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To Simon Little, Global News and Corus Entertainment’s peddler of yellow imps on Poland’s 100th Anniversary of Re-gaining Independence

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“The Evil Spirits of the Modern Day Press”. Puck US magazine 1888; Nasty little printer’s devils spew forth from the Hoe press in this Puck cartoon of Nov. 21, 1888. Cartoon by Sydney B. Griffin (1854-1923).


Vancouver, 21.11.2018


Simon Little

Online Journalist

Global News BC

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Dear Mr Simon Little

You, and your employers Global News and Corus Entertainment Inc., have broken journalistic ethics and standards by violating the cannons of objectivity: impartiality,  fairness,  factuality and nonpartisanship. Stripped of truth, your manipulative piece defames, demonizes and suggestively villifies my nation. There is no place for such journalism  in our Canada. Global News should retract the article or correct your confabulations.

Griffin’s 19th century cartoon depicts your kind of yellow journalism. Extrapolated from a simple story on local hate crime by “Antifa”, your piece reeks of syndicated spin by the same shadowy power who pump trash to your employers. A servile journalist embedded in an ideological war, you convey, politically correct  propaganda. On your keyboard, similarly biased Kristen Robinson’s story morphs into Griffin’s horde of imps.

You parrot pseudo-history and bogus facts from sources fake (syndicated scribes) and fraudulent (Holocaust Museum). A “church” of the Halocaust Industry, the “museums” promulgate Zionist fabrications on Shoah exceptionality and non-existent Polish co-villiany in Hitler’s genocide of Jews. At one such “shrine” in New York, a Jew guide told a large group of visitors that the German Nazis built the death camps in Poland for our in-grained anti-Semitism and willingness to help Hitler! If it wasn’t for my loud protest, the group would have left the place indoctrinated against Poles.

Journalists of your ilk have helped reverse Holocaust’s Polish victim to a villain. “Polish death camps” is now MSM standard, while US Congress has enacted Polish responsibility for the Zionist Nazi genocide to the tune of some $300 billion restitution, claimed absolutely illegally by the Holocaust Business robbers.

In German Nazi genocide of over 20 groups, Slavs (Russians, Poles, Serbs… labelled Untermensch along with Jews) were the most numerous and the worst hit by “be-heading” their elite class.

A mention of Nazi enslavement of 1,5 million Poles is disingenious, as the figure has been reduced drastically, like most of the non-Jew victim data. You are silent on 6 million Poles killed by 3rd Reich’s Zionist Nazis and the Judeo-Soviets.  Poland also lost some two million citizens who remain unaccounted for: missing, forced displacemt of Poles into central USSR, liquidation of Poles in the Gulag, forced incorporation of ethnic Ukrainians and Belorussians into Soviet republics.

Being as brutal and repressive as their war counterparts, post-WW2 Poland’s Judeo-Communist regime controlled added hundreds of thousands Polish patriots to WW2 toll. Talking about Nazis!

You want to talk fascists? Judeo-Commies called their Polish victims fascist. You parrot them, without any idea what Italian fascism (and nationalism in general)really was!

Pre-WW2 Poland lost about 3 mln Jews, of whom the assimilated ones considered themselves Poles. They condemned Zionists who pushed Jews to emigrate to Palestine, before murdering them in Shoah for refusing to do so. The Jewish fratricide started in 1942, 3 years after systematic genocide on Poles. Longer-term, most Poles were to be killed, and the remaining 14 million relocated to Siberia.

The other Jews in Poland were Orthodox Judaists who remained in their communities without assimilating, only to be murdered by the Zionists for refusal to emigrate to Rothschild’s project in Palestine.

Embedded locally by Global News and using buzz words for shaping politically correct perception, you also mislead on the “Antifa” graffiti and perpetrators. In my article and in olive insertions, I elaborate on your dishonest presentation of Polish patriotism. Spinning the truth on Holocaust, Polish WW2 martyrology and on our exemplary role in rescuing Jews under the risk of death penalty is preposterous enough. But to add insult to injury by lying with straight face on the present Poland, is sheer madness.  Talking about extremism and Nazism!

Poland in Hebrew is “Polin” = safe harbour, for tolerance and security Jews enjoyed on our soil for centuries, possibly ducking extinction, while all places in Europe were evicting them.  Talking about neo-Nazi progeny of those Poles!

