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January 25: Stop 5G events in Vancouver and Maple Ridge / Pitt Meadows

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The events took place in two British Columbia municipalities:

  • Vancouver starting at noon
  • Maple Ridge starting 3 hours later about 30 km away.

About 30 people participated in each venue lasting about two hours. The timing allowed some of us to take part in both events, as you can see it in the photos.

Vancouver was a street event, distrubuting fliers that a few of us have printed at their private expense. We spontaneous;y walked into CBC provincial headquarters, the new headquarters of Telus telecom company and ended the event inside Vancouver Public Library, where we started in front of the buildfing.

In Maple Ridge, we took positions at an intersection of two major arterial roads to attract the attention of drivers of in all traffic to our posters. 

To some of us it was the first opportunity to meet other activists and concerned fellow citizens. A collection of contact info will serve to keep in touch through a newsletter and occasional meetings.

Thanks to Organizers, Participants, and the receptive Public, too.

Thank you Chris and Paul for compilations.


Piotr Bein


Reports by EMR Health Alliance of British Columbia

On Saturday, January 25, 2020, 9:39:24 PM PST, Chris of EMR Health Alliance of BC wrote:
Hi here are some of the images,
others being sent to be from others,
feel free to send any images you’d like so we can have them all in one spot online
will also post the video when the video guys from today when they send the link
On Saturday, January 25, 2020, 6:45:17 PM PST, Paul LeMay wrote:
Vancouver downtown event
Hello all,
Some of you were there of course, so some of this will already be known to you.
I posted some pics on Facebook today from our event that Liz Walker kindly took. We gathered outside the library near the corner of Homer and Robson under spitting rain, which likely discouraged many folks from coming. Still, about 30 people did eventually show, and we set off on a procession through the streets carrying placards of various kinds, walking first to the CBC’s main office on Hamilton, which some folks wanted to do. Once there, many decided to enter the actual foyer. But there is only a skeleton staff on duty in the CBC on the weekend. The network is a 9-5, Monday to Friday news operation. Real news doesn’t happen outside those hours it would seem.
Next, we moved on to Telus Headquarters on West Georgia. While standing outside on the steps, a security guard came out and said that we had to move off the step unless we had business to conduct inside Telus. Although we initially had no intention of entering the building, when some of the protestors heard those comments, they were annoyed, with one saying, I have business with Telus, I have been one of their customers for decades and I don’t agree with their decision to proceed with 5G and I want to tell them that, that’s my business. And so they started to enter the building. They have a retail outlet on the main floor, so about 20 of us simply respectfully walked through their store with placards. What could they do? Nothing. And then we left.
We next moved onto Granville Street where there is was a lot of pedestrian traffic who took note of our signs. Many of the protestors came well equipped with information flyers to explain why we were protesting. Hundreds were handed out. Next we returned to the library and entered the huge main concourse inside. As it turned out, there were hundreds of people inside at one of the Public Library’s book sales. Presto, a captive audience. Eventually, security from the building asked us to leave, at which point I asked Chris Clevette from EMRBC for his bullhorn, and then stood on a chair to thank everyone for coming out to the Global Stop 5G protest, and then took the opportunity to give an impromptu speech to the hundreds of people assembled about what was taking place around the world today, and how the mainstream news media was conspicuous in their lack of news coverage about the event, and how both the federal government and telecom companies were deceiving people about the safety of wireless technology products, and how independent science had found serious problems that were not being acted upon. I did not yell and kept my voice on an even keel and simply made statements to would hopeful start them questioning.
And then we left.
“No 5G” protesters meet at the south entry to huge Vancouver Public Library
CBC did not have an interview with us 😦
Telus headquarters walk-in
On the streets of downtown Vancouver
Vancouver Public Library main concourse — impromptu speech to hundreds of people at a book sale event in the concourse
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