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Polacy korygują Brata Nataniela Kapnera ws. 447

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PB: Przechrzta z judaizmu na prawosławie Nataniel Kapner napisał felieton ws. 447 a Polska. Postarał się jak mógł, lecz popełnił parę bzdet, np. że Polska nigdy nie uregulowała restytucji Żydom… że nie było Szoa, bo on nie słyszał o tym przed l. 1950-ymi.

Skomentowałem mu na forum jak następuje, po czym rzeczowo i wyczerpująco skomentowało więcej Polaków, np. Halina. Było więcej, ale z jakiegoś powodu Nataniel usunął z forum, być może dla zwięzłości, gdyż komenty zawierały powtórzenia i były dość długie.

Dobrze jest widzieć i wiedzieć, że możemy reagować efektywnie i natychmiast. Brat Nataniel czyta komenty i dokształca się z nich w imię Prawdy… Polecam!

Dear Nathanael, 
1. In 1960’s Poland paid off in full if not in excess all property left in Poland by Jews and others who emigrated after WW2.
2. Law 447 concerns property left in Poland without heirs. Buildings, contents etc. have been destroyed by war operations and systematic plunder by the invaders and occupiers: Jew-Nazis and Jew-Soviets. Claims to them, please! Or to Jew banksters and global Zionists who have orchestrated WW2 and the Holocaust (over 20 groups, Poles being one the most affected).
By Polish and international law, heirless property belongs to the state. So, 447 was rushed thru without the required Congressional quorum. In legal terms, 447 is trash, therefore imposed as hutzpah with a lot of noise and posing. Possible only because pro-Zionist scum rules Poland: the president, the PM, the cabinet, most of the parliament and VIPs in institutions.
3. An overwhelming majority of Shoa victims concerned by 447 were Jews with Polish citizenship, so the Holo-Industry may bug off.  They were the assimilated Jews and the Orthodox Jews, both against emigration to Rothschild’s project in Palestine, therefore no predecessors of the Zionist orgs and Jew swindlers who will line up  to milk 447.
4. Gas chambers may be questioned, but there were other modes of extermination, e.g. hunger and disease in the ghettos. 
5. Dave’s quoting @May 13, 2018 @ 9:01 pm is gas. US forces could only arrive at Auschwitz AFTER the Red Army has “liberated” it, i.e. kissed the gate of an empty  death camp. A couple of weeks before the Reds arrived, the Nazis marched the surviving inmates into February frost, westwards to the 3rd Reich.
It’s not the first time VeteransToday propagate BS about Poland and WW2. German shills and useful idiots prey on the VT, peddling info that whites out German collusion in the ruin of Poland and in the Holocaust by ascribing it to Poles (which hasbara has accomplished with “Polish death camps” and “Polish responsibility” for 3 mln Jew deaths in Shoah, as a prelude to 447). 
Comments about Polish drinking and what Poles MIGHT do are as moronic (or from Jew trolls?).  They reflect more on Americans’ mindless propensity to hasbara influence than on Poles.  We are not primitives that would do the things. Look at videos here… what Americans do with our monument of tens of thousands of Polish POW officers and intellectuals murdered in the Katyń Massacre…  City party on initiative of a Pole-hating Jew mayor:
Mind your own backyard, fellows. You don’t know what is losing 1/3 of the population to a war, including extermination on the streets for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, in villages for harbouring Jews, and in death camps. You can’t fathom what intellicide is — about 80% of our elites were killed off in a co-ordinated plan of both Jew invaders.
You need to brush up your forum membership, Nathanael… and your acumen, too:
God bless you in Truth, Brother
Piotr Bein, Polish Canadian 
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