piece: tar from dolphins, docking etc. 馃檪
I attached the wheelhouse聽 (cocoa plastic container, turned upside down, lid on top forms roof with a small overhang fore). It has two windows fore and a round one aft, framed plastic glazing, you can see the wheel inside.
From junk r-way cars, I took a ladder for the wheelhouse and grate walks. Onto the deck, I glued an elongated plastic lid, with a painted plastic packaging attached on top — the shapes and fits are just right.
I raised the bow with a layer or two of styro and covered the layers w.聽 the upper part of a plastic plant pot, made into a V.
On top of the wheelhouse I made a radar from plastic junk and glued a little lamp from a toy (small switch, battery inside) — it’s the searchlight for MS Owl, a coaster collecting sewage and dangerous liquid cargo from coastal communities.
I took the lid from a watertight PVC electric box and shaped it to be wheelhouse door. I cut the gasket and attached it as “seal” around the door. Kids notice and say “Watertight!”
Because Owl sails close to shores, she has a forward-looking sonar on top of the mast fore (plastic honey stick). On the bow deck is a capstan (complete part of something plastic) with chain (to scale, from hobby store) holding an anchor (plastic toy) through a round hole in the portside.
Aft is a raised deck with porthole windows for the machinery below, A stack (copper pipe) comes up from below.



My first ship, made of wooden long bowl, with added deck layers (styrofoam) covered up with rope. Railing (wire mesh) is to be attached to the ropes around the deck (with thin wire?):owl

View from below bow shows stryrofoam added on top of wooden bowl. Draft is just over the underside of the styro stick-out. Bow is from plant pot, upper part bent into V shape, pinned to styrofoam deck:.


Wheelhouse of plastic cocoa container, its lid now a roof. Radar and searchlight on the roof, ladder and door on the sides, stack and whatnot aft.




Do you see the steering wheel in the wheelhouse? The door is watertight: owl3

Porthole for anchor chain, forward-looking sonar on top of the mast (honey stick):


*聽 *聽 *

Next vessel project was a fire-fighting boat. I brought home a toy from 2nd hand store: a military boat about 1.5 ft. long (0.45 m) on 3 wheels, but good hull shape, cabin and deck. My wife frowned at the camouflage paint and military appendages.

Leaving the mast and searchlight, I stripped the military equipment, converted guns to water cannons rotating on pedestals (2 plastic caps fitting into each other, one screwed to the deck, the other to the cannon). After priming with well-covering gray, I painted the boat red and black:


fireb2One cannon rotates on a bicycle ball bearing 馃槢



fireb4One wheel hole聽 refuses sealing w. silicone, no matter what. Remedy: fill the hull with styro.

Kids like to play with the cannons, place fire-men behind them and one in the serchlight manhole.

Because I made this boat before building a harbour management centre, the latter will house fire-fighting, customs, coast guard and port security offices along with harbour traffic management. All equipment (antennas, navigational lights, marine lantern, radars… s0me from the military boat ) are placed on the building’s upper roof level shaped like a ship deck.

*聽 *聽 *

Ships are my illness now that I have two ponds on my layout. Am desperate to enlarge the fleet, also to build huts made of聽 hulls, which should add to marine character near the lakes:


Old Wooden Boat Lying On Side - Stock Image

The first trial with hull huts is a Fish and Chips place for the fishing village. I curved聽 wet wood for the ship board top beam, attached to a cut-out scrap from聽 styrofoam arch viaduct project. For hull planking I use bamboo mat. The keel is fitted to be level astern. Then I fill-in a flat stern end by gluing bamboo planks to the arch — this is the fast take-out and kitchen delivery end of the restaurant, like the stern shape here:

Fore, I fit under the planks some tables, make a kitchen window in the stryrofoam, and enclose the front of the restaurant with plexi on a wood frame. The restaurant room behind the glass spills on the lake-shore, It is is planked all the way to the quay on wood piles. Some tables are placed there for customers to enjoy good weather and lake view along with their fare.

If this works, I can build a couple of fisherman hull huts, with tar felt or tarp roofing as shown on the photo above. Obviously, blunt stern聽 is easier to emulate with bamboo or other wood than the bow. For that, I have an option to cut into 3 parts a natural rubber boat I have brought from Indonesia years ago. Her both ends narrow down; the middle section would be a hut with both ends flat:


The marks (photo below)聽 from rubber legs of the hull delineate where I would cut it. The boat has ornaments that could be kept to enhance the model huts. Colour could be kept uniform (a group of huts on the lake) or individualized. Either way, it would be a unique build, celebration of human diversity, and saving a souvenir of days past, preserved in a new form under better maintenance.



Am not rushing into cutting the boat, as it has decent figurines, albeit out of my scale. They will deteriorate with time due to UV and聽 oxidation, unless preserved regularly. Already, several ornaments fell off, so I’m inclined to strip the paddlers and cut the boat up. Restored, perhaps the figurines could form a half-abstract, waterfront sculpture (imaginary hull) in the city on my lake.


In the same department is a pirate sail ship hull that I acquired for a song at a modeller fair, here on a shelf of my new workshp:


But this one is definitely too good to cut up. Made of cedar strips, with beautiful sculptures on the bow and stern, it could be a vessel being built in a dry-dock or moored in the city waterfront for show. It’s out of my scale, but details (railing, portholes) revealing that could be stripped or hidden. For outdoors, I would cover the openings in her deck to prevent water getting inside.


*聽 *聽 *

After preliminaries around vessel basics, I would like to acquire a scroll saw and build聽 boat models of wood in 1:24 scale — small ones for 1-2 rowers/sailors, all the way to fishing trawlers of the fishermen’s co-op: Billing Boats Boulogne Etaples Stern Trawler BB 534

Quy Nhon Double-Ended Row Boat

The blue trawler is steel hull, easily emulated from a polistyrene plastic toy which I already have (luxury yacht with a weird stanchion on the stern). I stripped the luxury part and hack-flattened the deck to fit a new deck, raised on the bow:

This brings me to the other, finished part of my fleet: ready made plastic toys. One is a coast guard patrol boat, the other a walk-on ferry, accessible with only a step over the stern.聽 It docks at both terminals at floating docks,so everything clicks on the layout and with the quays from the times they stood on piles. Piles pulled out to make a rubber lining of the pond possible, the nicely weathered quays received stryrofoam inserts for floatation and are tied with chains to solid piers.

Similar w. floatplane terminals, but this is a plane department of RRRailway Co., to be treated in a separate article (if I live long enough :)))






40-lecie KOR 鈥 nieznane fakty

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Na 40-lecie KOR鈥檜 鈥 nieznane fakty

Z wywiadu Z. Romaszewskiej 鈥 patrz 鈥淕azeta Wyborcza鈥 鈥 wynika, 偶e w艂adz臋 w Polsce sprawuj膮 dzia艂acze KOR 鈥搖. Wsp贸艂pracownik Komitetu J. Kaczy艅ski jest przyw贸dc膮 odradzaj膮cej si臋 Polski, ministrem MON za艂o偶yciel KOR鈥搖, w kancelarii prezydenta a偶 roi si臋 od pa艅, kt贸re w KOR dzia艂a艂y. Po 40 latach od chwili powstania, KOR zdoby艂 w Polsce w艂adz臋. Bogu niech b臋d膮 dzi臋ki. Ale to nie wszystko, poniewa偶 przyw贸dc膮 opozycji jest A. Michnik, te偶 dzia艂acz KOR 鈥搖. Wynika z tego, 偶e 偶yjemy w ideowej dyktaturze KOR. To jego dzia艂acze decyduj膮 o ideowym i organizacyjnym obliczu naszego kraju.聽

http://wyborcza.pl/duzyformat/ 1,127290,20691848,w-kor-ze- byli-sami-fajni-ludzie- dlaczego-teraz-sie-nie-lubia. html?disableRedirects=true

http://www.prawica.net/5210# comment-66686

W 1981 roku ca艂a granda 鈥瀔omandos贸w鈥 tzn. synusi贸w 鈥瀙u艂awian鈥 (鈥瀙u艂awianie鈥 鈥 to by艂a frakcja obywateli polskich, ale 偶ydowskiej narodowo艣ci w komunistycznym PZPR-e z lat 1944-1968) typu Michnik, Geremek, Mazowiecki 鈥tp. finansowani przez 呕yd贸w ameryka艅skich, przygotowywali si臋 latami i wyczekiwali na kolejny bunt sfrustrowanych polskich robotnik贸w przeciw kremlowskiemu re偶imowi PRL-u, aby wykorzysta膰 odpowiedni moment i zaj膮膰 dogodne pozycje polityczne do kolejnego przej臋cia w艂adzy w Polsce. Pomaga艂 im w tym Mossad.

呕ydzi przez Gomu艂k臋 zostali odsuni臋ci od koryta w艂adzy w PRL-u na polecenie Kremla, gdy偶 偶ydowska frakcja w PZPR-e otwarcie popiera艂a Izrael za napa艣膰 na Arab贸w w 1967 w tej tzw. wojnie czerwcowej w 1967 roku. Wtedy ZSRR zbroi艂o Arab贸w i pilnowa艂o te偶 swoich wp艂yw贸w tam gdzie jest najwi臋cej ropy naftowej na 艣wiecie. Popieranie 鈥瀒mperializmu ameryka艅skich鈥 sojusznik贸w jak Izraela w latach 1960-ch by艂o sabota偶em polityki Kremla, wi臋c Moskwa kaza艂a wyrzuci膰 obywateli polskich 偶ydowskiego pochodzenia z PZPR-u i centralnych stanowisk w艂adzy w Polsce, to samo co wtedy zrobiono w ZSRR.

Po roku 1968, 呕ydzi latami w Polsce knuli intrygi i szykowali si臋 zawzi臋cie do ponownego przej臋cia w艂adzy w Polsce. Sami 呕ydzi w Polsce nie mogli by od razu samodzielnie stan膮膰 na czele buntu robotnik贸w w Polsce, gdy偶 byli skompromitowani politycznie w oczach Polak贸w.

Zdawali sobie z tego doskonale spraw臋 i zaplanowali na pocz膮tku buntu robotniczego wcisn膮膰 si臋 w rz膮dku za plecami jakiego艣 przyw贸dcy robotniczego, kt贸rym akurat by艂 zwyk艂y robotnik bez wykszta艂cenia, ciemniak historyczny, Wa艂臋sa.

鈥濳omandosi鈥 偶ydowscy byli ju偶 do艣wiadczonymi graczami polityczni z lat 1960-tych i 1970-tych, a zawzi臋ty robotnik Wa艂臋sa, jeszcze w 1981 roku by艂 jeszcze manipulowanym ciemniakiem politycznym i potrzebowa艂 wsparcia jaki艣 鈥瀌oradc贸w鈥, gdy偶 sam nic by nie zdzia艂a艂.

Tych tzw. 鈥瀌ysydent贸w demokratycznych鈥 czyli 呕yd贸w w Polsce wspiera艂 Mossad. Jest na to ju偶 wiele publikacji, 偶e agenci Mossadu przygotowywali plany i koordynowali odpowiednie intrygi polityczne oraz kierowali 偶ydowskimi 鈥瀌ysydentami鈥 jakie maj膮 wykonywa膰 dzia艂ania, aby obali膰 PRL i przej膮膰 ponownie w艂adz臋 w Polsce.

Za plecami Wa艂臋sy ustawi艂y si臋 dwa zast臋py 鈥瀌oradc贸w鈥:

1. O narodowych polskich i patriotycznych opcjach politycznych.
2. Tzw. 鈥瀔omandos贸w-dysydent贸w po-gomu艂kowskich鈥 z 偶ydowsk膮 to偶samo艣ci膮 liberalno-talmudyczn膮 walcz膮cych o w艂adze, oraz przywileje, ale dla samych siebie jak za czas贸w 偶ydokomuny Bieruta lub pocz膮tku w艂adzy Gomu艂ki.

Ci 鈥瀔omandosi-dysydenci鈥 mieli bardzo powa偶ne wsparcie medi贸w zachodu, Ameryki, kt贸re s膮 przecie偶 w rekach 偶ydowskich, oraz rzecz jasna, 偶e popychaj膮 w wielk膮 polityk臋 鈥瀞woich鈥 t臋pi膮c jakie艣 tam polskie narodowe interesy鈥.. itp.

W Polsce by艂o w tym czasie ok. 1500 agent贸w Mosadu,i byli oni rekrutowani w艣r贸d obywateli polskich, ale 偶ydowskiej narodowo艣ci, kt贸rzy mieszkali na sta艂e w Polsce. Ambasada Ameryka艅ska w Polsce i jej wszyscy pracownicy byli pod ci膮g艂ym nadzorem SB. 脫wczesny szef CIA, William Casey, zwr贸ci艂 si臋 do Icchaka Hoffi, szefa Mossadu o pomoc. Mosad mia艂 wielki d艂ug wdzi臋czno艣ci wobec CIA za pomoc w zbombardowaniu przez lotnictwo Izraela w dniu 7 czerwca 1981 roku Reaktora Atomowego Osirak w Iraku.

Za plecami Wa艂esy, odbywa艂a si臋 zawzi臋ta walka mi臋dzy Polakami i 呕ydami w obozach 鈥瀌oradc贸w鈥 , ale wygrali t臋 walk臋 ci, co mieli wsparcie Mossadu i 偶ydowskiej mi臋dzynarod贸wki medialnej oraz tej politycznej mafii 偶ydowskiej, kt贸ra osaczy艂a Bia艂y Dom i sprawuje w nim w艂adze do dzisiaj.

Po wprowadzeniu stanu wojennego 13 grudnia 1981 roku i wy艂apaniu oraz internowaniu wszystkich aktywist贸w buntu przeciwko 鈥瀢艂adzy ludowej鈥 PRL-
u, 鈥瀔omandosi- 呕ydzi鈥 postanowili si臋 pozby膰 konkurent贸w NSZZ Solidarno艣膰 z orientacj膮 鈥瀗arodowo- patriotyczn膮鈥, aby w przysz艂o艣ci nie przeszkadzali im w ostatecznej rozgrywce walki o w艂adze w Polsce, kt贸ra by艂a nieunikniona.

鈥濳omandosi鈥 wsparci dzia艂aniami Mosadu, kolaborowali z komuchami insynuowali re偶imowi Jaruzelskiego, aby tych 鈥瀗arodowo-patriotycznych鈥 dzia艂aczy z NSZZ Solidarno艣ci wygoni膰 z Polski i skaza膰 na banicj臋.

Wobec tych okoliczno艣ci najbardziej wykszta艂conych, naukowc贸w, dzia艂aczy o orientacji narodowo-patriotycznej 鈥瀦ach臋cano鈥 do wyjazdu z Polski w 艣wiat
szeroki na emigracj臋, maltretowaniem, gro藕bami 艣mierci itp. oraz jednocze艣nie wciskano paszporty do r膮k i bez wype艂niania podania o ten paszport , tak aby w przysz艂o艣ci nie wracali do Polski i nie przeszkadzali 鈥炁紋do-dysydentom鈥 w p贸藕niejszej walce o w艂adz臋.

鈥濪ysydenci 偶ydowscy鈥 ju偶 wtedy obiecywali, 偶e nie b臋d膮 domagali si臋 ukarania komunistycznych zbrodniarzy 偶ydo-stalinowc贸w, oraz ukarania z艂odziei PRL-u, kt贸rzy rozkradali finanse Polski na dwa pokolenia do przodu.

8 tysi臋cy najbardziej wykszta艂conych dzia艂aczy NSZZ Solidarno艣膰, kt贸rych wi臋ziono w wi臋zieniach (nie, nie w pensjonatach wypoczynkowych z kolorowymi telewizorami jak 偶yda Michnika, Geremka czy Mazowieckiego!) straszonych 艣mierci膮 wr臋czano 鈥瀢olno艣膰鈥 paszportem, ale ze stemplem 鈥 jednokrotnym prawem przekroczenia granicy Polski i bez prawa powrotu.

Tak oto w艂a艣nie bandyta Jaruzelski, 鈥瀌oradcy 鈥 dysydenci demokratyczni鈥 za cich膮 zgod膮 Wa艂臋sy wyrzucili z Polski swoj膮 konkurencj臋, a by艂 to kwiat polskiej inteligencji. Ta banicja m艣ci si臋 do dzisiaj na Polsce, gdy偶 偶ydokomuna dokona艂a kolejnego drena偶u m贸zg贸w polskiego narodu i teraz poniewiera Polsk膮 i Polakami (nie wymordowali i za艂atwili polsk膮 inteligencj臋 nieco聽 bardziej 鈥瀐umanitarnie鈥 ni偶 to zrobiono po 17 wrze艣nia 1939 roku 鈥 po napadzie Stalina na Polsk臋 w my艣l umowy Ribbentrop -Mo艂otow).

Nale偶y zawsze o tym pami臋ta膰, 偶e to w艂a艣nie ci dzia艂acze Solidarno艣ci o orientacji 鈥瀗arodowo-patriotycznej鈥 wynie艣li na szczyt i zrobili Wa艂臋s臋 swoim liderem i przedstawicielem do negocjacji z komunistycznymi w艂adzami PRL-u w sierpniu 1981 roku, ale w trakcie tych 鈥瀝okowa艅鈥 z PZPR-em 呕ydzi zagrali pierwsze skrzypce i pomaga艂 im w tym Mossad , a Wa艂臋sa by艂 tylko postaci膮 fasadow膮, 偶e niby reprezentuje g艂os robotniczy.

Mossad zorganizowa艂 ca艂y system przep艂ywu informacji do korzystnego podejmowania decyzji, 艣rodki 艂膮czno艣ci, logistyki i szybkiego przemieszczania
si臋 偶ydowskich dzia艂aczy z Solidarno艣ci oraz system przesy艂ania informacji do przyw贸dc贸w polityki zachodu oraz medi贸w zagranicznych, kt贸re to media
wywiera艂y powa偶n膮 presj臋 na komunistyczny rzad w Polsce i na Kremlu w ZSRR.