Your sensational spin on a graffiti provocation, one of thousands steered by the said powers, be-smears my nation on our 100th anniversary of Re-gaining Independence. Your “reporting” on our March of Independence is as repugnant as your misrepresntations of WW2 history. I’ve elaborated on your offensive article, referring to scientific sources that you might pursue to correct your outrageous bias and mendacious manipulation.

Your article conditions the audience in steps. Those far-rightPoles are nationalist, Nazi-like, and fascistby association with “anti-fascist” Antifa, and opposition to Soros’ proxy army of hostile free-loaders called refugees,

Your second photo shows a “sea” of flags over ONR and similar groups. Actually, there were less than 100 of them among tens of thousands of white-and-red standards, according to Luke Rudkowski, an independent reporter.

The second caption says that tens of thousands Poles marched,  hosted by President Andrzej Duda. Actually it was an attempt to hi-jack a grassroots-organized but all-nation manifestation of disapproval by hundredsof thousands citizens representing most of our political orientations.

Next, you suggest that previous marches included racist slogans, flares and in some years, acts of aggression. Hogwash! Demanding restrictions on immigration of Muslims hostile to Christians is not racist any more than suggesting that flares were forbidden. The nation is the Sovereign who decideswhom they want in their country. Nobody got burnt, no cars nor buildings were ignited in the march’s history. The only acts of aggression came so far from police, security and Antifa provocations.

Having de-basecd the marchers as “far-right Polish nationalist fringe” you connect this falsehood with local Polish reaction: In Vancouver, however, parishioners told Global News they felt they were being unfairly lumped in with fringe groups.

Lumped in with whom — MSM and Judeocentric diabolic cartoon of real Poles?

In a short but grossly skewed piece, you have violated all cannons of objectivity: impartiality,  fairness,  factuality and nonpartisanship with regard to the globalist political agenda. Global News should retract the article or correct your confabulations.

Robinson’s video report also begs for toning down. It associates the “fringe” with a footage in the dark hours, suggestive of violence of the “tradicals”. The whole march lit up flares in keeping with tradition and in defiance of the mayor’s “ban”. The war footage is from WW1, long before German Nazi 3rd Reich came into being.  So much for reporting by journalists who have an armmchair syndicated idea of my great nation.

Upon honest self-examination of conscience you should sincerely apologize to the Polish community in Canada, the Polish diaspora world-wide and to my compatriots in Poland, where your poison, sanctioned by Global News and Corus Entertainment has received due publicity (minute 47).

May God have mercy on you, and on your employers and enablers.


Piotr Bein, Ph. D., P. Eng. (retired)

independent genocide researcher

blogs Grypa666 and PiotrBein on WordPress.com



  • Polish grassroot groups, patriotic media, blogs and social networks at home and abroad
  • Polish Consulates Vancouver and Ottawa, Polish Embassy Ottawa
  • Reduta Dobrego Imienia (Polish League Against Defamation)
  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

  • Global News Canada
  • Global News British Columbia
  • Corus Entertainment Inc.




On Friday, November 23, 2018 10:29 AM, B. Chapinski <bchapinski@me.com> wrote:


Journalists of Global News:
Comprehending that you won’t read anything long, this note is brief. We just saw your video and anti-Polish propaganda as we were enjoying  our Thanksgiving day holiday. Apparently you are trying to make an enemy out of the approximately 70 million people of Polish heritage around the globe.
Obviously you are not so ignorant as to comprehend Poland was the home of millions of Hebrews for centuries (demonstrating and verifying tolerance). Yes, at a time when several countries were throwing out those of the Hebrew faith. Just imagine what would have happened to the referred to masses if Poland had joined all those other nations that threw them out. Ponder about that.
Further, indicating such anti-Polish distortions demonstrates that you are unaware of the fact that nearly 100% of the world’s Slavic population considers Poles as part of their family. This should increase those that become aware of your lying disinformation.
One can only wonder about your motivation. One thing you can be sure of and that is, although most won’t waste their time responding to your endeavor at sensationalism and indoctrination, large numbers comprehend your anti-Polish innuendos.
B. Chapinski, Ph.D. (Retired)












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