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Humans guilty of insect die-off

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Dariusz Leszczynski: We, the People… are driving insects to extinction…


PB: German studies show substantial kill-off of insects by urban and other artificial night illumination.

The study seems biased because it mentions climate change. The change we experience (due to natural, NOT man-made causes) cannot possibly be significant for insects or any other lifeforms
Concern about insects in particular in connection with wireless is misplaced, too. Micororganisms, i.e. microbioms of every living organism, from primitive water creatures and grass to mammals, crops and park trees will be affected by microbiom changed in them due to radio-wave irradiation.
Microrganisms are the base of life, insects are secondary. The die-off stats in the article for insects are not much different from data for reptiles.
Also symptomatically, the article is silent about dramatically increased levels of nuclear radiation. If millions of extra humans die every year of cancer alone from that cause, imagine the impact on other life forms.
Ditto for chemtrail fallout. Does any research institute assesss the impact? They would also lose their jobs if they dared. Grassroots can’t do it without sophisticated instruments and expertise.
The article is similar in emotional impact to bankster’s neo-marxist tactics of Extinction Rebellion and Greta’s idiotisation of sheeple. Just read the comments under the article… Focus on selected causes, some false, no a word on other obvious causes.
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