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International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G

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International Actions To Halt And Delay 5G

International Actions to Halt  and Delay 5G

The growing awareness of the health impact of the 4G/5G densification is resulting in action by policymakers worldwide. Cities are issuing resolutions and calls for research before deployment. There are citizen organizations in almost every country working on this and a growing list of public officials speaking out.

For example, in the United States the state of New Hampshire has a 5G Bill HB 522 that asks, “Why have 1,000s of peer-reviewed studies, including the recently published U.S. Toxicology Program 16-year $30 million study, that are showing a wide range of statistically significant DNA damage, brain and heart tumors, infertility, and so many other ailments, being ignored by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC)?” and, Why have more than 220 of the worlds leading scientists signed an appeal to the WHO and the United Nations to protect public health from wireless radiation and nothing has been done?” 

EHT is compiling a list of actions. This is NOT a complete list. Please email EHT at info@ehtrust.org to let us know actions we need to add. Note that US City actions are detailed on the EHT page on City 4G/5G policy.


Belgium, Brussels, Radiation concerns halt Brussels 5G development, for now, HLN Brussels Times, 01/04/2019


Florence, Italy, Florence will use the precautionary principle for the rollout of 5G, Lennart Hardell’s Blog, 08/04/2019

Italy, XII Municipality of Roma Capital, A Municipality of Rome votes against 5G: what will the Giunta do?,  Terra Nuova, 28/03/2019

Municipality of Rocca di Papa, Italy voted on a Moratorium to halt 5G


Netherlands Chamber wants radiation research first, then 5G network, AD News, 04/04/2019


Russia The Ministry of Defense refused to transmit to the operators the frequencies for 5G, Vedomosti, 28/03/2019


Cantons of Geneva and Neuchatel officials vote to halt the  5G rollout (no new permits) until safety if shown. Canton of Vaud also issued a resolution but has  been reluctant to implement their resolution. 

Switzerland to monitor radiation levels. 

Watch below press coverage from a protest in Bern.

[Go to original to click a non youtube video — PB]


Notable California court ruling on small cells California Supreme Court Sides with Cities in Small Cell Faceoff,Government Technology, 05/04/2019

Actions by US Cities: See a full compilation of the US Cities issuing ordinances to slow the densification of 4/5G Antennas at this link USA Cities on 5G Small Cells Action. 

Actions proposed  in US states include:


Increasing Awareness of 5G Health Effects Internationally

Citizen Petitions on 5G

(Please contact us with petition hyperlinked so we can paste your petition in.)

See a video on 5G from Australia

This page will be updated soon as we compile more.

Where can I find published research on 5G? 

Please go to EHTs page on peer-reviewed published research on 5G 

Where can I learn more about 5G? 

Read EHTs Top 20 Facts On 5G: What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless And “Small” Cells

Read the EMF Scientist Appeal in the European Journal of Oncology.

Letters from the US Congress asking for documentation of safety in regards to the 5G rollout 

Letter from Senator Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) and Rep Anna G. Eshoo (California) to the FCC 12/2018

Letter from Rep Thomas Suozzi (New York) to the FCC 4/2019

Letter from Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (Oregon) to the FCC 4/2019

Letter from Representative Andy Kim (New Jersey) to the FCC 4/2019

Chairman Pai’s Response to Members of Congress Regarding the Potential Impact of 5G Deployment on RF Exposure

Letter from the FCC to Senator Richard Blumenthal (Connecticut) and Rep Anna G. Eshoo (California) 

Letter from the FCC to Rep Thomas Suozzi (New York) 

Letter from the FCC to Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (Oregon) 

Letter from the FCC to  Representative Andy Kim (New Jersey)

In a 2019 US Senate hearing on 5G where Blumenthal asks industry representatives about any research on the human health impact of 5G wireless technology and was told that industry is not supporting such research.

“I believe the American people deserve to know what the health effects are…We are flying blind here on health and safety”.

– Senator Richard Blumenthal

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