Ci tzw. 鈥瀌ysydenci demokratyczni鈥 czyli 偶ydzi w Polsce bez wsparcia tysi臋cy agent贸w Mosadu w Polsce nie byli by w stanie odegra膰 takiej roli w NSZZ Solidarno艣膰 i dorwa膰 si臋 ponownie do w艂adzy w Polsce jak jest to dzisiaj.

http://forum.gazeta.pl/forum/ w,50,15283257,15303414,Rola_ zydowskiego_Mossad_u_w_NZZ_ Solidarnosc.html

https://www.monitor-polski.pl/ tworzenie-judeopolonii-rola- zydowskiego-mossad-u-w-nzz- solidarnosc/

Istnieje intryguj膮ce pytanie o 藕r贸d艂a finansowania KOR’u. Wiadomo, 偶e pewn膮 kwot臋 pieni臋dzy przeznaczy艂 rz膮d USA na wspomaganie Solidarno艣ci. Znany ameryka艅ski historyk Richard Pipes pyta艂 kiedy艣 Z. Brzezi艅skiego gdzie te pieni膮dze si臋 rozp艂yn臋艂y. Brzezi艅ski milcza艂 na ten temat, wiadomo jednak, 偶e w聽przezrucaniu tych pieni臋dzy do Polski bra艂 udzia艂 Bank Watyka艅ski oraz Mossad, kt贸ry mia艂 rozbudowan膮 siatk臋 agencyjn膮聽聽w Polsce. Mo偶na si臋 tylko domy艣la膰, 偶e byli w艣r贸d nich r贸wnie偶 dzia艂acze KOR’u, wiadomego pochodzenia, o czym wspomina Gordon Thomas w swojej ksi膮偶ce.

聽聽 聽 聽

http://www.fronda.pl/blogi/ polpatriot/kto-przejal- pieniadze-przeznaczone-przez- rzad-usa-dla-solidarnosci, 7375.html

http://suwerennosc.blogspot. com/2014/12/irena-lasota-o- dziaalnosci-jerzego.html

W czasie spotkania z dr Cenckiewiczem z okazji wydania ksi膮偶ki “Wa艂臋sa – cz艂owiek z teczki” odby艂a si臋 ciekawa dyskusja, w kt贸rej m.in. wzi膮艂 udzia艂 red. Wyszkowski:

聽Odpowiadaj膮c na pytania publiczno艣ci prelegenci poruszyli kilka ciekawych kwestii. Wyszkowski stwierdzi艂, 偶e Amerykanie do dostarczenia pieni臋dzy Solidarno艣ci w stanie wojennym wykorzystali siatk臋 agenturaln膮 Mossadu w Solidarno艣ci. Spowodowa艂o to, 偶e pieni膮dze dociera艂y g艂贸wnie do 偶ydowskiej frakcji opozycji.聽 聽


Na tym miejscu warto przypomnie膰, 偶e klika lat temu w naszym nowojorskim polonijnym klubie dyskusyjnym聽 rozwa偶ali艣my kwesti臋 wykorzystania聽 siatki wywiadowczej Mossadu w Polsce przez ameryka艅skie s艂u偶by specjalne聽 po obj臋ciu w艂adzy przez prezydenta Reagana聽聽 przy okazji omawiania聽 ksi膮偶ki Gordona Thomasa pt.Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad.

Intryguj膮c膮 postaci膮, kt贸ra by艂a zamieszana w sprawy przekazywania ameryka艅skich funduszy dla Solidarno艣ci by艂 znany rosyjski mafiozo 偶ydowskiego pochodzenia SiemionMogilewicz.聽O jego olbrzymich wp艂ywach zar贸wno w USA jak i w Rosji w ramachmi臋dzynarodowej sieci mafijnej tzw. Kosher-Nostra mo偶na przeczyta膰 w artykule dr Raphaela Johnsonapt. 鈥淩osyjsko-偶ydowska mafia鈥 http://www.prawica.net/5321

http://wrzodakz.neon24.pl/ post/101838,mossad-w- solidarnosci

https://piotrbein.wordpress. com/2010/09/13/kto-przejal- pieniadze-przeznaczone-dla- solidarnosci-przez-rzad-usa/

http://www. polskapartianarodowa.org/ index.php?option=com_content& task=view&id=532&Itemid=69

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=PjI_TTeDPwU

Sierotki po KOR-ze

Kuro艅, Michnik, Lity艅ski i Celi艅ski czy Macierewicz, Naimski i Romaszewski? Kto mo偶e si臋 uwa偶a膰 za spadkobierc臋 i kontynuatora KOR-u? Na oczach Polak贸w toczy si臋 sp贸r o sched臋 po rzeczonej organizacji. Byli cz艂onkowie i dzia艂acze Komitetu odrzucili zaproszenie Prezydenta na obchody 40-lecia tej organizacji.

W艣r贸d protestuj膮cych licznie reprezentowane s膮 osoby zaanga偶owane w dzia艂alno艣膰 KOD-u. Konflikt poza wymiarem bie偶膮cym ma jednak tak偶e pod艂o偶e historyczne. Byli cz艂onkowie KOR-u spieraj膮 si臋 o to, czym by艂a tworzona przez nich organizacja. 艢rodowiskiem lewicy laickiej wsp贸艂tworzonym przez by艂ych partyjnych dysydent贸w, czy mo偶e jednak formacj膮 niepodleg艂o艣ciow膮? M贸wi膮c obrazowo, czy wa偶niejszy by艂 Trocki, czy Pi艂sudski? Rz膮dz膮ca dzi艣 Polsk膮 partia opowiada si臋 jednoznacznie za drug膮 z interpretacji, umiej臋tnie maskuj膮c dawny radykalizm swoich obecnych lider贸w i ich niegdysiejsz膮 fascynacj臋 Che Guevar膮.

Ca艂a sytuacja przypomina nieco przedwojenne spory w 艂onie KPP, gdzie z sekciarsk膮 zaciek艂o艣ci膮 frakcje toczy艂y bratob贸jcze walki. Przerwa艂 je dopiero Stalin, likwiduj膮c ca艂膮 KPP. W Polsce za艣 tradycja KOR-u kwitnie w najlepsze, polityk臋 zdominowali za艣 od 膰wier膰wiecza jego byli dzia艂acze, spo艂ecze艅stwo za艣 przekonywane jest o zbawczej dla Polski roli powo艂anej w 1976 roku organizacji.

Walka KOD-u o sched臋 po KOR jest poniek膮d zrozumia艂a, czemu jednak formacja, kt贸ra mieni si臋 by膰 katolick膮 i narodow膮, toczy sp贸r o spu艣cizn臋 po 艣rodowisku niemal jawnie trockistowskim, w dodatku o maso艅skich afiliacjach? Odpowied藕 odnajdujemy w jednej z prac 鈥瀦 epoki鈥. W ksi膮偶ce z 1983 roku zatytu艂owanej聽鈥濭eografia opozycji politycznej w Polsce w latach 1976-1981鈥 autorstwa J贸zefa Kosseckiego聽czytamy: 鈥…dzia艂acze, zwi膮zani z KOR i innymi sprzymierzonymi z nim organizacjami, uwa偶ali, 偶e otwarte wyst臋powanie pod trockistowskimi sztandarami i has艂ami mo偶e odstraszy膰 wielu zwolennik贸w 鈥 przede wszystkim tych o nastawieniu prawicowym, katolickim i narodowym, kt贸rzy mog膮 odnie艣膰 si臋 do trockizmu niech臋tnie, a nawet wrogo. Zamiast wi臋c portret贸w Trockiego i emblemat贸w IV Mi臋dzynarod贸wki wieszali w lokalach 芦Solidarno艣ci禄 emblematy katolicko-narodowe. Ale, oczywi艣cie, dekoracje te nie przeszkodzi艂y im czerpa膰 wielu hase艂 z repertuaru IV Mi臋dzynarod贸wki, nie podaj膮c 藕r贸d艂a swego 芦natchnienia禄鈥. Prosto i na temat, czy aby czego艣 to Pa艅stwu nie przypomina?

Maciej Motas


Lech Wa艂臋sa czyli najwi臋ksze k艂amstwo sierpniowej rewolucji

https://naszapolska.wordpress. com/2016/05/01/jak-doszlo-do- sierpniowego-strajku-czyli- oddzielmy-prawde-od-klamstwa- 1/?iframe=true&theme_preview= true

Drodzy Przyjaciele

Dzisiaj przesy艂am Wam link do fascynuj膮cego wywiadu mojego obecnego聽聽Przyjaciela , by艂ego cz艂onka Biura politycznego KC PZPR,聽聽pisarza i patrioty聽聽Albina Siwaka.

Wywiad trwa 90 minut czyli 1,5 godziny wi臋c wymaga przygotowania si臋 do jego obejrzenia. Po wst臋pnych wzmiankach osobistych i biograficznych Albin Siwak ustosunkowuje si臋 do aktualnych zmian politycznych i to jest fascynuj膮ce, bo m贸wi w wywa偶ony spos贸b prawd臋, nie zwa偶aj膮c na poprawno艣膰 polityczn膮.

Trzeba przyzna膰 偶e m艂ody redaktor Piotr Korczanowski聽聽zadaje m膮dre i sprytne pytania przez co wywiad staje si臋 bardziej barwny. Wywiad ten mia艂 dramatyczne momenty w publikacji na YOUTUBE po jego publikacji i obejrzeniu przez 25 internat贸w licznik ogl膮dani zosta艂 zatrzymany a po interwencji kogo艣 wa偶nego z Polski zdj臋to wywiad z publikacji na YOUTUBE.

Cale szcz臋艣cie 偶e Polonia ameryka艅ska ,kt贸ra finansowa艂a to nagranie i Jan Kobyla艅ski, wielki Patriota z Urugwaju interweniowali w ambasadzie polskiej w Waszyngtonie.

Interwencja ta okaza艂a si臋 skuteczna i film odblokowano i ma po kilkunastu godzinach dost臋pno艣ci prawie 2000 ods艂on i blisko 100 komentarzy.

Tytu艂 鈥淒ok膮d zmierzamy (16) Albin Siwak聽鈥溌犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅犅https:// youtu.be/7v-5rZoFJ5g聽聽

Komendant Polskich Dru偶yn Strzeleckich聽聽Jan G. Grudniewski聽聽prug@onet.pl

Brak has艂a hasbara w Wiki — nie dajcie si臋 dzieli膰 prowokatorom

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Liga 艢wiata
Liga 艢wiata: Hasbara – Nie dajcie si臋 dzieli膰 prowokatorom bez imienia, nazwiska i twarzy !
Hasbara w polskim internecie. Definicja, metody, organizacja (wikipedia).
Poniewa偶 w polskiej wersji wikipedii brak has艂a hasbara, pora zape艂ni膰 t膮 luk臋 informacyjn膮. Zawarto艣膰 angloj臋zycznej wikipedii niestety rozczarowuje.
Z tego powodu, aby pe艂niej przybli偶y膰 polskiemu czytelnikowi zjawisko, definicja zostanie uzupe艂niona kilkoma wyst臋puj膮cymi w polskim internecie artyku艂ami 鈥 oraz uwagami autora.
Polska przestrze艅 informacyjna od dawna jest atakowana przez najr贸偶niejsze odmiany propagator贸w interes贸w Izraela i diaspory 偶ydowskiej. Przejawami aktywno艣ci propagandowej s膮 takie sprawy jak medialna otoczka zbrodni w Jedwabnem, rozmaite akcje promuj膮ce multikulturalizm, w szczeg贸lno艣ci 鈥 co oczywiste 鈥 kultur臋 偶ydowsk膮. Te zjawiska nie narastaj膮 skokowo, ale Polska w roku 2012 r贸偶ni si臋 uderzaj膮co pod tym wzgl臋dem od Polski z 1992 r. Niekt贸re akcje antypolskie przybieraj膮 bardzo szokuj膮ce formy, jak np. to, co robi艂a Y. Bartana we wsp贸艂pracy z 鈥淜rytyk膮 polityczn膮鈥. Nie jeste艣my w stanie ustali膰, jaka cz臋艣膰 obserwowanej aktywno艣ci medialnej 艣rodowisk 偶ydowskich jest zarz膮dzana z zewn膮trz, a jaka jest zwyk艂膮, spontaniczn膮 dzia艂alno艣ci膮, kt贸ra by istnia艂a bez o艣rodk贸w koordynuj膮cych r贸偶ne akcje. Wiele z tych akcji nie wyczerpuje definicji hasbary, bo te偶 w Polsce dzia艂ania 艣rodowisk 偶ydowskich mog膮 mie膰 cele inne ni偶 w pozosta艂ych krajach 艣wiata, cho膰by ze wzgl臋du na kwesti臋 restytucji mienia 偶ydowskiego.
Hasbara w polskim internecie ma wiele twarzy. W swojej karierze zetkn膮艂em si臋 z kilkoma typami 鈥渉asbaryt贸w鈥:
1. Mi艂y 鈥渨yja艣niacz鈥, wie, 偶e jest bardzo m膮dry i ma olbrzymi膮 wiedz臋, wi臋c ch臋tnie o艣wieci tego g艂uptaska, kt贸ry b艂膮dzi 鈥 przyk艂ad takiego dzia艂ania mo偶na zobaczy膰 tu. Dowiemy si臋 np. 偶e ca艂膮 ziemi臋 od Arab贸w 偶ydowscy osadnicy kupili, za艣 odkupione uczciwie pustynie zamienili w kwitn膮cy raj (jak by艂o naprawd臋 mo偶na przeczyta膰 鈥 niestety nie w polskiej wikipedii).
2. Bardzo agresywny 鈥渙bwiniacz鈥 鈥 ma pewn膮 wyrywkow膮 wiedz臋 historyczn膮, agresywnym wypominaniem przewin Polak贸w w czasie okupacji dokonuje dw贸ch rzeczy 鈥 zamienia temat dyskusji z obrony Izraela na obron臋 Polak贸w i pr贸buje wywo艂a膰 w Polakach poczucie winy (ten sam chwyt, co w przypadku Jedwabnego). Osoby pozbawione wiedzy historycznej, pozwalaj膮cej obroni膰 si臋 przed takimi zarzutami najprawdopodobniej ulegn膮 opisanej argumentacji. Przyk艂ad u偶ycia tego typu chwyt贸w: tutaj.
3. Rzecznik pojednania. Osoba tego typu stara si臋 przedstawia膰 wybi贸rczo epizody w historii Polski, kiedy jaka艣 grupka 呕yd贸w dzia艂a艂a w interesie narodu polskiego (ignoruj膮c zupe艂nie liczebno艣膰 tej frakcji i dzia艂alno艣膰 znacznie wi臋kszych frakcji 呕yd贸w wcze艣niej b膮d藕 p贸藕niej). Przyk艂ad tutaj (UWAGA: blog palmer.eldritch.1984 na Salon24 zosta艂 ocenzurowany, wypowiedzi z tego konta s膮 niewidoczne, dlatego 鈥渄ialog鈥 wygl膮da dziwacznie).
Oczywi艣cie tak, jak wiele jest metod oddzia艂ywania socjotechnicznego, jak wiele jest typ贸w agentury, tak wiele jest mo偶liwych typ贸w agent贸w. Agentura hasbarska i mossadowska w polskim internecie nie zajmuje si臋 wy艂膮cznie kwestiami antysemicko 鈥 antyizraelskimi. Mo偶e zajmowa膰 si臋 sianiem zam臋tu i uniemo偶liwianiem dyskusji na 鈥渄ra偶liwe鈥 tematy- poprzez za艣miecanie w膮tku i pr贸by zmiany tematu (przyk艂ad, wi臋cej o metodach). Mo偶e si臋 zajmowa膰 propagowaniem powszechnie znanych fakt贸w o zabarwieniu patriotycznym i narodowym, po to tylko by si臋 uwiarygodni膰 鈥 i realizowa膰 swoj膮 w艂a艣ciw膮 dzia艂alno艣膰, np. promowanie zab贸jczych dla narodu polskiego ideologii ekonomicznych. Mo偶e tworzy膰 portale, fora i platformy blogerskie 鈥 zar贸wno te niszowe, jak i te mocno popularyzowane w mediach. To, jak sytuacja ma si臋 w rzeczywisto艣ci w przypadku danego miejsca w sieci 鈥 niestety ka偶dy musi oceni膰 sam, opieraj膮c si臋 na analizie efekt贸w (i potencjalnych efekt贸w) dzia艂a艅.
Pisz膮c o hasbarze i technikach stosowanych przez ni膮 nie spos贸b zapomnie膰 o jednej, wyr贸偶niaj膮cej j膮 w艂a艣ciwo艣ci. Hasbara, jako jedyna organizacja og贸lnonarodowa zajmuj膮ca si臋 propagand膮 posiada dedykowany komunikator internetowy: Megaphone desktop tool. Mo偶na powiedzie膰 鈥 i c贸偶 z tego, Polacy maj膮 Gadu-Gadu i Tlen. Mog膮 zawsze wykorzysta膰 dedykowany kana艂 IRC. Owszem. Ale Polacy nie maj膮 komunikatora dedykowanego wy艂膮cznie potrzebom walki propagandowej o dobre imi臋 Polski. Polacy nie opracowuj膮 w艂asnych strategii polemik, nie wypracowuj膮 gotowych szablon贸w argumentacji, odpowiedzi gotowych do wklejenia. Polacy nie interesuj膮 si臋 w og贸le problemami 鈥減olskich oboz贸w koncentracyjnych鈥, szczeg贸lnie 鈥 poza polskoj臋zycznym internetem (nie wymagajmy zreszt膮 zbyt wiele), nie obchodzi ich, kto tak naprawd臋 odpowiada za zbrodnie w Jedwabnem i wielu innych miasteczkach kres贸w. Nie skrzykuj膮 si臋, kiedy s膮 pomawiani tak jak tu. I jeszcze przez dziesi臋ciolecia nie b臋d膮 鈥 o ile w og贸le kiedykolwiek b臋d膮. Na razie 鈥 na ka偶dym forum 偶r膮 si臋 mi臋dzy sob膮. I to nie wy艂膮cznie dlatego, 偶e s膮 narodem k艂贸tliwym. Po prostu kr膮偶膮 mi臋dzy nimi Erynie.
Hasbara: 呕ydzi przejmuj膮 kontrol臋 nad internetem!
Uwaga, uwaga. Blogerzy na us艂ugach Izraela s膮 w艣r贸d nas. Ca艂kiem powa偶nie i formalnie zwerbowani przez izraelskie Ministerstwo Integracji Imigrant贸w. Chodzi o s艂ynn膮 ju偶 a tajemnicz膮 鈥瀐asbar臋鈥. B贸jcie si臋 bardzo.
Jak donosi telawiwski dziennik 鈥瀁ediot Ahronot鈥 (ale nie Aharonot, jak podaje 鈥濸olityka鈥, kt贸ra te偶 o tym pisze) w艂adze pozyska艂y ponad tysi膮c bloger贸w spoza Izraela, kt贸rzy na rozmaitych forach internetowych maj膮 przekonywa膰 osoby krytykuj膮ce polityk臋 Izraela do izraelskich racji.
Blogerzy ci nale偶膮 albo do 偶ydowskiej diaspory w poszczeg贸lnych krajach Europy, albo s膮 艣wie偶ymi imigrantami z tych kraj贸w w Izraelu. Najwi臋kszy nacisk po艂o偶ono na Internet rosyjskoj臋zyczny, kt贸ry ma patrolowa膰 a偶 350 os贸b. Forami anglofo艅skimi opiekuje si臋 250 鈥瀉gent贸w鈥, hiszpa艅skoj臋zycznymi – 150. Dodatkowo 100 os贸b Izrael rzuca na front francuski, a 50 – na niemiecki.
O wiele mniej agent贸w Izraela b臋dzie si臋 鈥瀘piekowa艂o鈥 internautami w Holandii, Szwecji, Portugalii, Grecji – oraz, rzecz prosta, w Polsce. Wizerunek Izraela maj膮 poprawia膰 za pomoc膮 informacji i argument贸w, kt贸rych dostarczy im izraelski MSZ.
Obecna akcja to drugi etap szeroko zakrojonej operacji, o kt贸rej nasza ulubiona 偶ydowska gazeta 鈥濰a’aretz鈥 napisa艂a 19 stycznia. Pozyskano wtedy oko艂o miliona internaut贸w, bieg艂ych w rozmaitych j臋zykach, kt贸rzy zgodzili si臋 walczy膰 ochotniczo za pa艅stwo 偶ydowskie w cyberprzestrzeni. Informacj臋 t臋 poda艂a Erez Halfron, dyrektor generalna Ministerstwa Intergracji, kt贸ra na 艂amach 鈥濲erusalem Post鈥 wystosowa艂a apel nast臋puj膮cy:
Wzywam wszystkich nowych imigrant贸w w szeregi izraelskiej hasbary, by wsparli popraw臋 wizerunku kraju na 艣wiecie.
Wytyczne by艂y proste. Ministerstwo kierowa艂o owych ochotnik贸w do 鈥瀙roblematycznych鈥 witryn, na kt贸rych pr贸bowali 鈥瀢alczy膰 z antysyjonizmem鈥 poprzez skupienie uwagi internaut贸w na 鈥瀙rawie Izraela do obrony przed terroryzmem鈥. (Mi艂o nam zawiadomi膰, 偶e r贸wnie偶 Pardon zosta艂 chyba uznany przez departament informacji ministerstwa za portal 鈥瀙roblematyczny鈥.
Dla przyk艂adu: jeden z naszych tekst贸w szeroko i agresywnie komentowali w j臋zyku angielskim internauci z Jerozolimy i Tel Awiwu. Wtedy zastanawia艂am si臋, sk膮d ich przywia艂o. Teraz sprawa si臋 wyja艣ni艂a. Hasbara.
Hasbara (hebr. wyja艣nienie), czyli dyplomacja publiczna, to szerokie pospolite ruszenie, skupiaj膮ce wiele organizacji walcz膮cych na 艣wiecie o dobre imi臋 Izraela. Sta艂a si臋 g艂o艣na r贸wnie偶 w polskim Internecie jako element odwiecznego 偶ydowskiego spisku. Jednak stanowi po prostu jeden z program贸w, kt贸re realizuje rz膮d Izraela. Eli Aflalo, minister ds. integracji imigrant贸w:
W ostatnich latach ministerstwo zainwestowa艂o sporo 艣rodk贸w w rozw贸j dzia艂alno艣ci w cyberprzestrzeni, rozumiej膮c 偶e Internet jest kluczem do przysz艂o艣ci. Postanowili艣my odpowiedzie膰 na wyzwanie i spr贸bowa膰 stworzy膰 zas贸b komentator贸w, kt贸rzy w r贸偶nych j臋zykach b臋d膮 w stanie polepszy膰 PR Izraela w przestrzeni wirtualnej i odpowiedzie膰 siej膮cym nienawi艣膰 wrogom Izraela.
S艂owem, jedno przynajmniej jest pewne: hasbara nie jest 偶adnym spiskiem, tylko jawnym ruchem propagandowym. Nie chodzi o tajn膮 grup臋, kt贸ra w Polsce 鈥瀖anipuluje manipulatorami鈥 w mediach, ze szczeg贸lnym naciskiem na 鈥濿yborcz膮鈥 i TVN. Ale 偶e 鈥瀞pontaniczne鈥 reakcje obro艅c贸w polityki Izraela mog膮 by膰 zaplanowane w izraelskim MSZ – to rzeczywi艣cie sprawa zabawna.
Spisku wi臋c nie ma – jest za to co艣 na kszta艂t manipulacji. Ale je艣li kto艣 manipulacje lubi, mo偶e si臋 wr臋cz do hasbary zapisa膰: media@moia.gov.il. Trzeba poda膰 imi臋, nazwisko, telefon, e-mail oraz j臋zyki, kt贸rymi si臋 w艂ada. I cierpliwie czeka膰 na Mossad.
Nie dajcie si臋 dzieli膰 prowokatorom bez imienia, nazwiska i twarzy !


