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IMPORTANT: 5G Emergency in Poland!

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From: Julian Rose <julian@icppc.pl>

To: xxxxx
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2019, 6:56:43 AM PST
Subject: IMPORTANT: 5G Emergency in Poland!
Polish colleagues – please write your message in Polish –
Dear Friends –
We  are  in  a  5G  emergency  situation  here in Poland. The recently
re-elected  government is about to introduce a new regulation that will raise  the permitted level of pulsed microwave radiation to levels 100 times greater than existing levels. This is of course, the ‘5G precursor’ factor. We are going all-out to block it before this illegal action becomes ‘law’.
The Polish Minister of Health stands behind this crude attempt to irradiate his constituents and the living environment. What is more – ‘the consultation’ (phony) is being rushed through in record short time – ending 29 November!!
We have attached an example ‘letter of response’ which I’m appealing to all of you to sign-up to – or better still – your own variation of it.
We know from our ‘Stop GMO campaign’ that the Polish government is sensitive to informed criticism from abroad. We used this tactic to advantage during that campaign. So we want to try it again – now.
Please – urgently write/send the attached document (signed by you) or your own – to the Polish Minister of Health dep-zp@mz.gov.pl and to the Polish Ombudsman: biurorzecznika@brpo.gov.pl Please also pass to your active contacts to do the same!
If we can together hammer home this message with real intent – it will have an affect. Even resonating beyond the particular target – into the wider pool of collective efforts now being made to block the 5G weapon’s roll-out on earth and in space.
All the very best,
Julian and Jadwiga
PS if you can send a copy of your letter to us that would be very helpful..
ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside,
34-146 Stryszów 156, Poland tel./fax +48 33 8797114  biuro@icppc.pl
+++++ attachment

Email the letter to the Ministry of Health of Poland: dep-zp@mz.gov.pl

by November 29, 2019, Central European Time (UTC+01:00)

Profesor Łukasz Szumowski 

Ministerstwo Zdrowia RP 

ul. Miodowa 15, 
00-952 Warszawa 


Dear  Łukasz Szumowski,

I was shocked to learn that the Polish Ministry of Health has sanctioned an increase in the permitted levels of electromagnetic microwave radiation in Poland.  This, in full knowledge of the fact that electromagnetic microwave radiation is a known carcinogen whose dangers to the well-being of man, animals, birds and insects is recognised in more than ten thousand independent peer reviewed scientific documents from scientists based all over the world.

Sanctioning an increase in existing ‘known to be harmful’ radiation levels goes directly against the Precautionary Principle enshrined in European law and recognised by all EU member states. What’s more, this is being done to Polish citizens with grossly inadequate time being apportioned for public consultation, and therefore “without public consent”. 

The Polish public share, with all other EU States ‘the right to informed consent’ as enshrined in UN Law. By proposing to push through this Act with grossly inadequate consultation, you are standing against fundamental democratic principles and a significant number of globally recognised International Conventions respecting fundamental human rights.

The exposure of citizens, and indeed the full spectrum of the natural environment, to non ionised pulsed high-frequency radiation, such as that being directed by 5G, constitutes a breach of Human Rights. Turning your back on public concerns and supporting the telecommunication industry’s rush to introduce 5G microwave irradiation – with absolutely no health checks being carried out into its safety – is a fundamental act of injustice that will not stand-up in a bona fide court of law.

We therefore urge you to rethink your actions before taking any further steps. Aside from Polish citizens, tens of thousands of tourists from all over the World take great pleasure in visiting your Country each year. This will cease once such visitors become informed that permitted radiation levels in Poland have been allowed to far exceed genuine independent scientific guidelines. 

We most urgently call upon you to place the health and safety of your constituency before the demands of an industry intent upon mass marketing an untested technology, internationally recognised for its capacity to be an acute danger to public health.
(Your name, country and affiliation, if any)


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