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The Jew terror chant “Six Million Germans”

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On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 1:30:31 AM PST, Counter Bias wrote:

The Jew terror chant

“Six Million Germans / Nakam” by Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird

In nineteen hundred forty-five
Among the Jews who were left alive
There came a visionary man
Who turned his wrath into a plan
Abba Kovner was his name
As a partisan he earned his fame
He once was a Vilna rebel Jew
A poet warrior through and through
He met some surviving ghetto fighters
Zionists and socialists conspired
They gathered in a Lublin flat
And round the kitchen table sat
They gave themselves a Hebrew name
And with this word they did proclaim
That vengeance is what God would will,
Were there a God, and so they’d kill
Six million Germans!
You might say it was insane
Six million Germans!
That it was misdirected pain
Six million Germans!
They didn’t want the war to end
Six million Germans!
They wanted one thing:
Nakam – revenge
For every Jew the Nazis gassed
For every racist law they passed
For every wrong that wasn’t right
For all the dead — Nakam would fight
They formed a band of forty strong
To straighten out what had been wronged
They chose to poison water mains
Just as the Jews of old were blamed
In Nuremberg and Hamburg town
Their agents worked the underground
They took up jobs by the riverside
And waited for the poison to arrive
And Kovner went to Tel Aviv
To see what help he could receive
But the Haganah did not agree
To join in his conspiracy
Six million Germans!
You might say it wasn’t right
Six million Germans!
That an eye for an eye leaves all without sight
Six million Germans!
They didn’t want to make amends
Six million Germans!
They wanted one thing: Nakam – revenge
So Abba Kovner headed back
With viles [vials] of poison in his sack
Upon a British naval [?] ship
But to his plans the Brits were tipped
They took him into custody
And the poison fell into the sea
And Kovner spent a year in jail
And so Plan A did not prevail
The rest of the group was all dispersed
And all their backup plans were cursed
But an agent in a bakery
He got some poison from Paris
As soon as the poisoned bread had risen
He took it to an Allied prison
And various reports have said
There were hundreds of SS prisoners dead!
Six million Germans!
You might say that it was wrong
Six million Germans!
But were their actions weak or strong?
Six million Germans!
And who are we to judge and condemn?
Six million Germans!
They wanted one thing: Nakam – revenge
And so Nakam was all disbanded
On Palestina’s shores they landed
And Abba Kovner and his crew
Became like many other Jews
They put aside their rage and hate
And they worked to build a Jewish state
With Jewish towns and Jewish farms,
And Jewish guns and nuclear arms!
Now, can vengeance put upon the shelf
Be taken out later on someone else?
Well, be careful how you read this tale
Lest your own prejudice prevail
For look around the world today
And consider the role that vengeance plays
For history has its unpaid debts
And is it better if we forget?
Six million Germans!
You might say it was absurd
Six million Germans!
But what becomes of a dream deferred?
Six million Germans!
And how could they just start again?
Six million Germans!
They wanted one thing: Nakam!  Revenge!

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