鈥濺ussia winning!” 鈥 Kiev junta panics

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Scandalous Poll: 84% of Ukrainians want Putin as their president 鈥 Fort Russ

http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/ 11/scandalous-poll-84-of- ukrainians-want.html

One Step Closer to Liberation: 鈥濸ro-Russian鈥 Presidents win in Bulgaria and Moldova 鈥 Fort Russ

http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/ 11/one-step-closer-to- liberation-pro.html

鈥濺ussia winning!禄 鈥 panic in Rada: Ukraine to be after Moldova and Bulgaria | Donbass International News Agency

https://dninews.com/article/ russia-winning禄-panic-rada- ukraine-be-after-moldova-and- bulgaria

KIEV IN PANIC: Tymoshenko declares Third Maidan, emergency govt committee prepares martial law 鈥 Fort Russ

http://www.fort-russ.com/2016/ 11/kiev-in-panic-tymoshenko- declares-third.html


RRRailways — My adventure with lemmings on Railroad-Line.com / Bein walczy ze zjudaizowanym ameryka艅stfem

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I spoke up in the following discussion. The admin has deliberately deleted my objection to an introductory statement on Remembrance Day that was idiotic, belied and glaringly polititical. The latter is supposedly banned on that website LOL.

Deleted were also my riposts to insinuations in the style: What uniform did you serve in?

I have shown that the needless military losses of the USA, honoured in Remembrance Day, have not benefited Americans but聽 the聽 banksters who have been behind most of the revolutions and wars for centuries. I documented my statement with first-class scientific research.

My logging is impossible ever since…


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Happy Veterans day’ to RRL Forum members, that have worn the uniform of the United States Armed Forces:

Lest we forget our fallen brothers and sisters that have made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation in times of conflict against her’.



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And I guess we’ll recognize the Navy vets, too 馃檪

dave (Army/Army Reserve/Army National Guard, 1978-1998)

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Good call!

Vietnam ’66-’67

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A big thanks to our Veterans who have made this the greatest country to live in.

A moment of silence for those that gave their life for this country.

May the new administration take better care of you and your families that have given so much.


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A sukutento you all!

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Originally posted by deemery

And I guess we’ll recognize the Navy vets, too 馃檪

dave (Army/Army Reserve/Army National Guard, 1978-1998)

The GKs running around making lots of noise, etc. while I was typing. My bad, I apologize to all the sailors’..GO NAVY’


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My respect and admiration goes to all those who have or currently wear the uniform! Thank you for your service and dedication to providing and protecting the freedoms that we enjoy.

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QuarterGauger48 retaliated to the Admin (I wonder how he phrased his complaint LOL) for lack of argument and my fending off his uncivilized remarks on another thread of mine:


Piotr Bein
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Recently, I’ve been scavenging houses slated for demolition, searching for wood and equipment I need to arrange a winter workshop in my basement:
The waste and destruction preceding demolitions is incredible. Anyone wants to model that? – siding etc. stripped here and there, not too expertly, with a lot of waste hanging from the walls and strewn around, mixed with clothing, toys, bedding, furniture, lumber being salvaged…
– inside, like after Armageddon: glass smashed, gyproc holed many, appliances, kitchen cabinets, furniture taken out or on the floor. In some rooms clothing piled 3 ft. high, mixed with moldings, dishes, pots, cups, books, broken glass, video tapes and cd’s.
Inside and out, cables hanging down, cans of paint and household chemicals… If it was a lived-in house, authorities would condemn it just for that, but the rest is far more shocking.

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Like this?

Download Attachment: 193.JPG


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Piotr Bein
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Peter, the pic shows the demolition stage (structure seriously damaged, backhoe working).
I’m talking of pre-demolitiuon stage, wining because there is much good stuff wasted inside, incl. family photos — very sad picture… .

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Sounds rather creepy.

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I for one am not interested in this type of modeling.

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Piotr Bein
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Originally posted by BurleyJim

Sounds rather creepy.

Jim, modellers can do all kinds of stuff 馃檪
Life is not rosy, signs of it on my garden layout for educating children:
– nuclear power plant with nuclear operational leaks and disposal problems
– synagogue of Anti-Christ 666
– PlastiCity w. exclusively plastic models
– tortoise endangered by nuclear power plant
– reclaimed bog that have been damaged in ‘development’ zest
– gov’t BlackOp building, heavily guarded and armed
– eco-dairy farm as opposed to GMO fed cows imprisoned inside for life
– dynamite storage in a mine broken into by gov’t terror agenta to blame on innocent miners.
And you guys, what’s your goal in modelling?
On top of it, Admin forbids “political” discussions….
Everything has been politicized… It’s modellers’ duty to faithfully represent the reality.
If not, I am out of here.

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Sounding even creepier.

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Engine Wiper

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Piotr Bein
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Who said it can’t be creepy? The havoc isn’t easy to produce in reality, never mind nano-scales 馃檪
QG48, it wasn’t a personal invitation… :)))

Quartergauger48 showed his social maladjustment earlier, on my above thread about building the basement workshop. That assholish comment has been deleted recently, to cover up his聽 motives. He wrote more or less why I write at length instead of showing pics… followed by emoticons typical for this inarticulate moron :))) I replied that a pic is not worth 100 words, for pics can easily lie and hardly are able to tell the whole story, which I like in my writing and look for in my reading. To this, he responded privately that he used bold font (I objected to his “shouting”) because he can’t see normal font that clearly. Fine, I replied, I have a vice against photography (gave a few reasons from my personal history)聽 and rely on my wife’s camera and expertise, but since she has fibromyalgia, it’s not instant as I would like. I thought moron smartened up… in vane: he came up with ugly emoticons in my challenge to model a house wrecked (by whacos like QuarteGauger48? LOL) prior to demolition.

Being an unimportant subject, I left it unanswered. In retrospect, I should have complained to the Admin and taken my toys to another website, of which there is no shortage.

Seeing the Remembrance Day BS, I instinctively reacted to the lie, only at the end noticing that the author was聽 … the same QuarterGauger48 LOL

Other lemmings must have rejoiced, too. On a thread on current projects, I criticized constructively the overpricing and other aspects of a brewery model show-cased by Carl. Here I join the discussion:

http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=48011&whichpage=7 Go to Top of Page
Piotr Bein
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I’ll put a stick into the anthill…
If the kit price is indeed $175 — where is the beef?
Dowels most everyone can cut off drape rods.
Windows/doors, barrels, crates etc. are provided on a golden tray, what’s the challenge then — painting? DIY shipping crates, every modeller should have in a bulk bin…
Figurines are most precious with any model, but none provided in the kit if I understood.
Every modeller can cut scale lumber …or get coffee mixing sticks from his neighbourhood coffee shop :)))
Just because it’s a kit, does not mean it’s correct, for example: under the tanks, bracing missing perpendicular to the plane of manufacturer’s photo, and not adequate in the other direction. I hope you will add on your version, Carl.
I could see sense a kit for a complicated building form, but this one is two simple pitch roof buildings connected with two simple pitch roof sheds.
$17.50 perhaps, but not ten times that!

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Frank Palmer

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Originally posted by Piotr Bein

I could see sense a kit for a complicated building form, . . . . .

Please make sense of the above phrase. Otherwise you lost me.

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Crew Chief

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The build is looking good. I’m a little late in saying so but I also like the wall lamps.

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Carl B

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Rich- Thanks, I’m sure you could scratch a similar version easily.

Dave, Thank you.

Piotr-Welcome to the thread.
You make some logical points about scratching your own details, lack of challenges, non-prototypical framing, a simple design, and the retail price.

From your posts I see you are a 1:24 scale garden layout modeler.

The hobby in all its forms is just that, a hobby. I share what I do in my threads for other modelers entertainment and informational value, and to constructively give back to the community that showed me beforehand.

In my view:
Some may have large layouts, some may have no layout at all.
Some may spend minimal dollars, some may have ample resources.
Some may be retired, some may be working full time.
Some may be healthy, some may have impairments.
Some may want kits, some may scratch everything.

In the hobby, as in life, I believe we do what we can, when and how we can, given our set of circumstances.

Hope you understand.


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Piotr, Just the stripwood and casting used in this kit would cost you over $100.00 in HO if you where to scratch build it. The Kit MFG should get something for his time and effort.
It’s Only Make Believe

Bob Harris

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Originally posted by Carl B

Piotr-Welcome to the thread.
You make some logical points about scratching your own details, lack of challenges, non-prototypical framing, a simple design, and the retail price.

From your posts I see you are a 1:24 scale garden layout modeler.

The hobby in all its forms is just that, a hobby. I share what I do in my threads for other modelers entertainment and informational value, and to constructively give back to the community that showed me beforehand.

In my view:
Some may have large layouts, some may have no layout at all.
Some may spend minimal dollars, some may have ample resources.
Some may be retired, some may be working full time.
Some may be healthy, some may have impairments.
Some may want kits, some may scratch everything.

In the hobby, as in life, I believe we do what we can, when and how we can, given our set of circumstances.

Hope you understand.

Carl, great answer!
I think your new president elect could use your linguistic skills!


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Carl, your lights are a very nice simple design. I think we will be seeing lots of them in the near future…Beer tanks are right on…

I agree with your comments’, Well said’..


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Nice weathering and color Carl! Super nice job!


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Piotr Bein
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A typo of course, should be “sense in a kit”.
My eyes got bad, I am typing by feel, sorry.

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Piotr Bein
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Barrels: I make from metal wine lids; small ones for 1:48 are available on smaller bottles, e.g. those served on-board airlines. Go to a bottle return, in the garbage bin are tens of lids every time I go there. I even build chairs from them: cut the lid wall 2 places, bend up and that’s the back support…
Crates are easily scratch-built even in 1:48, as I said.
For wall boards I would cut coffee sticks in half. Carl used own lumber for the tanks anyway.
Roofing: hand split cedar shakes or metal roof made of alu trays (already weathered and colored :))
I wonder why more people don’t do it this way even in 1:48. Had my sight been better I would do the same in smaller scale that I now do in 1:24.

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Piotr Bein
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Carl, you are free to do what you please, but these are excuses, a reliance on commercial products that dulls our minds down (e.g. inadequate bracing uns=der the tanks).
No matter what you show could be an example for others to follow — show the best and most affordable then.
I never understood, as a child and later as a professional engineer, why spend more than required.
If you come up with ingenious ideas like the lamps, surely you can do better than suck people into spending.

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Piotr Bein
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Railman: no, it would not cost over $100. Consider alternative sourcing for scratch materials (for 1:24, similar for 1:48):
For the money saved, I would invest in:
– figurines,
– stock that I can hardly make (e.g. stair stringers),
– small machine to cut/mill scale lumber…

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Piotr Bein
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Also, Carl and others, we have responsibility for keeping the hobby going given the aging of modeller community.
I repeatedly see at model shows and fairs that the public is not prepared to spend that kind of money (the effort required is discouraging enough).
Young people’s disposable budgets are smaller than the elderly modellers.
All discounted/second-hand wares in good condition (or in need of minor repairs) sell fast at the fairs… not the new kits and rolling stock.

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Piotr Bein
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Carl, how are you going to close the tank bands?

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Carl B

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Agreed Bob, and thank you Greg, Ted and Philip!

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Crew Chief

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Your reply to Piotr was a thoughtful and realistic reply to the way we all approach this hobby. Scratch building or kit building is an art whichever way one choses to go. I love to see both on this forum just for the experience of learning how others approach the hobby.
Thank you for sharing your methods.

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Originally posted by Piotr Bein

Railman: no, it would not cost over $100. Consider alternative sourcing for scratch materials (for 1:24, similar for 1:48):
For the money saved, I would invest in:
– figurines,
– stock that I can hardly make (e.g. stair stringers),
– small machine to cut/mill scale lumber…

I do a lot of scratchbuilding, and buy my stripwood from Northeastern or Mt. Albert. I probably spend $60 or $70 a year on this material, stocking up as needed. I get many models built with plenty of material to spare (I also buy some stripwood at the narrow gauge conventions in bulk for $5 a bundle, but these are sometimes off cuts the company cannot sell as prime stock, but still quite useable). I also bought a Byrnes table saw and thickness sander for about $900, plus some extra blades and paper. To be honest I hardly use them, for model railroading, at least. (I originally bought it to make thicker lumber for building ships). Actually, without a splitter for the saw, it has a very bad kickback and can be dangerous, same for the sander, as you have to feed it through by hand, it will spit it back at you if your not careful, destroying the stripwood in the process, so for very small stripwood, I buy mine, around 1/16 and bigger, I can make my own if needed, but it is still a lot of work, as you’ll also need a band saw to cut wood closer to size or a larger table saw to do the same. Being a Woodworker, I also have these machines, and you end up wasting a lot of wood, making more sawdust than actual stripwood. It may be cheaper in the long run, but the work, dust, clean-up etc., for me… not worth it.

