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[Comment] Violence Erupts On US Streets As Leaders Urge Followers To ‘Rise Up’ & Prepare For ‘Summer Of Rage’

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On Wednesday, July 4, 2018 5:17 PM, bronek:


Thank you. Very interesting film. Decades ago I saw the Detroit riot. In fact, elements acting like monkeys jumped all over my new car. Back then 2,000 houses were burnt to the ground. After the riots the presstitude indicated it was the fault of Whitey (not enough was done to help deversitities). Back then, like in our era, discussing a sea of certain crimes was referred to as hate.
Recently, about a year ago, I saw a film entitled Detroit. The theater contained groups of youth. the scumbag Hollywood director and crew indicated the fault was due to police and Whitey. Kids saw this and (thus) many must have moved to the left and became anti-majorityites.  I could write on this all day, so just allow a few words. This will put a light upon what it’s all about. Just multiple what’s composed several thousand times and (2) comprehend that people lost homes where they had resided for decades. This was before the era of 90 US unofficial official City States.
Around 1996 I saw the riot in St. Petersburg (FL). I have also seen several demonstrations in Europe against the Workers’ Paradise. Believe me, there is no comparison between mobs of Euros and those of low IQs. Those thinking otherwise are either intelektualny bankrupt, full of indoktrynacja, anti-majorityites, on the left, products of feminizm, or actually believe that Somali elements can enrich their progeny via multiculturalism…
In Saginaw, Michigan, there was a beautiful large building. It was the Kosciuszko Club. It had bowling allies, a restaurant, dancing hall, meeting hall, a library, etc. It was truly magnificent. When the demographics changed, everything was done to keep the club safe. A chain link fence was put up, there was guard dogs, etc., etc. It was to no avail. Nothing could help, as old ladies were accosted, folks rapes, robbed, cars broken into, etc.
Eventually I was contacted and given about 5,000 books. These were placed in several boxes, packed and sent to Warsaw. This was all at my expense and labour. Months later those several containers were sent back. The reason: Inappropriate material. Inside were studies in the Polish, Russian and German languages. If I can recall correctly, a few were in Serbian. Most material was about history, works by Roman Dmowski, etc.
The morally repugnant monopoly media supplies dezinformacja. Countless millions called it the “Lying Media.” To indicate how powerful the presstitude is realize that the “N” word is a verba utilized by everyone (B&W). However, media has made it verboten. Is peace possible? If so, how? After all, trillions of $$$ have been spent in an attempt to solve the dilemma.
bc/ Not a Ruski Agent

On Wednesday, July 4, 2018 Piotr Bein:

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