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Circumcision changes the brain permanently

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Circumcision changes the brain


When circumcision is discussed it is typically viewed as a one-time decision that parents make and never have to think about again. The truth is it’s more like dropping a stone in a pond a decision that ripples through that man’s life, through his sexuality, his body, his self-image, his relationships, his feelings, his culture and deep rooted subscious thought processes for the rest of his life.

As a graduate student working in the Department of Epidemiology at Kingston General Hospital, Paul D. Tinari, Ph.D. was approached by a group of nurses who had noticed that babies that underwent circumcision were experiencing excruciating levels of pain that negatively affected their behavior. In an attempt to gather some scientific evidence that would support their positions, Tinari suggested functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and/or Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanning to observe the effects of circumcision on the infant brain.

Paul D. Tinari, Ph.D. explains the results of his study…..

“The baby was kept in the machine for several minutes to generate baseline data of the normal metabolic activity in the brain. This was used to compare to the data gathered during and after the surgery. Analysis of the MRI data indicated that the surgery subjected the infant to significant trauma. The greatest changes occurred in the limbic system concentrating in the amygdala and in the frontal and temporal lobes. A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration. In other words, the evidence generated by this research indicated that the brain of the circumcised infant was permanently changed by the surgery.

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