I only say all this because everyone does exactly what he or she wants to do or is capable of doing. In this case, yes, I have the machines and am quite capable of making my own stripwood, but I prefer to buy it pre-made. I also had to say this because I feel you are jumping in and trying to convince people that they need to stop what their doing and to make their own, and I am sure that has crossed their minds as it has mine many a time, but we prefer (I hope I speak for others as well) to do it the way we have been for years or decades. We are comfortable doing it that way, and know that the wood we buy is of the size we need, and is readily available, and we can spend out time making models instead of slogging away cutting stripwood buy the box full, and using a pair of calipers or micrometer to measure every piece along it’s length to ensure the accuracy of each one, then sorting them all out into individual bags or bundles.

Sorry I went on, and I hope not to offend anyone, but I just had to say it.

And Carl, your model is looking great. I’m eager to see it to the finish.

Tony Burgess
Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.~ Brian Greene

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Frank Palmer

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Originally posted by Carl B

Agreed Bob, and thank you Greg, Ted and Philip!

Great answer.

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Carl B

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Dave- You’re welcome and thanks.

RDA- I ?? (not sure of your post here…)

Tony- Appreciate your input. You make some excellent points. And thank you.

Frank- I try.


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At this point the Admin cut me off in logging in, I tried repeatedly w/o success, they did not even bother notifying me… I’ve saved the comment that did not go thru yesterday. Here it is, followed by replies to my previous points:


“I hope not to offend anyone” — actually I FEEL you offended my intelligence LOL
Thanx for confirming that the kit is overpriced. Anybody can see it:
– set of 200 windows, doors etc. details $20-30:
– pewter castings of barrels, crates $0.50 each, or less:
Carl has the right to feature the kit to the public, I have the right to criticize and suggest less expensive solutions.

Did I suggest modellers should mill their stripwood? I mill only when and where it makes sense. I would not even try milling for HO scale. My expense (in 1:24) on stripwood and scale lumber is below $10/yr:

– a few bags of coffee sticks ($1 each at dollar stores),
– discounted cedar that I rip on a $200 table saw down to 1/2, 1/4 inch and thinner when required.

I’m sorry about your experience w. the mini saw. Obviously, one can do w/o it: buy scale lumber in bulk. Why not use scissors for cross-cutting? Mitre cutting is unnecessary:
– upper ends of cladding are covered with facer boards
– see photo of tank platform, provided in the kit.
The platform needs re-design, as I said, due to inadequate bracing. Do it before next New Zealand quake 馃槮
Caliper and mini square? Most structures in the subject style reflect sloppiness, tooth of time… actually they look better this way. Carl on purpose leaves the upper ends of tank planking聽 jugged, which adds to the overall appearance.

“I feel you are jumping in and trying to convince people that they need to stop what their doing” — Do I? How so? I explained what I mean and why… and that we also have a responsibility before the audience.

Topic exhausted (discussants too), let’s see what the sect 馃檪 thinks about the bracing under tanks.

Dave (Guff): I am for using golden strips, as long as you don’t recommend it to the public LOL

Carl: Barrels would be grouped by type of beer, empties, damaged…, similar with sacks and crates (what’s inside the latter?). You did not answer re closing bands on the tanks.

Section Hand

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I take your point about cost of materials vis the cost of a box kit. However, I value my time at something and thus don’t “dumpster dive” except for scrap lumber or foam construction materials which I get for the asking at construction sites.

Another point, if you really want hard-core retro, find some of the 1950s Model Railroader issues, they published many articles under the series name “dollar car” which as the name implied could be made for a dollar or less. Also contained authorial hints on making detail parts otherwise unavailable at the time. Anyone remember using filed and slotted nails for queen posts?

Final point, I think recent kits come with much too much excess “crapola”, AKA detail castings. Note to kit-makers, just supply the structure, I’ll supply my own crapola, I have about a ton and a half from your previous kits in my “excess crapola” bin.


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Carl, I too, see no problem with the supports of the tanks.
It’s Only Make Believe

Bob Harris

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Carl B

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Thanks for your comments RDA and Bob.

FYI to readers:
The Admin has removed Mr. Bein from the forum membership.


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he was a bit much. is it wednesday yet?

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This thread knew before I did! Did they report to the Admin, too? Theoretically I could sue them but have better things to do.

That’s just the first weeks on a supposedly reputable forum, where majority are freedom-loving Americans LOL

Am going somewhere else. Neither my lot nor loss LOLLOLLOL

RRRailways — Gluing

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Following a scandalous ban on Railroad-line.com, I’ve transfrred my contributions there to my own blog.

See my other threads:


Piotr Bein
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Larger scale has its own gluing problems:
– larger mass of items,
– kids handle most everything in hands-on play.
In outside layouts, weather elements and moisture take additional toll. Animals and birds don’t know they cannot look for food under a model that is not fastened to the base… or take natural fibrous roof material for nests :)))
In my case — RRRailways from junk, incl. plastic, ability to bond plastic could determine the success of a project.
After couple of years of playing in my railway empire 馃檪 the biggest problem is still gluing the difficult sort of plastic. I’ve tried a few commercial glues for plastics, but nothing works ideally and eventually the bonds fall apart. Two-part epoxy — ditto.
In the meantime, by trial and error and by testing outside, I found new glues and improved techniques with other materials:
– Ordinary silicone bonds alu to alu and wood quite well, also woood to wood if gooed.
– LePage PL construction glue (ordinary “3x”) holds wood to wood and steel, incl. underwater (1 season so far). PL “8x”is even stronger.
– Silicone for gutters does all of the above plus smooth side of marble etc. to same (I build mini-retaining walls from pieces broken off stone counter-tops; the edge has a beautiful large-crystal texture in which the lines that divide layers are lost.
– Glue for white PVC pipe works for polystyrene, but is cheaper than the finer one for models.
– CrazyGlue and such are a waste of time and money. I did my first crazy gluing on painted surface and the paint peeled off of course… I have neither eyes nor patience to paint around bonds.

Plastic adheres better if roughened and/or punctured with. Silicone goes into the holes, forming “locks”.
But if you can, use a screw or bolt where you can for plastic, without loss of visual quality.
I like wood and it pays off: most of it is free of charge, it bonds well with both PL and silicone glue, ages nicely (no elaborate painting)… but requires protection against moisture from the top and the bottom. Tops — protect with impermeable roofing (cedar, bamboo or alu on silicone), permeable materials (e.g. beach mat, raffia, cork sheet, scrabbing pad) on silicone smeared all over the roof surface.
Bottoms — silicone smeared over the entire contact area, a bit higher up the wall or pedestal for water ponding. Similarly, other wooden objects (signs, advertising) I smear silicone all around.
Please share your gluing experience.

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Following my stealth dismissal from the group, I saved what I wanted to add to the current thread:


After a few weeks of rainy weather, I took down some newer models from the garden for storage inside.

1. Exposed to rain, PL glue does not hold bamboo sticks.
Cause: likely, very dense structure of bamboo material.
Remedy: use silicone for gutters or use wooden sticks instead.

2. Coffee sticks become uneven, stick out at places where there is no glue, which is a benefit (models of sheds, more shoddy appearance) but eventually may cause the boards to fall off.

3. Used for roof cover, plastic grass mat rolls up at its free corners.
Cause for 2 and 3: absence of under-roofing that sheds water well beyond building footprint.
Remedy for 2 and 3: detach mat, provide under-roofing made of impervious material, glue the mat directly to it with silicone.
While fixing no. 3, I will provide multiple layers of “grass” for a thatched roof — a thought I’ve ignored in the hurry of the first attempt.


RRRailways — Scratch’ing figurines

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Following a scandalous ban on Railroad-line.com, I’ve transfrred my contributions there to my own blog.

See my other threads:

Scratch’ing figurines


Piotr Bein
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A plan looks sad w/o people and animals. I spend quite a bit of time hunting for inexpensive figurines at modeller events and in 2nd hand stores. There were decent figurines in the latter couple of years ago, I got lots of animals and some people; now it’s a rarity, if ever.
So I decided to do it myself…. not quite, as I’m no mini-sculptor, engage my grand-daughters :)))
I’ve ordered 馃檪 from them so far:
– chickens, sausages and turkey for my rottisserie
– produce, seafood, steaks and other goodies for my farmer’s market
– complete equipment for a station washroom.
The results are good! The girls work in femo which I then put in the oven to harden. No need to paint! The girls select correct colour of femo (I’m colour-blind), mixing and kneading the dough if needed to change femo’s basic colours.
The masterpiece is a cow laying down. I need about ten more — for some reason commercial figurines don’t come in this, nice position.
As my g-daughter has better things to do :((( I’d like to multiply her cow by casting. Could somebody suggest how to do it? The scale is 1:24.
As I need a total of at least 50 cows for my dairy farm, I would also cast the other cows made of plastic.

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Here is a method from Micro-Mark that is a reusable heat and pour mold material that is quick and easy to use; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUQhrUdgSMc
There are many other better ways of casting, but if you are looking for quick & easy, try this method.
Pacific Northwest Logging in the East Coast

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Micro-Mark also sells RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) rubber for molds and two different
sets of resin (different set up times). I use them all the time.

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Ray Dunakin

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That heat and pour stuff is interesting. I’ll have to give it a try some time.

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Piotr Bein
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RTV is not re-usable? For small quantity one-time casting, heat and pour seems the right choice. Am I correct?
If I made more castings, could we trade?
It’s better to make an animal in non-hardened clay. Then the figurine can be modified for separate molding, so they don’t all look the same.
How do I paint the castings? I am 70, poor eyes. The cow has realistic eyes, my g-daughter made them in femo to scale!
Why not use silicone caulk? I’ve left a damaged tube of silicone unprotected: nice non-sticky rubbery stuff inside.
Bob, I am speechless at your modelling… Why do you make stone walls in styrene when styrofoam is easily sculpted with a dull pencil, and painting is same as for your barn.
I’ve sculpted and am painting (my first attempt):
– several feet of arched railway overpass and two adjoining walls 1.5 storey high under a station,
– stone hut sitting on older stone wall foundation 1 storey high with window openings and stone stairs,
– a blacksmith’s oven.
Covering up joints between styrofoam walls (each wall a separate piece, glued together): I cut out whole stones located along the seam and insert stones cut separately out from the same material.
Louis and Ray: link pls to your photos.
cheers — Piotr

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The stone walls on the barn were not styrene, they were made from balsa foam. I just like it
better than than styrofoam and I had some on hand.
I agree that RTV rubber is not worth it to make one cow, I thought you said 50 cows. However,
whenever I need more than one of a part or model I make a rubber mold. I save them and usually
find use for them later at some other project. They can also be cut up to fill in space in a
future mold.

How about a photo of these cows??



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Piotr Bein
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Will balsa foam withstand the outdoors?

The expense on mold and casting goo and on supplies is high for me, while the result half-way: all cows in one posture and painting required.

A while ago, two g-daughters sat down to make cows for me. One went to sculpting right away in femo. The other gave up after a while, took an example cow I gave them to gauge size, and tried, unsuccessfully, to make a femo mold. I’ll ask her to invent something cheaper than Micro Mark :)))
I will try silicone in a simple project: embed a mosaic of beach-polished glass pieces into a “pane” of silicone — for my styro stone structures. I could pour silicone direcly into the mold of window framing, with glass pieces laying on a smooth material and peel off when hardened. But some pouring precision needed, so I will start from making it separate and attach it to the back of the wall behind the window opening, f.ex. with pins and silicone.

Re 50 cows total in barn and meadows…
European commercial farm, total cow freedom, individual milking (contact with farmer and cow health monitoring)… no GMO fodder… standing, lying down straight and on the side, rising, eating from trough, drinking from fountain, pooing, munching in the meadows, calving, moving around, being milked or scratched by a cow scratcher 馃檪
More cow fun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s794PotiW5A
Who said animals don’t have souls?
I did my research:

It’s to be lift-up-the-roof educational model, if I ever finish it. All dairy farms in the neighbourhood (schol classe excursions), are NWO corporate: GMO fodder only. On milking carousels cows rear-end the milker, pooing GMO diarrhea. They are never let out onto grass acreages surrounding the barns; I drive by often and never see them outside… The only time outside is as calf in little plastic house with 7×7 ft. fenced muddy yard.

I plan to have sand beds and rounded curbs, cow scratchers, free exit to the meadows, automatic fodder mixing from silos, auger feeding, individual milking, veterinary corner and automatic health monitoring, mechanical removal of excrement to underground processing into bio-gas… Calving (more space/cow) and heifers separate (prevention of infections from adult cows)… Ventilation system, controlled window openings…
Adjacent converted old barn:
– the attic: electronics/electrical, solar battery storage and heat exchangers (that floor is finished — from computer circuits, misc. electrical parts, and drink straws)

– ground floor: milking and veterinary, entry from spacious modern barn, entry to lean-on calving room

– 1st floor: cheese factory, milk pumped from ground floor tanks…


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RRRailways — on a budget, sourcing of materials

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Following a scandalous ban on Railroad-line.com, I’ve transfrred my contributions there to my own blog.

See my other threads:

RRR — on a budget, sourcing of materials

Piotr Bein
Section Hand
Posted聽–聽10/20/2016聽:聽 04:43:58 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

I bought several hundred feet of track (G gage, mostly LGB, and Pico, some Chineses, which I lay in shadow areas) at an average price of about C$ 1.50 – 2.50 incl. rail connectors.
Source: modeller fairs, club sales of used materials, ads on the net…
One fellow tried for several months to sell 70 ft. of LGB track, mostly long pieces. Finally, he discarded the ties, bent rails to sell to scrap buyer for $20. By the time I saw the ad, he had already bent the rails into sharp curves that cracked them.
A local club lent me a gadget. I used it “in reverse” to unbend the rails. Instead of 4-5 ft. tracks c/w joiners and ties, I had in my hands about 1 to 1.5 ft. pieces of rail, with lots of ends requiring cutting. Still, it made sense with my budget: 15 cents per foot of brass rail. Flex-ties were a dollar a foot, I bought 10 ft. or so, the price doubled to date.
Rail joiners (also for repairs of used tracks) I get at fairs – about 50 cents (the ordinary ones) to a dollar per piece (the brass little blocks with hex screws) — about 60 cents per piece.
Brass rail damage by over-bending is easily removed by careful unbending using hands only. Loose joiners are tightened with pliers. Gaps between sections are adjusted by filing, cutting off one of the rail ends. I threw out none of my used track purchased, yet.
Broken locomotives — I buy if I like them… In most cases they are repairable, convertible to battery RC for about C$ for middle size loco). When I saw an older Canadian National diesel, I could not refuse for C$ 60. It did not have railings, the fan cover was missing and had a head-on crash in its history, but I got it anyway: it was asking my mercy like a homeless dog:) Now, it crowns my Railroading Museum, high up in the air on an “antique” bridge I constructed for her (plastic crate sides and wood — a unique steel-timber engineering :))
At the same fair, I got a nice small Burlington Northern diesel (C$ 8) — harbour to mine run with only a few gondolas due to 3% slopes. Being immobile, she waits under the ore loading facility, while the gondola is being loaded with ore via a hopper (enamelled funnel) from minecars above. Or with waste granite from mine expansion — via the shute above.
The third loco was only 5 C$, and went straight to the Museum for its elegance, steam and chrome.
The year before, for 15 C$ I got a Chinese plastic old-timer steam loco. She has a tender and a rake in front to plow thru logs and rocks on the tracks. I did not realize until later that it was quite close to the 1st loco that has arrived in Vancouver, BC, from the East.
Also at that fair I found a nice (Chineses) old-time draisine with 3 guys and trailer full of detailed equipment at C$40 (each figurine would cost C$10 in the store at comparable quality). The motor seized at the first trials on powered tracks at a show. I have RC battery powered Playmobile diesel as the mainline workhorse), so I did not bother repairing (can’t do it myself) and put the dresine into the Museum (a storu for kids: 3 brothers, founders of RRRailways in 19th century :)).
Similar with the rolling stock: fairs and shows; I set a budget and negotiate prices until I get close. Broken stock is oftem for free — I use it as a source of styrene (textured and painted already) in repairs of better stock, to make girder bridges from sides of gondolas and for details in buildings.
Industrial roofs tend to be busy, so I use the bottom/s of a car upside down, adding a few details: storage tanks, air conditioners, catwalks and railings.
Rolling stock w/o undies is good for track-side:
– sheds for work/storage, bins for scrap metal, coal, sand and gravel…)
– small stations… I have converted a boxcar into a station for miners, with take-off roof and complete equipment inside (toilet, vending machine, coffee can), seats, waste basket, heaters, clothing hangers, map of the railway system
– hoppers… an old timer told me, Prairie farmers use to store grain, concrete mixing plants — cement… elevated or on the ground, connected to silo system piping.
Free wood:
– waste at construction sites,
– dunnage (treated, untreated and cedar) at lumber yards and building supply stores,
– demolition of properties for new developments (in rural areas sheds contain plywood and wood you may need: hardwood, cedar…); recently, I found de-laminated plywood at one such place; easy to cut into lumber for 1:24 scale, bend into curves
– own house: I dismantled a damaged deck, underside still good, top of boards heavily weathered (nice deep texture and beaten-up colour); I’ve dumped the worst pieces, keep the better ones, will cut the outside part into any barn type lumber I may need in my scale

Periodically, I go to local lumberyards, asking for damaged cedar 1X1 nailers and get them at 75% discount.

– mismatched tints in paint stores, second hand stores (arts and crafts dept offers small bottles)
– take a bit from the can you bought to paint your house, car or what have you.

Sheet metal, styrofoam pieces, brick, concrete block, reinforcing steel rod, wire, cable, pipe, hardiplank etc.:
– demolition of houses and sheds, material already painted and weathered
– construction site waste.

Models of vehicles, houses:
– toys in scale 1:24 from second-hand stores and garage sales.

