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Ph.D. Decision Analysis, 1980: Inter-disciplinary, between Department of Civil Engineering and Faculty of Business Administration, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

M.A.Sc. Transportation Engineering, 1975: Institute for Transportation Engineering and Urban Planning, Technical University of Denmark (Danmarks Tekniske Højskole), Copenhagen-Lyngby

Master’s program in Civil Engineering, 1966-1970, unfinished: Polytechnic of Szczecin (Politechnika Szczecińska), Szczecin, Poland


Activist, researcher and publicist on political, environmental and social issues, since 1997

  • Independent researcher
  • Regular poster to the Web, on Polish and int’l issues
  • Author of two political books, one in Polish, one in English
  • Deputy Chief Editor and contributor to Polish-language Info nurt and Wir magazines for Polish national interests
  • Author and translator of articles (between Polish and English; search “Piotr Bein” on the Internet)
  • Member of STOPNATO@yahoogroups following NATO attack on Yugoslavia
  • Co-founder and moderator of DU-Watch and du-watch@yahoogroups.com, and contributor until 2004

35-years’ Professional Experience

  • Research, science, economics, management
  • Civil, structural, transportation, arctic and naval engineering
  • Decision analysis, risk assessment, environmental and social impact assessment
  • Project supervision, monitoring, and quality assurance and control
  • Cost-benefit, multiple account and sustainability evaluations
  • Management information and decision support systems
  • Market research, promotion of novel technologies
  • Organization of workshops and seminars, preparation of curricula and training of professionals

Professional Membership

  • Association of Professional Engineers and Geologists of British Columbia, since 1975
  • Institute for Risk Research, University of Waterloo, Canada, since 1985


Contributions to the International Comparative Genocide Research, Hiroshima City University, in: Christian Scherrer (ed.) Genocide and Mass Violence in Eurasia. Comparative Genocide Studies 3. Moers: IFEK-IRECOR 2008:

  • Revisionism, Role Reversal and Restitutions: The Polish-Jewish Case (with Stefan  Pągowski)
  • Judeocentrics and Mass Crimes
  • Mass Deception on Mass Violence: The Case of Serbs

Major papers and articles on debunking uranium weapons propaganda

Books on NATO attack on Yugoslavia and global powers behind mass crimes

Numerous articles on political, environmental and social issues in alternative Polish publications: Info nurt, Wir, Zielone Brygady…

Civil engineering, transportation planning, ecological economics (search “Peter Bein” on the Internet):

  • 16 refereed papers in professional journals
    Over 50 papers to professional forums
    Numerous technical reports

Professional Record

Self-employed, PL and CA, 7.1997-present, Volunteer and Expert: Consultant to a Polish protest group against trans-country high-voltage power lines. Consultee to the European Commitee on Radiation Risk on the 2003 major report. Promotion in Poland of a Canadian solar aquatic wastewater treatment process. Independent researcher, international activist, publicist and author. Market research and evaluation in Poland for an int’l leader in intelligent transportation systems. Preparation of technical proposals.

Environment Canada, 4.1999-3.2001, Climate Change Economis: Socio-economic analysis of impacts and adaptations to climate change. R&D leadership, workshops, training, proposals and reports, papers and presentations.

British Columbia Ministry of Transportation & Highways, 5.1991-3.1999, Chief Economist: R&D Engineer: Development and implementation of economic analysis tools and multi-criteria evaluation in planning and programing of infrastructure investments. R&D project leadership and management of interdisciplinary teams.

Self-employed, CA and USA, 5.1989-12.1997, Expert Economist: Economic analysis and multiple account evaluation of road infrastructure investments for int’l banks and US and Canadian transportion agencies.

ND Lea International, 9.1985-4.1989, Expert: Manager R&D: Infrastructure management systems and economic analysis of transportation projects. Technical support to projects worldwide: proposals, reports, training.

Self-employed, 7.1984-9.1985: Promotion and sales of energy retrofits and a novel building system in Canada.

Swan Wooster, Canada, 6.1981-7.1984, Specialist: Structural design, naval architecture and risk and decision analysis of structures, offshore platforms, and hazardous goods transportation by road and marine.

Whitmann Benn, Halifax CA, 6.1980-6.1981, Project Engineer Surveys, inspection, design and construction supervision.

U. of British Columbia, 9.1977-5.1980 Research Associate: Interdisciplinary research on infrastructure management systems. Thesis in English.

HA Simons Int’l, Canada, 8.1975-7.1977, Engineer: Civil engineering design for Kwidzyń Pulp and Paper Mill in Poland.

Techical U. of Denmark, 9.1973-6.1975 Research Assistant: Development of a skid resistance tester. Thesis in Danish.

Construction and consulting, 6.1970-4.1973, Junior Engineer and Trainee: Construction several residential hi-rises (Poland), Autobahn and hydroelectric plant, and structural design of bridges (Austria).

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