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Is racism back in American legislation?

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Is racism back in American legislation?


The authorities of the United States, a country aspiring to fulfill the role of a model of democracy for the whole world, recently issued a law in which they do not hide racist views. For example: so far, the US authorities have turned a blind eye to the injustices that are happening to Palestinians on the part of Israel. They have now moved American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, letting the world know that they accept in this way the crimes committed by Israel on Palestinians, which they treat as subhumans.


Another example can be recently signed by President Donald Trump Act 447 (JUST), which is based on the principle of inequality of victims of German Nazism and WWII in both the sphere of law and justice, as well as, truth and morality.  The act speaks of financial compensation only for victims of Holocaust.Expressing respect for the victims of the Holocaust is worthy of recognition, but should be combined with the same respect for all victims of joint aggression of the Axis countries connected by an alliance with the Soviets.

There are over 50 million of these victims, and Jews constitute about 10% of the total number. The murder of Jews was particularly cruel, but similar methods of liquidation of entire human settlements took place in relation to other nations. Why, then, should the memory be limited only to Jews, and others may not be remembered? To date, no minimum compensation has been paid for the survivors of German and Bolshevik atrocities in the entire Central European area.

According to many Poles, Act 447 is directed against Poland, where before WW2 lived the most Jews in Europe. For many centuries Poland had been a refuge for Jews expelled from most West European countries. The Law 447 adopted by US Congress is an absurdity in the sphere of history and politics: contrary to the truth and facts, he points out as guilty – who is to pay for the Holocaust – not Germany but Poland. He indicates not the perpetrator, but the victim. This historical revisionism is an anti-histological precedent in world history.

Poland must not be held responsible for the genocide and property expropriations conducted by its German and Soviet occupiers and the political, social and economic ramifications of the Yalta Agreement reached by the United States, Great Britain and Soviet Union in 1944. Unlike France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, and others, Poland did not cooperate with Germany during the Second World War. The inclusion of Poland, the country which paid the highest price for her World War Two opposition to Germany, in the same category as the other collaborating states, falsifies history. Germany has paid since 1952 on the basis of the “Luxemburg Agreement” the equivalent of over 100 billion dollars to individuals, Jewish organizations and the State of Israel. Poland, one of the most affected countries by the German occupation has got almost no restitution payments for what some scholars like the American historian Richard C. Lukas called a “Forgotten Holocaust”.


Poles treat the adoption of ACT 447 as a knife in the back pounded by a powerhouse, which claims to be a Polish ally. In recent history, Poland has already met with treason from the Western allies of England and France in 1939, who have not been defeated by the alliances that provided Poland with assistance in the event of aggression by Nazi Germany.

According to Prof. Marek Jan Chodakiewiczthe adoption of the Law 447 (Justice for Uncompensated Survivors Today) by the United States, may mean harassing Poland on various levels. In his opinion, the Act may have a negative impact on Polish-American relations.Behind the ocean it will be an incredible escalation of media and government accusations of anti-Semitism and the ill will of Poles. Poland should  resist to the claims of Jewish organizations.  The Government of the Republic of Poland should  try to mitigate the situation, but the pressure will not end until the claims for compensation are fulfilled. Warsaw should send this bill to Berlin. Maybe then the operation will end. At least for some time.


Poles are a proud nation that has not succumbed to German Nazism or communism. Will he now die against American Zionism?

John Kotulsky





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