To assemble junk required to build a crane or steam tractor requires a lot of hunting over a long time, but is doable, particularly when you can’t fork out hundreds of dollars for a plastic kit (airplanes, trucks, cars). I bought recently at a show several styrene truck kits, 10 C$ per piece, normal price 50 – 100 C$. Also there, I got for C$30 a beautifulhull of a pirate ship. Previous owner ran out of steam at the upper deck, but the vendor did not have the remaining parts. My options: moor in the harbour as a wreck/museum, pretend it’s being renovated, or convert to a freighter or tanker ship. The hull is 3 feet long.
[more later]

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Looks like you have the same attitude as myself. Although a mine scavenging and bartering is more towards building stuff on our small hobby farm and our country gardens ect. A few weeks ago my wife got me a whole roof of recycled Iron in reasonable condition and traded a bottle of whiskey for it.
We use Gumtree here which is similar to craigs list and find all sorts of items for free as people don’t want to pay disposal fees ect. Im on the look out for a recycled kitchen at some point. Would like to use the cabinets for storage and build my layout on top. My old club had this and it was fantastic to store all our tools ect.

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Piotr Bein
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Corrugated sheet

1:24 panels made from flexible alu duct are cheaper than those from drink can metal, that needs shaping with a special gadget (could not find it in Canadian hobby stores).
I buy the fattest flexpipe, stretch it, and with scissors cut along the seam that looks sexy on its own. Without worrying about the slight spiral twist remaining (silicone gluing will straighten it), I cut it with sharp knife or scissors into roof or wall panels.
Again, don’t worry about damaging/denting the waves — it adds texture to the texture and makes your scratch’ing admirers pee in the pants :)))

Real stone

My friend is a stone artisan, but you could go to any of them; it’s cumbersome garbage, costly to dispose of, a treasure for you.
I get from his huge garbage container:
– dust from cutting/polishing various kinds of stone
– granite cylinders, diameter 1, 1.25, and 4 inch (cutting holes in gravestones etc.)
– other smaller shapes, depending on his current jobs. e.g. prisms — for end barrier on railway track, supports of a road or walkway across a dam or shallow river, cross girders on top of bridge pillars, crate-type reinforcement of slopes (I have a few, they look great on the plan); wedges — I built a few stone stair runs with them, a narrow plate (or incline of e.g. stone triangle) is required, also glueable to wood with PL 600 but not waterproof then
– narrow strips of counter-top slabs — decking of bridges, sidewalks, streets and squares…
– smaller stone slabs (granite, marble, artificial sandstone in various colours…) for: (1) underlays of larger buildings or groups of structures like restaurants in a food centre, (2) heavy wharves in ports that stick out above water so you can attach fake piles, watertight structural steel wall, masonry retaining wall or what have you
– larger, damaged slabs — I break them up into smaller pieces, and build mini-retaining walls
– old thick broken gravestones — three surfaces irregular, for Rocky Mountains in your garden 馃檪
– 3 to 4 inch thick cutoffs from gravestones, one surface irregular, others smooth — for curbing an area of the plan so wife knows her limits 馃檪 or for setting heavier retaining walls, edges of track runs, rocky riverbanks, mountain slopes, city level differentiation, dam framing and dam mass, tunnel entries… I have all of these, zero maintenance, just weed pulling from joints :))
– small pieces of rock chiseled off — interesting textures and colours, use your imagination… I use larger pieces in the mix of Rocky Mountain massive, smaller ones — mine waste.
I built two small stations entirely of different shape of stone mentioned above.
Ine inch dia, cylinders serve as pissers in one dam — water flows between them laid on top of the dam horisontally in the flow direction. The pissing sight abd sound fascinates kid and adult :)))


The ugliest tile most likely has interesting reverse side. From construction waste, I got a few large tiles for model undies with an inch or two cut off smoothly, the rest intact. I used one with earth tone colour and slab pattern for an undie of a bashed LGB station.
I watch my Home Depot for deals on tile end of line. A sq. ft. sheet of 1×1 inch natural stone and similar high-value tiles become 3-6 C$/sheet. Lots of fun to play around with them. I have just paved a pedestrian mall 馃檪 in a village with them — looks great!. I staggered them and the missing fields filled with either halves that I cut with a chisel and hammer, or an easier way — with hardiplank chiselled exactly to size.
Sidewalks, paved paths, city squares could be made as mosaics of broken ceramic tiles.
Small, elongated glass tiles are good for industrial windows and skylights, and are cheaper than stone tiles. Similar shape of any kind of small tile is good for base skirts of buildings; fill the joints with e.g. latex caulk of suitable colour; remember that mixing, stirring latex caulk hastens its hardening considerably.
On the street side of my largest station, I glued elongated little tiles to a treated 2×8, forming steps as well. I had enough left over for a skirt of a station restaurant, and got more recently as they came on sale.
O got the biggest tile surprose at a recent fair. The vendor beside my table (non-commercial, showing only) spotted lath for tiling on the roof of my station model (I used the lath as trusses). He asked if I would like more, incl. metal ones, also tiles. He is a tile setter, promised to drop off remnants from a job when he is nearby my house. After they finish a job, the rest of tiles goes into garbage.
Not having any more of my favourite tile,the salesman handed me a 1.5 sq. ft. sample glued to a particle board_- “Take it, it’s free”.
I can cut it on the wood side into strips along joints and use it as skirts of a boilding or similarly.


Rubber lining for ponds is C$/sq. ft. I needed C$500 worth if it, so I hunted for a couple of yrs for second-hand pool linings without success. When harbour management centre was ready, just bought what I needed, calculating exactly, in order not to waste too much.
I have two ponds, one larger, so the width of the latter became the length of the smaller one, sharing sq. footage on a diagonal. To these sizes I built my ponds; the only waste is folds to make the shape of pond less boring, and rounded corners, but even this I saved for a few uses:
– shimming to level off trestle and other bridges standing in water on a rubber membrane
– strips for belt conveyor models
– membranes for smaller bodies of water (instantly, I identified a couple of possibilities :))
– expansion of membrane to accommodate a new detail on the shore after the fact; rubber-cementing the piece is the only option without draining water thru a leak in the overlap.

Once I found a bulky roll of truck tire traction tread for ten bucks at a garage sale, I knew my roads would be rubber. One side smooth, they are ideal for straight road sections.They willsurely kill any weed underneath :))) while the thickness will fend off grass from the road surface.

From a demolition I got later 1 inch rubber mat for free. Most workshops have them on the floor, also farms to protect animals’ feet on hard surfaces. The mat could be cut to fit road curves, seamless intersections etc.

I use rubber from windshield wipers as fillers in gaps, waterproofing the joint between roof and walls in take-apart models. Rubber transmission belts become bumpers in gates and on building corners in industrial areas.
I used sections of discarded rubber hose (small holes under pressure) to build irrigation system attached to the overflow in both of my ponds. The hoses direct water to open-bottom shallow gravel pits at the foot of nearby trees and bushes. Micro-levelling the system was fun! And it works. I got extra good suppers for finishing this project :))) My wife requested the system.
[more to come]

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Piotr Bein
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Hi Adrian
I do the same on my acre: scavenge as much as I can, buy as little as possible. Last year: my lumberyard had treated board on sale, I covered over 800 sq. ft. of deck for…. 150 C$ plus screws and wood preservative.
We are so fortunate to have a bit of land to play on!
Good idea with the layout on used cabinets. But don’t you want to try G gauge outside? It seems more fun to me, and you don’t need to mass produce the greenery. On the contrary, you will have to pull weeds out several times a year, cut excess of branches once a year, clear an occasional uprooted tree :)))

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Oh i have defiantly considered a garden railway. I’m sure it will happen in the future. Something else that may be of interest in the coming months probably the new year is my conversion of a 40ft shipping container into a layout room and hobby studio.

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Post here your container conversion experience, pls.
I looked up social housing for a discussion; lots of dwellings, some quite cool, built of shipping containers.
Are you going to DIY: openings, welding and drilling? I could work with wood, that’s it.
Another option I would consider for a studio is a boat hull turned upside down. Need a hauler with a crane to move and set in place. Could jack it up, too.
I’m doing just that: Fish & Chips restaurant plus 1 or 2 fisherman huts under parts of a hull 馃檪

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Piotr Bein
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Instant “barn” boards galore

Last year, I dismantled my deck to replace the boards. I saved most of the old planks (2×6) since the other side was still good, showing the wood preservative colour, no cracks, as opposed to discoloured, cracked, deeply textured up-side.
Today, I advanced a bit on a restaurant model for my layout in the garden (1:24). I had a general idea: restaurant and take out at Port/Refinery station (I have an eating place at or near every station). Main customers: workers. Look: rustic, a bit haphazard.
I kept a ship screw 1 inch dia. (copper and other metal) for restaurant’s name on the roof — “Ship Screw”. Recent buy for a buck at a modeller fair, a tin roof from an older caboose toy, gave me a boost to start building.
Story — as always with my models and settings (kids love them!): the first restaurant at this place, before the modern port and refinery were built, had been a diner in a caboose, run by a railway worker, named Joe Smilie who lost his leg in a rail accident. RRRailways Co. gave him an old caboose and an early pension, and set the caboose with a heavy crane for him beside the tracks. In the olden days, the station was for a farm and fishing village, years before port and refinery came. He started a business in the caboose, named “Ship Screw”. A fisherman (his name was Screwy) whom he befriended gave Joe a screw from his boat when Screwy’s boat burned down in a fire (Screwy was careless with fuel). You can see Screwy’s screw on the restaurant sign, here.
When the port was built, displacing the village, Joe was sad, but his business boomed as so many harbour workers were coming to eat at Joe’s: hearty breakfast in the morning and take out of wholesome lunch pack for work, harbour office staff and truck drivers for lunch, night shift for dinner and food pack for the night… Joe had to expand his restaurant, added this here side to the caboose. His wife, called Cookie by everyone for her sweetness, cooks so well, that “Ship Screw” hosts wedding etc. parties that come from Cedar City on the other side of Cedar Lake. It fit right into Joe’s business: weekends for the parties when port and refinery work only one shift, feeding the workers on all other days. So he had to expand again, adding this side to the caboose, and also a garden annex half under the roof for rainy days. End of story.
So, the additions on both sides of the caboose are somewhat different in style. Joe saved better boards from old barns and piers of the fishing/farming village that was (a pile of old scavenged lumber at the back of Joe’s caboose.
On table saw, I cut the richly textured side of my 2x6s into 1:24 lumber. The walls I built from a sign that weathered in the garden, but lost its “Welcome” letters in the process. I cut it lengthwise into two parts of equal width (height about 10 ft., ok for restaurant and the elevation of the top of Joe’s caboose that RRRailways set on a section of track.
The sign was made of 1.5 x 1/4 boards with 1/4 inch gaps. I cut out window openings in both halves. Then glued “barn” lumber along the bottoms: a 3/4 inch actual width (most of my models have a bit oversized lumber dimensions which gives viewers an impression of solidity, and me– durability to my models). At the top of the walls, I glued 3/8 “barn” pieces. In between, covering the gaps in the original sign, I glued 3/4 inch boards vertically. Next step: window framing, different in every wall, since Joe built them a few yrs’ apart 馃檪
Next step: I don’t know, whatever comes… my style of model construction, no drawings, just a general idea/story …and looking thru my junk for what might work.
Roofing on the two additions will be different. Corrugated sheet metal on newer side… for the older side, I ran out of fish can lids :))) — a large order for crates for farmers and fishermen market, and another for local fisherman co-op (metal crates for icing the catch). So perhaps a tar roof? — from piece of asphalt shingle, with added marks of ageing and repairs.
Garden annex would be in nice, cedar lumber, with some old “barn” lumber, roofing same as the new side of Joe’s restaurant.
Pictures — when I finish ;)))

I regret I did not dismantle the deck before I built my barn models.

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Piotr, You have such interesting posts, how about some photos??????



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Piotr Bein
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When it comes to electricity, cameras, I am an idiot, rely on my wife but she suffers of fibromyalgia, i.e. between placing my order and getting the pic on my hd is a month 馃檪
But no worry: they will come. She took a bunch of pics a year ago, incl. my best models, but they have not arrived on my hd yet.
You don’t want to see my models, Bob. They would eclipse yours …just kidding
Have you made any water- and weatherproof models?
I’d like to know your experience … and the pics of course 馃檪

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2016 Vancouver Train Expo

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Following a scandalous ban on Railroad-line.com, I’ve transfrred my contributions there to my own blog.

See my other threads:


2016 Vancouver Train聽Expo

Piotr Bein
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Posted聽–聽11/06/2016聽:聽 2:36:30 PMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

First posted in Sunday Morning Lounge http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=48137 ]
Who said no events this weekend?
2016 annual Vancouver (BC) rail modellers’ forum http://www.vancouvertrainexpo.ca/
All gauges, incl. a ride for kids. Most interesting for me: local historical societies:
– BC Railway,
– suburban railway,
– old diesel city bus (still running, beautiful body) http://www.trams.ca/page12.html

More on their website, incl. 1937 Hayes-Anderson bus http://www.trams.ca/vehicles.html

Met a few more interesting people, incl. club member in charge of selling off surplus and junk :))

I got a bunch of books, mostly historical:
– on CN, CP mainlines, branchlines and
local railways:
– a book with the Canadian Pacific tourist posters; most of them here: www.amazon.ca%25252FPosters-Canadian-Pacific-Marc-Choko%25252Fdp%25252F1552979172&source=iu&pf=m&fir=pCy5XpbrTzzFpM%253A%252CeRUyvS-5t17STM%252C_&usg=__-n_DF4UEBjgdM-ctZxmVHVMHvwU%3D&biw=1384&bih=803&ved=0ahUKEwiLp4WzpZTQAhVO7mMKHUFeB8gQyjcIOA&ei=nTcfWMvkJ87cjwPBvJ3ADA#imgrc=GTPIlWpe_vJECM%3A” target=”_blank”>www.amazon.ca%25252FPosters-Canadian-Pacific-Marc-Choko%25252Fdp%25252F1552979172&source=iu&pf=m&fir=pCy5XpbrTzzFpM%253A%252CeRUyvS-5t17STM%252C_&usg=__-n_DF4UEBjgdM-ctZxmVHVMHvwU%3D&biw=1384&bih=803&ved=0ahUKEwiLp4WzpZTQAhVO7mMKHUFeB8gQyjcIOA&ei=nTcfWMvkJ87cjwPBvJ3ADA#imgrc=GTPIlWpe_vJECM%3A” target=”_blank”>https://www.google.ca/search?q=canadian+pacific+posters+book&num=100&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&tbm=isch&imgil=pCy5XpbrTzzFpM%253A%253BeRUyvS-5t17STM%253Bhttps%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.amazon.ca%25252FPosters-Canadian-Pacific-Marc-Choko%25252Fdp%25252F1552979172&source=iu&pf=m&fir=pCy5XpbrTzzFpM%253A%252CeRUyvS-5t17STM%252C_&usg=__-n_DF4UEBjgdM-ctZxmVHVMHvwU%3D&biw=1384&bih=803&ved=0ahUKEwiLp4WzpZTQAhVO7mMKHUFeB8gQyjcIOA&ei=nTcfWMvkJ87cjwPBvJ3ADA#imgrc=GTPIlWpe_vJECM%3A
– early 1990s Holland America Line cruise-ship book for passengers
– murals in CP passenger trains
– hand drawing and photo books on West Kootenays Railways (ferries and r-lwy barges) and Kettle Valley Railways (wood and steel trestle bridges, tunnels, coal-house, stations, buildings, rail velocipedes and hand-cars), ample locos and rolling stock in both books
– spectacular railway crashes and building bridges
– Wyandotte Chemical Corporation photo-illustrated railway cleaning procedures manual
– railroads calendars 1977 (California historical society) to present
– assorted European modeller magazines
– Time-Life older books on history of American railroading and luxury yachts
– logging railroads of the West by Kramer Adams (roadbed of logs, crossed log fills, trestles, steam cranes, funky locos, horse, mule and oxen before locos…).

Beware of vendor hyenas, selling books for more than on Amazon etc. exploiting the “modeller syndrome”. I got my paper stuff at bargain prices and after hard-bargaining. W few worthwhile books I had to forego because of ridiculous prices, even after hard negotiation 馃檪 I wonder if they will sell at all and to whom… Among them were works by our prime historian of local railways, Robert Turner of British Columbia Museum in Victoria. It’s good I did not buy, they are half the price on Amazon and such. But the album of CP posters and most of historical books I got at bargain prices.

From my favourite vendor (always gives me a good discount) I got for a song a bunch of styrene stock (H and I beams, and thicker sheet — to build cranes and gantries in 1:24).
From a smaller scale collections buyer, I got Bachmann G gauge 2-6-0 loco w. tender and powerful front and rear lights, possibly sound, for… C$50 and it’s running!
There was a model of BC fishing troller (C$75 asking, over 2 ft long) but too big for my fishing village w. co-op trawlers up to 1 ft long.

Overall, a good event for me. I helped an elder member of our community load his wares (a reward in form of useful plastic junk and a few figurines :))), but caught a cold and could not continue today.

An event gives a perspective on life, too:
– a vendor thinking of selling his layout and basement-full of model stock, due to age and health issues
– a widow selling his late husband’s collection of framed pics and books on trains and railroading…

So I told young people I met there: develop and enjoy your hobby BEFORE you retire.

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RRRailways si臋 podkuwa: warsztat w piwnicy na zim臋 / Basement workshop

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Cz臋艣膰 zbioru o budowie w ogrodzie imperium kolejowego RRRailways / Part of series on my garden model imperium RRRailways

Captions bi-lingual: Polish first, followed by “/” and English text. English narrative at http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=48089 reproduced below as blocking seems to start on 13.11.2016 for political reasons, more about the聽scandal on Railroad-line.com that I’ve experienced w/o a word of explanation from the Admin whatsoever! I’ve transferred my contributions there to my own blog.

