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Earthing/grounding your body and using volt meter as electric-field tester

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PB: Grounding to house wiring seems to be a health problem in densly populated areas, where utility grounding induces electrosmog in the soil. Hence, install an independent grounding system outside the house only in less populated areas. Connect your earthing mat to a wire that runs outside to a system independent of your house wiring installation grounding system. In any case, test the arrangement for dirty electricity and electromagnetic fields. Proper equipment and basic knowledge are indispensable.

In the following videos, remember that grounding to wall oulets might be the wrong thing to do, due to stray currents and dirty electricity in the house wiring and the ground around the rod with which the system ends outside of the house.

The National Geographic reporter “authority” below is a case in point. “Zero” effort, but also zero thinking. Money out for an easy solution that might hurt him… Just take a suggested idea, thendecide for yourself if you want to connect your mat to the wall outlet or to an independent grounding wire.



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