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Putin: atak USA w Syrii na elektrownię bezsensowny + Moskwa nie rozumie, co dokładnie USA robią w Syrii + Próba izolacji Rosji nie powiodła się

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Putin o atakach USA w Syrii: elektrownia została zniszczona bezsensownie

Szef MSZ Rosji: próba izolacji Rosji nie powiodła się

Szef MSZ Rosji: Moskwa nie rozumie, co dokładnie USA robią w Syrii

[ru] Sztaby PI w prowincji Aleppo zniszczone

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Огонь по штабам: корректируемой бомбой КАБ-500 уничтожены штабы ИГИЛ в провинции Алеппо http://aloxov.net/armiya-i-voynyi/ogon-po-shtabam/

EU suspends sanctions on Belarus

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Newsletter 2015/10/13 – Crisis as Opportunity

MINSK/BERLIN (Own report) – At Berlin’s insistence, the EU foreign
ministers decided, Monday, to temporarily suspend EU sanctions on
Belarus, at least for the next four months. Because of the Ukrainian
conflict, Minsk is confronting grave economic and foreign policy
difficulties. Because of Russia’s economic crisis, Belarusian imports
have been drastically reduced and Minsk is forced to seek alternate
markets. President Alyaksandr Lukashenka is also worried that Russia’s
overwhelming power could threaten Belarus’ independence and therefore,
is actively intensifying his own foreign policy initiatives. To
acquire alternate markets and maintain its independence, Minsk cannot
avoid reinforcing its relations to the West. Berlin’s political
establishment is closely monitoring these developments. There is an
opportunity for “successfully implementing structural changes” in
Belarus, as experts declared just before Sunday’s presidential
elections. In the hope of weakening Minsk’s ties to Moscow and
strengthening its bonds to the western hegemonic sphere, Foreign
Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier made a plea for suspending the
sanctions. Berlin’s political PR is ill at ease with this year’s Nobel
Literature Prize laureate, Svetlana Alexievich’s warning to maintain
sanctions – in conformity with EU policy until now.


VIDEO Iceland Takes a Big Step

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‘She kept screaming,’ says father of 2-year-old killed in airstrike +

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The Ugly Truth

Shells hit Russian embassy ground in Damascus on Tuesday 12/10/2015, as an act of terrorizing syrian people who joined in a Rally to express their support to the coordination between Russian and Syrian governments against terrorists in Syria, which is a global threat, Syrians find this military coordination is the only solution to fight terrorists.

Syrians welcomed Moscow’ airstrikes on terrorists in Syria.
However Syrians have experienced  such aggressive reaction from the side of the so-called “moderate rebels”
such foreign backed rebels never accept the other view, they express their views by bombing syrian people, this is the only language of the so called moderate rebels.

For instance at the time of election, syrians went to boxes of election under the missiles of “moderate rebels” who are peaceful seekers or democracy seekers in the eyes of mainstream media and western leaders .

The good news that is no member of the diplomatic…

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CIA Rebrands ‘Moderate’ Rebels: Now They’re the ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’!

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BOMBA!!! Bajkolandia i Era Bankstera

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Bajkolandia i Era Bankstera

Wejście smoka czyli prezydent Putin wychodzi z cienia…

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Wejście smoka czyli prezydent Putin wychodzi z cienia…

Ankara Bombings Disclose Turkey’s True Motives in Syria + Russia “Violated” Turkish Airspace Because Turkey “Moved” Its Border

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Iranian Ambassador: What Iran and Russia Are Really Up To in Syria

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Alarmed European Jews Want Netanyahu Replaced with a Leader for Peace

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Russian researchers develop internet ‘bot’ to hunt ISIS recruiters

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Russian researchers develop internet ‘bot’ to hunt ISIS recruiters

PODPISZ: Otwarty list do Prezydenta Putina i Narodu Rosji

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Otwarty list do Prezydenta Putina i Narodu Rosji

Prawo (morskie) dotyczy tylko otępiałych niewolników

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Potwory Propagandy na Zakręcie Epoki

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Polscy rolnicy to już niewolnicy

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Is Barack Obama TRYING To Start WW3? + 1952 US Navy Plans for “Offensive Biological and Chemical Warfare” + Red/Blue Election Choices Are Placebos

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Moscow’s Embassy Rocketed After US-Armed Al-Nusra Calls for Killing Russians + US Partners with Kurdish War Criminals in Fight to Overthrow al-Assad

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Planned Parenthood to Stop Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts, Will Still Harvest and Donate Them

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Planned Parenthood to Stop Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts, Will Still Harvest and Donate Them

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