See my other threads:

RRRailways si臋 podkuwa: warsztat w piwnicy na zim臋 / Basement workshop

Zmie艣ci艂em si臋 w bud偶ecie (poni偶ej 100 C$), przed Bo偶ym Narodzeniem katolickim (偶ony) — brutto 6 tyg., netto 4 tyg. Na maksa wykorzysta艂em materia艂 zdobyczny i magazynowany w艂asny (warto艣膰 par臋 tys. dolc贸w). Zacz臋艂o si臋 od Monstrum i wype艂niania do艂u 艣ciany piank膮 (fotka poni偶ej). / I’ve stayed within budget (below C$100), on schedule well before Catholic wife’s Xmas (net 4 weeks of work, gross 6 weeks). Max. use of salvaged materials and own stored wood (approx. value a couple thousand dollars).聽 First was Monster and filling in of insulation at the bottom of concrete walls:


Mia艂 to by膰 warsztat bez py艂u, ale wkr贸tce do pomocy przyby艂a pi艂a sto艂owa z gara偶u. / It was to be a dust-free workshop, but soon the table saw came in from the garage to help:


W sukurs przysz艂a pi艂a ramieniowa, pasuj膮c akurat przy Landarze, zdobyczy tak偶e darmowej z netu, dnia nast臋pnego po Monstrum. / Chop saw followed, fitting nicely beside Landara who came a day after Monster, free from the net ads, too:


P贸艂metek / Half done a month from project inception:


A tak wygl膮da nowy warsztat po uko艅czeniu, 6 tyg. od powstania pomys艂u, netto 4 tyg. pracy. Ozdobiony na parapet贸w臋… / New workshop, finished within 6 weeks from project inception, net 4 weeks of work. Decorated for a warming party:

shopentryWgl膮d do warsztatu z piwnicy / Peek into the shop from the basement

shopbsmtW przyleg艂ej piwnicy miejsce na ekspansj臋. Kuba na 1-ym planie, czeka na now膮 podstaw臋. /聽 In adjacent basement enough room for expansion. Kuba in foreground, waiting for a new base.

shopentry1Widok z warsztatu na powy偶se wej艣cie:聽 Heb po lewej, Landara po prawej / View from shop at the entry: Heb on the left, Landara on the right


shopmonMonstrum na tle cegie艂ek cedrowych, kraw臋偶nik z dechy obgryzionej przez konie, nowe uchwyty / Monstrum on the background of cedar bricks, backboard made of a fence plank chewed by horses, new drawer pulls

shoplanLandara z kraw臋偶nikiem z ko艅skiej dechy, gniazda elektryczne przy obu ko艅cach, podwy偶szenie blatu do poziomu pi艂y ramieniowej / Landara with horse planks,聽 electric outlets at both ends, counter-top raised to chop saw level


shopexPrzy wyj艣ciu na zewn膮trz / At the exit to outdoors

shophebK膮cik Heb / Heb’s corner

shophebbackHeb z ty艂u, prze艣wituj膮ce “okna”, p艂yta z dziurami na haki / Heb at the rear, translucent “windows”, pegboard


shopwc Wej艣cie do ubikacji za Heb / WC entry behind Heb


Paliwo na transport Monstrum, Landary, Kuby i Heb / Fuel for hauling Monster, Landara, Kuba and Heb — C$ 20

Instalacje elepstryczne /Electrical — C$ 20

艢ruby (resztka z renowacji tarasu) / Screws (remainder from deck reno)– C$ 40

P艂yty prze艣wituj膮ce /Translucent plastic — C$ 7

Uchwyty do szuflad / Drawer knobs — C$ 8

Orientacyjna warto艣膰 zdobycznych materia艂贸w / Approx. value of 3R materials

Szafki, warsztat, biurko / Cabinets, workbench, desk — C$ 1000

Pianka / Styrofoam insulation — C$ 150

Dechy z tarasu / Re-used deck 2x6s — C$ 300

Cedr i 艣wierk na pi贸ro i wpust / Tongue and groove cedar and fir — C$ 400

Drewno odpadowe i sklejka — C$ 100

Ramki na wino / Wine racks — C$ 100

P艂yty z otworami na haki / Pegboard — C$ 80

P贸艂ki / Shelves — C$ 60

Podp贸rki pod p贸艂ki / Shelf brackets — C$ 60

Za zoszcz臋dzone piniondze naby艂em z 2-giej r臋ki聽 / Saved for聽2nd hand tools at C$ 115:

  • frez na stoliczku / Craftsman router in a small DIY table ,
  • wyrzynarka / Craftsman 16 inch scroll saw
  • szlifierka z 6 cylindrami 艣ciernymi / Mastercraft bench-top spindle sander (6 cylinders)
  • stalowa podstawa pod mal膮 maszyn臋 /small machine steel table …

Mam prawie kompletnie wyposa偶ony warsztat na wszystkie potrzeby, na ca艂y rok, z 艂atwym dost臋pem z zewn膮trz. Mo偶liwo艣膰 zadaszenia wej艣cia na dodatkowe pomieszczenie do prac brudnych i mokrych (kratka 艣ciek0wa). Przestrze艅 na rozbudow臋 do wewn膮trz piwnicy. / I have near complete set of basic tools in year-round workshop w. easy entry from outside, possibility for expansion into the basement, also to the outside under a canopy for dirty work (a floor drain).


*聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 * 聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *聽聽 *

Z ozi臋bieniem jesiennym, postanowi艂em przenie艣膰 g艂贸wny warsztat do piwnicy na sta艂e. B臋dzie to ju偶 czwarty z kolei: po gara偶u, biurze i sypialni 馃檪 Przyj膮艂em zasad臋: u偶y膰 posiadane drewno do maxa, zdoby膰 co brakuje z plac贸w budowy i dzia艂ek/dom贸w przeznaczonych do wyburzenia.

shelvesUporz膮dkowa艂em piwnic臋 i zbudowa艂em ci膮gi p贸艂ek (dechy z tarasu rozebranego latem 2015), redukuj膮c hektary zajmowane przez graty. Pud艂o na sztorc przy dalszym ko艅cu p贸艂ki zawiera delikatny model. Na wypadek trz臋sienia ziemi opatuli艂em go zmi臋tymi gazetami i torbami plastykowymi, a pud艂o b臋dzie przymocowane gumami. / I tidied up the basement and built shelving from old 2x6s from terrace renovation in Summer 2015.聽 Cardboard box at its far end contains a fragile model that I have packed in rumpled paper and plastic against earthquakes. The box will be tied up to the shelving with bungee cords.

patent4 Patent na podpory p贸艂ek: decha grub. 38 mm przymocowana 4 gwo藕dziami/艣rubami do s艂upk贸w 艣ciany. / My patent for shelf brackets: scrap 2×6 nailed/screwed to the stud

Pod sufitem warsztatu mi臋dzy beleczkami drewnianymi bebechy (przewody, kable, rury) — zostawiam go艂e. Do 艣ciany betonowej przyczepiono ocieplenie z bia艂ej pianki 5 cm. To trza przykry膰, by m贸c mocowa膰 p贸艂ki i wieszaki na narz臋dzia. Zacz膮艂em od za艂o偶enia p贸艂ki na szczycie 艣ciany betonowej, kt贸ra wije si臋 nad zatok膮 i skr臋ca na naro偶u budynku, ko艅cz膮c si臋 w po艂owie drogi do wej艣cia. Na te p贸艂ki u偶y艂em kr贸tkie odcinki dech grub. 40 mm, szer 24 cm oraz dechy 40 x 130 mm, jakie przechowuj臋 ju偶 8 lat, bo s膮 sklecone na pi贸ro z聽 (nienadaj膮 si臋 na zginanie, a u mnie opieraj膮 si臋 na ca艂ej d艂g.); zdwoi艂em je, by pasowa艂y szeroko艣ci膮 do dech solidnych. Dodan膮 dech臋 po艂膮czy艂em d艂ugimi wkr臋tami w kilku miejscach z dech膮 opart膮 na betonie — w ten spos贸b tamta bierz臋 wi臋kszo艣膰 zginania, tj. strza艂ka jest minimalna.

foamscrapPomieszczenie na warsztat ma okno wysoko nad 艣cian膮 betonow膮 w zatoce, wej艣cie z zewn. i otwarte jest na聽 piwnic臋. Pozosta艂e 艣ciany zbudowano po kanadyjsku (s艂upki drewniane co 40 cm) i tylko cz臋艣ciowo pokryto p艂yt膮 gipsow膮, bez wyka艅czania spoin. Zdecydowa艂m nie wyka艅cza膰 — przez ponad 20 lat, papier na powierzchni gipsu 艂adnie zbr膮zowia艂.

聽U st贸p 艣ciany betonowej przyklei艂em (PL) drewnoi odpadowe na grubo艣膰 pianki. Go艂y beton poni偶ej bia艂ej pianki zakry艂em na wcisk piank膮 odpadow膮, wype艂niaj膮c szczeliny i ubytki odpadami z odpad贸w. Zaoszczdzi艂em tak par臋 kawa艂k贸w kwalitetnej pianki na modele.聽 / At concrete wall base, I glued scrap wood. Covered naked concrete w. styrofoam by tight fit, filling wider cracks and crannies w. scrap from scrap. I saved this way a few piececs of quality DOW stryro for use in models.

Na wyposa偶enie warsztatu zdoby艂em za darmo z e-og艂osze艅 i wmanewrowa艂em w pojedynk臋 (w ciagu paru dni!): zabytkowe biurko d臋bowe z rolet膮, czyjej艣 w艂asnej roboty Monstrum czyli zapor臋 p-czo艂gow膮, tj. st贸艂 warsztatowy z szufladami oraz ci膮g warsztatwowy pod drug膮 艣cian臋 — Landar臋, tj. blaszane szafki pod zlew kuchenny z blatem z gruba艣nej sklejki. Biurko da艂em 偶onie do szwalni, za co dosta艂em stamt膮d prostsze biurko.

foamMonstrum i pi艂a sto艂owa odsuni臋te od 艣ciany na czas rob贸t. Wej艣cie zewn. po lewej, okno zatokowe po prawej. Na dole 艣ciany przyklei艂em do betonu (klej PL600) odpadowe odcinki beleczek, na grubo艣膰 pianki. P贸艂ki 1,5 cala nad piank膮 podtrzymuje na razie tylko par臋 cali betonu i listwa przeciw-wywrotowa przykr臋cona do szkieletu drewnianego 艣ciany powy偶ej. / Bsmt entry on the left, bay window on the right. Monstrum and table-saw moved away from wall for the time of construction. At concrete wall base, I glued (PL600) scrap wood of the same thickness as foam insulation.


Okno wyko艅czy艂em dechami z jakiej艣 szopy/stodo艂y, zostawiaj膮c naturalny zwietrza艂y kolor. P贸艂ki z dech 1,5 cala opar艂em na szczycie 艣ciany betonowej,przykr臋cone przez tynk gipsowy do szkieletu drewnianego nad betonem. Zbr膮zowia艂y papier na p艂ycie gipsowej zostawiam bez malowania. / Treatment w. barn boards around the window, 1,5 inch shelving supported on the concrete wall ledge, screwed thru gyproc to wooden frame of the wall above concrete. Gyproc paper browned down over 20 yrs left unpainted on purpose.

monsterZjazd 200 kg Monstrum do piwnicy: spu艣ci艂em go do g贸ry nogami po betonowych schodach wy艂o偶onych arkuszem sklejki, zabezpieczy艂em buforem drzwi… ale sklejka ugi臋艂a si臋 i wyhamowa艂a Monstrum. Zauwa偶 solidn膮 konstrukcj臋聽 warsztatu: pe艂na tarcica, jako艣ciowe wsporniki szuflad. / I turned Monster upside down and let it slide down concrete stairs covered w. plywood. I protected the door with a buffer, but it wasn’t necessary: bending of the plywood slowed down the 400 pound Monster. Note Monster’s strong build, cabinet-making quality of drawer supports.

monster1 Monstrum w nowym domu, 1-sze zadanie: budowa warsztatu, gdzie b臋dzie bossem 馃檪 Na prawy koniec prowadz膮cy do nik膮d nakr臋ci艂em porz膮dn膮 sklejk臋 z bia艂a wyk艂adzin膮.偶eby mi 艣rubki niespada艂y. Monstrum ma par臋 tyg. na decyzj臋 o kolorze nowego ubrania.聽 Szuflady wystaj膮ce na fotce niedzia艂a艂y po przywiezieniu. Hebel i mydlo przywo艂a艂y je聽 do porz膮dku, opr贸cz tej, kt贸rej podpor臋 z艂ama艂em w transporcie. Schowek w lewej g贸rze do odkadania narz臋dzi,ktoreprzeszkadszaj膮 w pracy. Uchwyty Monstrum dostanie nowe, jak skompletuj臋. Gniazdko elektryczne b臋dzie po艂膮czone sznurem z wtyczk膮 do kontaktu w 艣cianie. / Monster in new home, first duty: build workshop in which it willbe boss 馃檪 I closed the right-hand end with plywood finished in white arborite, to keep small things from falling off.聽I’ll do the same with identical piece on the other end.聽 The bench will be painted after the room is finished, to better see the colour scheme. Drawers open in the pic did not work on arrival; a hand planer and a soap brought them back to life, except for a drawwr whose support I’ve broken during transport. A niche in the upper left is handy for putting away larger tools that might be in the way of work. Handles will be replaced once I assemble a set. Electric outlet will get a cord to be plugged into the wall.

landara1Landara, 2 razy l偶ejsza od Monstrum, wesz艂a do piwnicy dnia nast臋pnego. Niegdy艣 sta艂a pod zlewem kuchennym, gdy w l. 1950-ych metalowe szafki kuchenne by艂y sza艂em w Ameryce; szuflady do dzi艣 bezb艂臋dnie suwaj膮 si臋, drzwiczki pracuj膮 bez problemu. Kto艣 na s艂u偶b臋 w warsztacie da艂 jej grub膮 p艂yte na wierzch.聽 Z dodatkow膮 dech膮, ma wysoko艣膰聽 idealnie jak poziom pi艂y ramiennej na szafce kuchennej przekr臋conej na bok. / Half the mass of Monster,聽 Landara enetered the basement next day. This base for a kitchen sink in America’s 1950 craze for metal cabinets still works fine: drawers slide efortlessly, doors close without fail. When converted to workshop duty, she received a thick top whose height perfectly matches the聽level of my radial saw聽 standing on a kitchen cabinet turned on its side.

1Nad biurkiem w warsztacie podwiesi艂em pod sufitem ramki do sk艂adowania butelek z winem; odleg艂o艣ci pozwalaj膮 przechowywa膰 materia艂 kr贸tki jak i do 2,5 m d艂g.聽 Sklejka聽 chroni 艣cian臋 od obijania materia艂em na wieszaku. Przy okazji zreperowa艂em naro偶e po szkodzie od p臋kni臋tej rury.聽 Na p贸艂ce na wierzchu 艣ciany betonowej stoj膮 od lewj 2 mosty: m贸j 1-szy stojakowy i okazyjnie nabyty drewniany w systemie Howe’a. Pod p贸艂k膮 bia艂a pianka izolacji termicznej. / Wineracks fastened to joists and wall, spacing allows for storage of shorties as well as pieces up to 8 ft. long.聽 Plywood behind the rack replaces gyproc damaged when a pipe burst in frost and can take the banging with rods. Below the rack 2 bridges: my 1st trestle bridge construction and Howe’s wooden truss w. steel hangers, good price at a modellers’ fair. Bridges stand on 2 inch shelving that I ran on the entire concrete wall ledge. Below the shelf, white foam insulation.

rackhttps://i1.wp.com/tomi.holdys.pl/parowozy/ty37-17-jr2.jpgWieszaki szybko wype艂niaj膮 si臋, m.in. drobniejszym materia艂em odpadowym z budowy warsztatu. Rycina parowozu ku pami臋ci mego Ojca, in偶. Aleksandra Beina, absolwenta Wy偶szej Szko艂y Budowy Maszyn i Elektrotechniki im. H. Wawelberga i S. Rotwanda w W-wie (wstawka, 1897 r.), zatrudnionego w fabryce lokomotyw聽 Cegielskiego (po lewej, Ty37-17,聽 maszyna z serii 37 lokomotyw ci臋偶kich polskiej konstrukcji, dzi艣 w muzeum w Chab贸wce). / The racks fill up fast, with small cross-section scrap from the shop construction, among others. Picture of a steam loco, in memory of my Father, Aleksander Bein, professonal mechanical engineer, who graduated before WW2 from the Wawelberg and Rotwand technical academy in Warsaw (insert, 1897) and worked in a Polish locomotive factory of Cegielski (left: Ty37-17,聽 from a series of 37 first Polish-built heavy 2-10-0 locos that survived the war and can be seen in Chab贸wka museum).

Nieca艂y tydzie艅 p贸藕niej zn贸w fajna rzecz za friko z og艂oszenia: skrzynka na 45 rolek map, 135 cm d艂g. x 105 cm g艂臋b. x 60 cm wys. Przekr臋c臋 na bok, b臋dzie sk艂ad tarcicy w skali, wg rozmiaru beleczek (par臋 szeroko艣ci, dowolna grubo艣膰), typu drewna (cedr, impregnowane na czarnawo, impregnowane na zielonkawo), 艣rednicy ko艂k贸w.(np. na pale nabrze偶y 3 艣rednice, 2-3 materia艂y w r贸偶nych stadiach zwietrzenia) — to ju偶 zajmie z 20-30 boks贸w, a jeszcze wszystko nieprzeniesione z pozosta艂ych warsztat贸w. Trza tylko co艣 wymy艣le膰, 偶eby kr贸tsze kawa艂ki nie utkn臋艂y w czelu艣ci Kuby (tak nazwa艂em, podobne do ang. cubicle — boks).

Najbardziej Kuba przyda si臋 jednak jako st贸艂 mi臋dzy Monstrum i Landar膮, B臋dzie miejsce do pracy przy wi臋kszych modelach i pozostaje po metrze na przej艣cie z ka偶dej strony. Kuba-st贸艂 dostanie 30 cm podstaw臋 (przestrze艅 mi臋dzy stopami do u偶ycia na sk艂ad p艂yt) i grubszy blat z p贸艂k膮 pod spodem (p艂yty, forniry, rozwarstwiona sklejka).

