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Govts and MSM will lie about virus getting out of hand, to vaccinate everyone?

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fake coronavirus and the elites pretending that people in the UK have it, means that they will, like China and USA, give people a vaccine that will make us ill and in some cases, kill people. It’s depopulation and it’ll be facilitated by 5G, which is a military weapons grade technology, that can open you up to the vaccine so that it makes you more susceptible. It’s part of #agenda2030 formerly agenda 21. Incidentally, there are two BBC documentaries on tomorrow, one at 10pm on BBC 4, which is about a nationwide experiment to help plan for the next deadly flu pandemic  https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p059y0p1and straight after that at 11.15pm on BBC 2, a docudrama about the 1918 flu pandemic https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0blmn5l These programmes will be precursors for what will happen soon. The government and MSM will lie about the problem getting out of hand, saying that the virus has spread and everyone will need a compulsory vaccine.

Christopher Eccleston narrates a docudrama about the 1918 flu pandemic.
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Christopher Eccleston narrates a docudrama about the 1918 flu pandemic.
Christopher Eccleston narrates a docudrama about the 1918 flu pandemic.
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  • Chris Byrne
    Chris ByrneThe programme on at 10pm last night was a national experiment. They carried it out in hazlemere Surrey. People were given an app to download that monitors people’s exact location every 5 minutes for an hour. The presenter was the person that was the virus carrier in his experiment. It follows her movements and he app users, to see who comes into contact with the carrier. The picture showed different people, represented by circles on the map, coming into contact with the carrier. Then later, it shows an overall map, showing In speeded up time, how the virus spread and it showed the people who contracted the virus, lit up in red. At the end it also showed how many of those people were infected, which was about a quarter, how many of those went on to infect others and how many others they infected. It also showed how the virus infected the rest of the country, moving from London, and it said that about 200,000 would be dead. It was again a mock exercise, not a dead cert of a prediction of course. Then just after they had the docudrama of the Spanish flu pandemic, that they said actually started in America! And spread amongst WWI soldiers. They are attempting to use the second documentary to paint a picture of what it could be like if the alleged coronavirus spreads, but in fact it’s just evil propaganda as the virus is fake and I believe these people on the news, who are said to have contracted the virus, are either fake people and using crisis actors and others who they don’t mention the name of and one person who was interviewed on itv news, all you see is a fixed image in black of a person and the interview, so no actual proof as usual and they expect you to believe it! 🤦‍♂️what will happen in the near future I don’t know, but I expect more people to allegedly come into the country from China, who will have contracted this fake virus, like it’s been reported just now with that person in St. Thomas’s hospital. There’s also another documentary on channel 4 on Friday at 7.30pm, it says in the synopsis, “New:Coronavirus: Is Britain ready? The coronavirus is here. With Brighton at the epicentre, a report from the frontline as scientists seek a vaccine and critical health teams prepare for a public heath emergency. So the last part of the synopsis clearly shows that they intend to vaccinate probably either everyone of possibly selected people in the country, depending upon their race and religion I believe, but that’s my opinion, which is based on the establishment’s plan to replace us with Islam. The fact that it says public health emergency means just that, that they intend to pretend that the virus has spread to different parts of the country and they intend to try to halt the spread, by vaccinating people. What will be in these vaccines is anyone’s guess! But obviously the whole point of this is depopulation. To reduce to worlds population. In China, it is now a criminal offence to refuse to have the vaccine.

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