Ostatnia z kolei by艂a Heb: szafki z szerokim blatem, sklejka wysokiej jako艣ci,聽wyk艂adzina plastykowa. Ochrzci艂em j膮 :)))聽 od Hebrew, niebieski kolor. Uratowa艂em sierotk臋, jak to Polacy, z holokaustu, z nara偶eniem w艂asnego 偶ycia — zwisaj膮ce urwane/uci臋te kable, pot艂uczone szk艂o, dechy z gwo藕dziami… Sta艂a bosa w wodzie, w domu zdemolowanym聽 przed wyburzaniem. Wystawa艂a z p贸艂metrowej sterty odzie偶y, rozbitego szk艂a, tynk贸w gipsowych, naczy艅, garnk贸w, dyskietek, ta艣m vhs, ksi膮偶ek…聽 Ci臋偶kaw膮 (masa mi臋dzy Landar膮 a Monstrum), sam przytaszczy艂em na przyczep臋, jak tamte.

Przy jednym ko艅cu blatu Heb ma spore otwory, naprzeciw wbudowanego w 艣cian臋 pod艂膮czenia wody do zlewu, a pod pod艂og膮 jest 艣ciek z pobliskiej 艂azienki.聽 Heb b臋dzie wi臋c malarni膮; podziurawiony koniec wypi艂uj臋 w obrysie otworu na zlew. Za Heb postawi艂em ze starych dech z tarasu 艣ciank臋 dzia艂ow膮 z p贸艂kami z tych偶e dech i 艣wietlikami na g贸rze. B臋d膮 przepuszcza膰 艣wiat艂o do piwnicy, trzymaj膮c ciep艂o w warsztacie. Przej艣cie do piwnicy zamknie kotara.

hebUratowana z zag艂ady w demolce, Heb pos艂u偶y za k膮cik malarski i podstaw臋 wiertarki czy wyrzynarki. Sklejka przykrywa dziury w blacie. Pod艂膮czenie do wody w 艣cianie tymczasowo przykryte 艣wierkiem na pi贸ro i wpust. / Rescued from annihilation in a house demolition, Heb will serve as paint corner and a base for drill press and scroll saw.聽 Plywood covers cut-outs in Heb’s top; water connection in adjacent wall temporarily covered with t/g fir.

hebback Heb od ty艂u. Dechy z tarasu tworz膮 szkielet 艣cianki dzia艂owej, wype艂nionej zdobytymi deseczkami 艣wierkowymi na pi贸ro i wpust, grub. 6 mm. Panele wy偶sze oczekuj膮 na przykrycie materia艂em przepuszczaj膮cym 艣wiat艂o. / Heb’s back, old deck 2x6s form a divider frame, filled w. salvaged t/g pine 1/4 inch thick over Heb’s countertop, awaiting translucent panels higher up.


podpory Heb od strony przej艣cia do piwnicy. Dechy z rozebranego tarasu w nowym 偶yciu przegrody wizualnej i dodatkowej podpory ci臋偶kich p贸艂ek nad Heb. / Heb at the entry side. Use of old deck 2×6 planks as visual break in the passage and additional support for heavy shelving above Heb.

W przeciwleg艂ym k膮cie, pod ramkami na wino, stanie biurko. Zacz膮艂em od reperacji rogu zniszczonego wod膮 z rury p臋kniej na mrozie. Zamiast tynku gipsiwego wstawi艂em sklejk臋, co pozwal膮 na szybkie przywr贸cenie zaworu, kt贸ry spowodowa艂 p臋kni臋cie. Sklejka znosi te偶 lepiej uderzenia ko艅cami materia艂u na wieszakach.聽 艢ciana betonowa, zaizolowana piank膮 wg normy tylko 80 cm pod zewn. poziom gruntu, wymaga艂a wype艂nienia聽 do poziomu posadzki. Podk艂ad no艣ny pod przykrycie pianki聽 zaprojekctowa艂m na mocowanie na dole do beleczek na posadzce, a na g贸rze do p贸艂ek na wierzchu betonu (one za艣 umocowane s膮 do szkieletu drewnianego 艣ciany powy偶ej betonu). Beton聽 posadzki mo偶e wci膮ga膰 wod臋 kapilarn膮 (co sta艂o si臋, gdy korzenie par臋 lat temu zablokowa艂y odwodnienie fundamentowe). Zatem beleczki przyklei艂em (klej PL600) do 艣ciany a nie do pod艂ogi, wyczy艣ciwszy beton z wykwit贸w po tamtej powodzi i 艣ci膮wszy d艂utem nier贸wno艣ci formierskie. Pod beleczki da艂em izolacj臋 wilgotno艣ciow膮.

W naro偶ach 艣ciany i co ok. 50 – 60 cm przymocowa艂m pionowo stare dechy z tarasu, na stopkach wodoodpornych聽 (kawa艂ki pod艂ogi plastykowej), by nie wsysa艂y ewentualnej wilgoci. W dechach wyci膮艂em wpierw naci臋cia grubo艣ci pokrycia pianki: “cegie艂ki” cedrowe, wymontowane z domu do wyburzenia. Pierwsz膮 warstw臋”cegie艂ek” wk艂adam w cok贸艂 (na stopkach plastykowych) z takim偶e wyci臋ciem. Potem druga warstwa na mijank臋 itd. a偶 pod p贸艂ki u szczytu 艣ciany betonowej.

socket6Detal rozga艂臋zienia z gniazdka, bez potrzeby podnoszenia pude艂ka elektrycnego o grubo艣膰 “cegeie艂” z cedru. Naro偶e pokryte dechami z tarasu. Ponad rozga艂臋zieniem, po艂膮czenie na 艣rub臋 s膮siednich dech p贸艂ki wzd艂u偶 szczytu 艣ciany betonowej, mi臋dzy kt贸rymi zostawi艂em szpar臋 na sznur do radia. Drugi sznur prowadzi do rozga艂臋zienia zainstalowanego u podstawy biurka. / Detail of electrical socket extension, w/o the need to lift electrical box for the thickness of cedar “brick”. Corner covered w. old terrace 2x6s. Above the corner, a screw connects adjoining pieces of 1.5 inch shelf running on top of the concrete wall. I left a gap for radio cord. The other cord leads to a socket mounted at the desk base.




聽Biurko wstawione, cienki tr贸jk膮t (fotka po lewej) z imperfekcji formierskich betonu przykryte cedrem, zdejmowalnym dla wrzucania sznur贸w elektrycznych do gniazdek u podstawy biurka. Lubi臋 zachowa膰 charakter drewna, np. czarny s臋k w drugim kawa艂ku cedru wype艂niaj膮cym dziur臋 u g贸ry blatu. 聽 / Desk in place, thin triangle from concrete-forming imperfection covered up w. cedar, for taking off to drop cords into the hole. I like saving wood character marks like the black knot in the other cedar filler at the desk top.

lastbrickOstatnia panela cedrowa posz艂a najwolniej z powodu p臋kania mojego starego cedru przy wpu艣cie. Zaradzi艂em klejem PL. Gniazdko elektryczne otrzyma rozga艂臋ziacz jak s膮siedni na fotce powy偶ej. Brakuj膮cy s艂upek otrzyma naci臋cie na grubo艣膰 sosny 6 mm. Za艣 wy艂膮cznik podnios臋 o 6 mm za pomoc膮 d艂u偶szych 艣rubek, bez potrzeby ruszania pude艂ka elektrycznego.聽 beton wok贸艂 elektryki otrzyma izolacj臋 z we艂ny szklanej. / The last cedar “bricks” panel was the slowest due to cracking of my stock of t/g cedar at he groove, which I remedied by gluing w. PL.聽 Electric outlet will get treatment as above. The missing vertical in the convex corner will receive a notch 1/4 inch to accept t/g pine.聽 The switch will be lifted 1/4 inch with longer screws, w/o detaching the box, to accommodate pine thickness. Concrete around the electrical boxes to be filled w. fibreglass insulation.

halfdone3 tyg. od startu, po艂owa roboty wykonana. Warsztat 艢w. Miko艂aja powinien by膰 got贸w przed Bo偶ym Narodzeniem 馃檪 / 3 weeks from project inception, Half done; Santa’s workshop should be ready before Xmas 馃檪

…Jutro koniec listopada, 4 tyg. z hakiem od pocz膮tku projektu,netto 2-3 tyg.roboty,resztanacg]=horob臋 (, tempo rob贸t mniejsze, podsumowuj臋 od p贸 metka na fotce powy偶ej.

Do ko艅ca listopada 2016, wyko艅czy艂em ty艂 艣cianki dzia艂owej za Heb: polistyren przepuszczaj膮cy 艣wiat艂o, p艂yta pa藕dzierzowa twarda z dziurkami na haki (pegboard), oprawa z drewna odpadowego. Przy drzwiach ubikacji zabrak艂o materia艂u, szukam taniego 藕r贸d艂a: kawa艂ki przecenione (nadal drogie) ze sk艂adu budowlanego albo wyj膮膰 z domu do rozbi贸rki. Kupi艂em kawa艂ki sklejki i pegboard, przy okazji zgarn膮艂em z przeceny ciekawe kafelki do modeli i tarcz膮 o obwodzie wzmocnionym proszkiem diamentowym — do pi艂y ramieniowej do ci臋cia kamienia, kafli. Tego samego dnia znalaz艂em dom z pegboard w dobrym stanie w gara偶u, wi臋c zwracam zakup, wymontowuj臋… Wchodz臋 w ostatni niewyko艅czony k膮t w warsztacie — postanawiam, 偶e te偶 b臋dzie pegboard, plus p贸艂ka na wys. jak nad Landar膮, pod p贸艂k膮 wieszaki (przy drzwiach na zewn膮trz).

Landara dostaje p贸艂k臋 d艂g. 2,5 m, wzmocnion膮 beleczk膮 z p艂otu ogryzionego przez konie; fajnie wygl膮da, m贸wi 偶ona, a jak tak, to na pewno fajnie. Na Landarze stawiam najnowszy nabytek: 艣cieracz sto艂owy do drewna z zestawem 6 cylindr贸w — za 25 C$ od handlarza maszynami ze zbankrytowanych biznes贸w.

W trakcie roboty w warsztacie, wypr贸bowuj臋 rozstaw umeblowania i maszyn. Pi艂a sto艂owa potrzebuje przestawiania, kiedy trafi si臋 du偶a p艂yta czy d艂uga decha. Kuba musi wi臋c odej艣膰 od Heb za 艣ciank臋 dzia艂ow膮, gdzie jest dosy膰 miejsca, dobre o艣wietlenie jarzeniowe, mniej py艂u i blisko do p贸艂ek z modelami, kt贸re b臋d膮 remontowa膰 na wierzchu Kuby.

Rezygnuj臋 ze zlewu w blacie Heb: ubikacja jest kilka krok贸w dalej, do malowania modeli wystarczy s艂oik z wod膮.

Nad Landar膮 s膮 przewody wbudowanego odkurzacza. Mo偶na je przed艂u偶a膰 do dowolnego miejsca. Najlepsze pod艂膮czenie: nad ka偶d膮 maszyn膮, z oddzielnym w臋偶em, wciskanym na wyci膮gni臋te rami臋 (wcisk w艂膮cza silnik odkurzacza). Musz臋 zdoby膰 gniazdka oraz kawa艂ki w臋偶a z zako艅czeniem w艂膮czaj膮cym silnik…

Jedna panela “cegie艂ek” cedrowych niesko艅czona na g贸rze — a偶 znajd臋 przed艂u偶acz wielogniazdkowy o prostok膮tnym kszta艂cie, inne trudno dopasowa膰 do cegie艂ek. Poluj臋 te偶 na drugi metalowy rozga艂臋ziacz taki jak pod biurkiem, zamontuj臋 bli偶ej Heb.

9. grudnia parapet贸wa, 6 tyg. od powstania pomys艂u. Drobiazg do zrobienia: reperacja szuflady Monstrum, nogi dla Kuby… / Warming party Dec 9, six weeks from project inception. Small things remain to be finished: repair of Monster’s drawer I broke, base for Kuba…


Copy from http://www.railroad-line.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=48089

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Piotr Bein
Section Hand
Posted聽–聽10/25/2016聽:聽 5:44:22 PMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

A workshop tells about the owner, his layout and scale. I used to be neat and organized… until I started this hobby 3 yrs ago. Now it’s an organized mess 馃檪 Organized in soon-to-be 3rd shop in the house… I’ll no longer suffer in cold garage: moving shop to heated bsmt.

The father of all workshops

Table and radial saws stay in the garage — one messy dusted place is enough. Small drill press mat go to the bsmt. as needed. Clean bsmt shop will be an excuse to buy a toy for making ship hulls 馃檪 Anybody with recommendations of small band saws etc.?

The furniture in the garage has character 馃檪 Under radial saw: wall cabinet. From a university dump, a mail sorter at the other endof bench: 60 cubicles, perfect for storing by type. From the same dump, a heafty, laminate-finished counter-top 10 ft. long (lab?) and two v. strong cabinets (drawers missing no problem, I store power tools on shelves I added) to support it. I installed the thing in my son’s dormitory in Victoria BC. But the stuff is so good, I moved it to my garage when moving son’s furniture, using only one cabinet — the other end sits on two 6×6 posts, the back beam screwed/nailed to studs. I added an open shelf under the bench, on a 2×4 beam to avoid dealing with mid-posts, but leaving enough clearance for toolboxes.

At the other wall I have a bookcase with adjustable shelving, shelf brackets above — for moldings and rod stock, like behind the radial saw, above a tool rack. Here is my patent: several horizontal 2x2s attached to steel brackets with gaps inbetween (insert a nut before nailing/screwing together thru it). The gaps acceptthe handles of smaller tools like pliers, tips of screwdrivers, files, chisels, saws. For hammers, caulking guns (I have 3 or 4 for diff. kind of caulk or glue) etc. fatter tools, I skipped a length of 2×2, getting a super-wide gap.

Cosy in the beni

I’ve just cleaned up my basement, releasing acres of clear floor and walls, by re-arranging my grown-up kids stored stuff 馃檪 Five foot shelves on both sides of 2×6 framing (15 sq. ft total) accommodate piles of boxes from the floor of a large room, by collating half-fulls and empties. My wife’s Xmas wreaths now hangs on nails high up.
Under a window and good lamps (previous owner had an electronic workshop there),I want to have the main bench… but I don’t have one! I looked on Craigslist for freebees Sunday eve., sent emails, picked up an antique rolled top oak desk and Monster = a workbench custom built to withstand Russian tanks :))) The owner said I needed two other guys to shift it onto my trailer, but he wouldn’t be there. So I did it alone, more with my brain than muscles 馃檪
The oak desk went to my wife’s sawing room for her help with Monster on the home side:) I am taking her maple desk. I still need at least another bench, will pick up a freebe workbench tonight… if it is built like German tank, that is :)))

Shelves and brackets cheaply

I support the 5-ft. shelves (2×6 from dismantled deck) on concrete wall ledge on one side, and on the other — 2×10 nailed to doorway stud.
This gave me an idea for a long wall: winterizing models I take inside. With my productivity and scavenging zest 馃檪 the garage shelving I built last year is packed full.
I like my shelves at least 1.5 ft. wide and strong, hence the 2 inch stock from construction sites and my deck. Scavenged plywood at least 1.5 ft. wide goes for lighter shelves, e.g. under scavenged styrofoam and shelving with less vertical clearance (small models) or better spacing of brackets.

At a few dollars a piece, brackets are a problem: having used my life’s supply 馃檪 of metal brackets, now I make my own from waste lumber and flooring strips; L-shape with a diagonal screwed to the other pieces. I nail the vertical leg to a stud, then build the rest on it, or make complete bracket on the workbench and then nail/screw it onto a stud. Simple, quick, reliable, strong.

Using every sq. inch 馃檪

The 2nd shop is in my former office. Computer is still there, but bookcases are filled with supplies, while finished models and components of future projects fill up the space under the ceiling and sofa and in every vacant spot on the floor, ready for the garbage bin when the time comes. This is my year-round “precision” (no claim to such :)) workshop. To the desk whose surface I’ve damaged (to my wife’s horror) when straigtening out 70 ft. of bent/broken LGB rails, I added a freebee table with nice wood surface (it’s cut all over now with the suitcase dollhouse project :))

Former closet in my former office, full of empty computer boxes and plastic binders, and recycled envelopes of all sizes, now sports hangers for bags with tin metal, cables and rags. Multi-level hangers hold my clamps: when I need them in another room, I take the whole thing from the closet. Hanging along are dozens of plastic hangers to be cut for the “pipe elbows” when finally my Refinery is built. On the closet shelves, I have supplies for “precision” work: bags with dusts, shavings, crumbs etc. that I collect as I work with wood, plastic, stone. I also save clear packaging: small for skylights, larger for cutting into window panes. In gallon milk containers (top opened up) are DYI cedar shingles, chopped firewood etc. bulk supplies. Knitting rods, split cedar lumber. thinner pipes (plastic and metal) and misc. rods stand in tall narrow boxes on the closet’s floor, beside metal grills, computers etc. junk.
Figurines are all in a box, sorted by figurine type. Orphan drawers are good for closets: they sit on a shelf w/o showing off their variety.
On closet door handles, I hang long rubber bands (for clamping), belts etc. flexible longies…
Room corners are for scale wood stock. Tools are in desk drawers, finer ones on a shelf above computer, beside trays with misc. smallies.
Sections of wire-mesh live under the window behind the second desk.

That’s not all…

I lied, have a 4th “workshop”: in my bedroom. One can tell by glue spots on the carpet (dairy farm and food centre projects :)) I used to escape here from winter-cold garage. The last corrugated pieces cut from flexible alu duct still hang on a lamp, awaiting final destination (Ship Screw restaurant?). Chests of drawers are full of supplies, while my favourite model (mine loading building) winterizes by my bed 馃檪 Two desks of my former student kids support larger models under construction or repairs. Underneath are boxes and containers with useful stuff…. and the dollhouse waiting for g-daughter to reach the age. A bookshelf screwed to the wall displays more junk — to be used one day. or thrown into recycling.
Adjoining silly attic (entry through a pet door :)) 4 ft. wide under roof slope, received narrow shelving and a full width shelf above the low door — for locos and rolling stock. More boxes with junk on the floor and wider shelving… refineries tend to be big 馃檪
Sorry, I forgot to mention my paint shop …in my bathroom. Instead of shaving foam, deodorants, eau de cologne and shampoos, I have rows of little and bigger bottles and containers with paints, more in one drawer along with brushes. Toiletries I use fill half of the other drawer. Vessels for colour-bathing model components in the sink cabinet. A room-width shelf over the toilet displays cuties I could not resist in 2nd hand stores, and supports models currently painted. I do longer pieces over or in the bathtub.
My wife is reafing this, notes that I have 5th workshop: — in the shed, Right!.I store my stone material and on rainy daus may be tjere breaking countertop slabs into smaller pieces and bulding micro-retaining walls (I number the pieces with pencil, to keep track of the sequence).
I almost forgot: in the garage I have a reee stump for v=butting smaller stonewith a chisel,and by the garage door which I open for the occasion: a rubber mat for cutting hardiplank on.
All together,I have some 10 sq. ft. of workshops per sq. ft. of layout :)))

Storage containers and earthquakes

Having a dozen projects going, I put them and loose supplies into separate flat cardboard boxes (from produce stores). Sometimes large (up to 2×3 ft.), strong plastic flats are available there. I put in them plastic cars, construction machinery, copters and smaller structures… The flats stick out a foot on the uppermost shelves.

Caution in earthquake zones: stuff will fall down from shelves, so secure it up there or put your valuable toys in boxes on the floor. A bashed,light-weight model on top shelf, I packed into a boc and filled with crimpled plastic bags — if it falls down, I can glue it.
MS Owl, a coaster that picks up sewage and dangerous liquids from coastal communities, my first vesssel model, built on a heavy wood bowl) sits in a trough I found (glued together of flexible plastic foam pieces)…. Which gave me an idea for 13th project: a dry dock in my harbour 馃檪

Anybody cares to brag about their workshop(s)?
See ya, must go to slide my Monster down concrete stairs into the basement.

Country: Canada | Posts: 80

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽10/26/2016聽:聽 12:11:16 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

“A picture can speak and take the place of a 1000 words’.”
Why do you shout bold? Instead, suggest to the Admin to restrict posts to whatever number of words you can cope with
The art of writing has died out with the junk media era that focuses on sensations, lies, the quick and pictorial, best if mowing, and no longer than 30 secs.

Just came back with a mate for the Monster: a freebe, very decent metal cabinet for kitchen sink, about 7 feet long — perfect for 2nd working surface and storage.
Option: replace the beaten up ersatz top with solid wood.
For modellers of the 1950’s era, google “Youngstown kitchen pic”.

Country: Canada | Posts: 80Go to Top of PagePiotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽10/27/2016聽:聽 12:39:18 PMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Monster and Landara cleaned up (will be panted eventually) and in place under separate walls, cutting/drilling my old deck’s 2x6s into shelving was their first job.
Monster did not even shake under powerful hammer blows (I drive screws fully into the board to save myself turning the screwdriver, don’t have a power one).
Landara with grace supported long boards for Makita radial that I added at a separate stand (old kitchen over-counter cabinet turned 90 deg. for the height).
Desk still under a pile of drying Monster’s drawers (he waited for me a few days outside in the rain), gives me time to design finishing the window above Monster, finer shelving above each bench…
The storage shelving in another part of bsmt is finished. 2×10 and 2×6 as brackets screwed/nailed horizontally to 2×6 studs work well. If they yield under v. heavy loads, I’ll add legs to support them on.
I found 3 oak wine racks, will hang under the ceiling for wood/pipe/metal rod stock racks — beside the hammock?
My wife’s creations — painted older wood doors will now serve as a divider, in combination with a sail from our Polish foldable rubber kayak. Rubber disintegrated since 1970’s, the sail, paddles, rudder and wooden frame will be used for something else… unless someone with rubber shall-making skills wants to trade.
The concrete foundation ledge several feet above the floor will be covered with new, feather-jointed 2x6s that I have scavenged yrs ago. I will only oil them, display thingies, old tools on them.
The wall between the ledge and floor is clad with 3-4 inch white styrofoam. It will be a challenge to attach finer shelving to it above Monster and the desk.
Back to work…

Country: Canada | Posts: 80 Go to Top of Page

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽10/30/2016聽:聽 02:35:40 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Wine racks in workshop :)))

Oaken wine-rack frames were laying around in the bsmt pantry (former “wine cellar”).
Today, I finished installation of them in a row under the ceiling, over a desk in a corner of my bsmt workshop in the making. I transferred into the rack most if my wood finer stock from the garage. The two frames closest to the door are 16 in. apart — for short stock. The 3rd one is a foot from the wall, about 4 ft. from the 2nd one, so it supports longer pieces.
Also today I finished gluing sleepers to the wall at floor level, to make up for the 2 in. thick foam insulation. The concrete is uneven and crooked; hammer/chisel went into action, some sections of wood had to be cut out to accommodate the wall.
Wood: scavenged rails of palletes, exactly the thickness of foam. I beveled its wall corner, as the concrete is most uneven there and slopes a bit into the room. I lay each piece of wood on a 2″ strip of cellular moisture break. Glue: PL600. At the bottom of the wall, there was some salt from capillary action , but I hope it’s from before I cleared the foundation drain.
Strapping will be fastened to the sleeper at the floor level, and to the 1.5 inch shelf at the top.
Over and on both sides of Monster under the bay window, I will go for a pegboard, of which I have 4 – 4×4 ft. sheets laying around. The rest of the foam will be clad with barn/pallet boards I’ll gradually scavenge and fasten to the strapping.
My cost so far: CS10 (2 tubes of PL600) plus screws. 2 workbenches and a desk — free from Craigslist. Plywood for repairing damaged gyproc (valve burst in frost a few yrs back) and wood for shelves and around window — scavenged.
I took some pics w. my wife’s camera, will post when I master the transfer to my computer and the forum 馃檪

Country: Canada | Posts: 80 Go to Top of Page

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽10/30/2016聽:聽 8:11:00 PMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Damn that Craigslist!
Looking for fruit, I spotted a custom-made rolled map cabinet with 45 馃檪 cubicles. Size 54 x 42 x 24 in. high, turned on its side it’s perfect for storing scale dimension lumber etc. by type and size… Just for the boards of piers etc. I have 3 types of wood (cedar, treated green and treated blackish in 2-3 widths. The wine-rack is almost full, lots of wood still left in the garage. For pier piles: 4 types of round wood, incl. bamboo.
I will raise the cabinet at the floor, add a stronger top with space under it (for smaller sheet material?).
At a construction site, I spotted a pile of cut-offs of 12 x 4 strand beam. The cutoffs would make heavy feet 1 foot high, cross-stabilized with 2x6s. I will ask tomorrow if I may have some, also 2″ foam scrap.
Herewith, I’m officially naming the cabinet Kuba (Polish name, resembles “cubicle”). A child of Monster and Landara, Kuba will double as a table between his parents, leaving 3.5 ft. passage on each side. It should be large enoughfor my largest model under construction: eductational model of hi-tech yet ecological dairy farm. I may put a scroll saw or small drill-press on top of Kuba’s beefed-up top. Anybody can recommend a scroll saw? I work in 1:24 scale.
PL600 dried nicely, holds the sleepers well. I was playing with the idea of strapping made from my old deck 2×6: cut out 3/4 in. corners to accept boards. Went scavenging, found barn boards, not enough for my project. It is a former hobby horse farm, some 2×6 planks on the fence are chewed, forming a wavy upper edge. I want one for the backboard of my workbenches 馃檪
It is sad to see the spacious acreages disappear to make way for sardine can developments :(((
I want to preserve the “old”-time memory in form of horse chewed-plank. In turn, when the hobby farm was built (30 yrs ago?), it probably devoured the bush or a producing farm. Before that, Coastal Indians roamed the wilderness looking for food and the best cedars. The rate of change boggles the mind…

Country: Canada | Posts: 80 Go to Top of Page

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/01/2016聽:聽 12:05:13 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Went scavenging, first drove by Home Depot dumpster (two interior doors, but I don’t need any),then to construction site I spotted yesterday. A Hindu foreman, very nice guy, parted easily with the cut-offs of 12 x 4 strand beam, but the narrow strips of insulation, they need where studs are close. No problem, I got better insulation (2″ blue styrofoam) from another site; thought it would be for models, but what the heck, I must finish the shop in order to be able to produce models 馃檪 While at the big site, I picked up a couple of plastic pipe cut-offs (for pedestrian tunnel under a station… the short tunnel I got at a modellers’fair and cut in half to make two portals, did not work out… I’ll simply attach portals made of styrofoam to the pipe).
Then on to former hobby horse farm, got the planks chewed out by horses (for backboards on benches, maybe I”ll drill vertical holes in them to hold small tools etc.) and a bunch of large steel brackets for shelves. Landara will like their company above, being made of steel, too. I found a terrace umbrella, with nice fabric supports made of solid plastic with sexy hooks on the ends — will use one day on a model 馃檪
Next to nearby properties slated for demolition. As I was pulling out barn boards (for cladding my workshop) from a pile that was a house, backhoe operator came and I had to leave,.. not far: half a dozen properties in a row are awaiting death by demolition.
I got wainscoting I might use in the desk corner. Almost got three short counter-tops made of natural stone. I’d use them on my layout as city squares and such, but someone snatched them when I went home to unload and pick up my hand truck for the heavy pieces… You’ve got to be quick when scavenging houses between the time bums and squatters are kicked out and the backhoe arrives.
I also found a few sheets of plexi, useable paints incl. sprays, modeller’s wood glue 馃檪 and a made-in-China wooden model of a cafe house with a missing patio in the back — work for a couple of days for me :)) Its style matches a bunch of buildings I’ve just enriched for my fishermen village.
Other finds:
– a dozen 3-ft. chain sections hanging on a branch (for handrail chains on piers. just need to paint the metal shine grey or black)
– pieces of metal and plastic — parts of various products, to junk boxes to wait for their chance in model life 馃檪
– small hoe (weeding the layout) and plastic spoon-like colander with a long handle (for taking out leaves and cedar needles from my lakes) and a broom w/o handle (cleanup of tracks)
– two cute “hedgehogs” (brushes on them) and doormats: at the outside door to my workshop, inside at exit into the rest of the basement, against tracking of sawdust
– knobs for Monster’s drawers (yesterday, I planed the tardiest drawers and greased with soap, they move w/o problems, except one whose rail I displaced while shifting the monstrum)…
– home (well) made top shelving of a computer desk or such (for the periphery of my workshop, perhaps by the desk).

I had to quit with sundown, will return tomorrow for 4 super steel brackets, 3/4 in. plywood of prime quality (wall finish in a basement, will try to glue two sheets together for Kuba’s top.) and interesting cladding in a workshop (brick-like pieces of 4″ t/g cedar boards; a squatter may still live there as the light was on). And the barn boards of course … 馃檪
My wife asked me to break/cut some branches off a productive fig tree (lots of second crop that did not have time to ripen) — she will plant them in our Paradise 馃檪

Country: Canada | Posts: 80Go to Top of PagePiotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/03/2016聽:聽 02:03:32 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Today, I slid Heb into the bsmt. She is blueish, hence the name (Hebrew) 馃檪
I got her yesterday, but it rained and I unloaded today. Heb is a floor cabinet, well built of plywood, good counter-top, but 3 larger holes at one end of it. When I placed Heb where drill/press and scroll saw could be located in the room, I noticed copper pipe stubs built into the wall, right where the massacred end of the counter-top is. So she will double as paint shop with sink. Luckily, sewage drain runs just under Heb, I just need to break the concrete and make a connection.
The luck I’ve had with establishing the workshop is incredible. As soon as I opted for the sink, I remembered a double one I saw in a house to be demolished. Is it still there?
Yesterday I was dismantling “brick” cedar from a wall (for the desk corner), socializing with a bum squatting the house and with another who salvages materials on the spot. Then hauling Heb… which was not simple as she is fairly heavy, but the ground was soft earth and I just rolled her to the trailer that I parked close, owing to opening one of the gates in the demolition fence. To cushion Heb’s fall on the countertop laid on the trailer’s bottom, I used soaking wet diapers…. relax, soaked with rain 馃檪 A large box of brand-new diapers was strewn outside.

In the evening I managed to clad half of the naked wall below white foam. Today I got more scrap styrofoam and finished the job, using Pl Premium here and there. I did minimum cutting, filling holes and cracks with small pieces of styrofoam; this way I managed to save 3 nice pieces for models.
With Heb in place, I played with a partition wall behind her. The idea is to keep the heat in a smaller room in winter, no need to heat the whole bsmt. The entry opening will be covered with a curtain. I’ll make the partition from my former deck 2x6s, placed with the width along the wall. Behind the 2x6s I will nail wainscoting I stripped couple of days ago from a house. On Heb’s side, I will attach shelving from same 2x6s on steel brackets.

Country: Canada | Posts: 80Go to Top of Pagesouthpier
Engine Wiper

Posted聽–聽11/03/2016聽:聽 06:31:31 AMShow ProfileReply with Quote

i have to ask: did you run into Frank & Joe looking for Applegate’s treasure?

Country: | Posts: 102 Go to Top of Page

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/06/2016聽:聽 4:27:12 PMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Yes! Judging by their age, they are the Squatter and the Chief Scavenger at the site 馃檪
I got a bunch of railroading calendars at a modeller show in Vancouver,
Will plaster the unfinished bsmt ceiling with best picks from the calendar pics. Will glue them to board scrap and attach to the joists.

Bsmt time, til next time…

Country: Canada | Posts: 80Go to Top of PagePiotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/09/2016聽:聽 02:44:49 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Progress slow because of illness, but steady.
Finished installing Heb and shelving above. She required adjustments after rough transport, no problems for the material is decent. She developed a nasty black mold at the base, from standing in wet room. I covered the holed part of counter with a piece of plywood, until I install a sink some day. The wall cladding above is also removable for access to pipes. Four openings in the partition behind Heb will receive translucent material, to let light into the rest of the bsmt.
Started finishing the desk corner. Notched 2x6s to receive cedar t/g “bricks”. One 2×6 in a panel must be left loose until all “bricks” are inserted. Every 5 or 6 layers of bricks, I put continuous t/g boards against buckling as the cedar pieces are held only by the t/g and the notches. Looks good!
2x6s provide extra support for the 2×10 shelf on the concrete wall ledge, and make it possible to install shelf brackets above the desk.

Country: Canada | Posts: 80 Go to Top of Page

Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/10/2016聽:聽 02:12:00 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Another sick work day 馃檪
Did 3 wall panels in cedar “bricks”, slower than yesterday, because:
– Electric connection. Power strip to be at the bottom of desk cabinet. Cord installed behind the panel, plugs into a 6-socket unit that I added to normal socket to make up for the cedar thickness. Cost of power strip and 6-socket unit about $4 in second-hand store.
– Two 135 deg. angles (one concave, one convex) in the concrete wall under the bay window. I rip a 2×6 for each corner.
– Concrete wall imperfections require filling with styrofoam strips here and there.
All 2×6 verticals and baseboards resting on the floor receive a sole made of plastic flooring nailed to the underside — against capillary moisture.
My son-in-law came to look, he liked the design with “barn” boards 2×6 (old deck) and cedar “bricks”. He is a superb craftsman, so his compliment counts 馃檪
He suggested to strip arborite from the back of Heb and glue it onto her holed part, filling the openings with wood beforehand. As much work as installing a sink…
I like the “brick” look, my wife too. I’ll run it the length of the bay window wall (5 panels). Behind the Monstrum bench I’m using t/g cedar boards salvaged from our previous house where I finished the bsmt.

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Piotr Bein
Section Hand

Posted聽–聽11/11/2016聽:聽 01:15:34 AMShow ProfileVisit Piotr Bein's HomepageReply with Quote

Did 2 panels, appreciate the high quality of cedar t/g boards from my previous house. Work slowed down because of glueing splinters of grooves that fall off. Also I failed to notice early: one of the cedar boards I cut into bricks and mixed with the others is 1/8 inch wider. I will re-do tomorrow after the glue sets and I know what stock I am working with.
I used scrap wood on the part of wall that will be hidden behind Monstrum. A bit tomorrow and the rest will be good cedar “bricks”.
Am tempted to get a dual gang electrical box to join a duplex receptacle and a light switch that are now separate but close together. I think I brought one from recent scavenging.
Set up the desk in the finished corner, added a shelf above the desk top. Moving my hobby books onto it. Problem: the corner is 5-10 deg. out of square (concrete forming flaw) skew gap on the side of desk top. Solution: curb screwed to the top’s edge, narrow shelf on the curb to conceal the thin triangle (useful for dropping electric cords down to energy bar down below).
Have an idea of transition from the 1/4″ pine boards around Heb to the cedar bricks approaching dangerously fast from Monster’s side 馃檪
Piles of sawdust grow under my saws. Son-in-law suggested to enclose the legs of the table saw with sheet, put a container inside to catch most of the sawdust. Vacuum hose connected to that space would additionally reduce dust. I have a built-in vacuum receptacle in the workshop, will try his idea, once I am done with the walls and furniture. I have no idea why the sack on my radial saw does not suck in most of the sawdust; it did before. sawdust. The pipe is clear, yet all sawdust ends up around the saw, the sack never fills up.

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Piotr Bein
Section Hand

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Taking it easy, curing the cold or whatever it is… my wife contracted it in turn.
Yesterday, installed the “energy bar” and the filling around the top of desk. Finished another panel of cedar bricks, glued more of fallen off cedar groove edges… slows me down considerably, but it’s the only way to make up for “brick” material with own salvaged t/g cedar which being lighter weight is also more fragile.
It would be difficult to gang receptacle with the switch, as cables are tight. I will leave both in place, only put a piece of wood under the switch to make up for the thickness of panel (the receptacle will get a 6-socket unit as the other one did, with good esthetic result).
Moved my paint shop from my bathroom to Heb’s corner… she happily mixes with other colours :))
Uploaded pics from a week ago, captions bilingual:


Andrzej Szubert: Donald Trump – patriota Usraelski, nadzieja dla Usraela i 艣wiata, czy syjonistyczny Trampek…?

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