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Malorossiya Constitutional Act – English Translation – Part I

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Awful Avalanche

Dear Readers:

The big huge news yesterdays in the Russian World, was the proclamation of the new state of Malorossiya, to replace the incumbent (and failed state) Ukraine.  Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the Separatist Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), declared the Malorossiya project open for business.  There will be a 3-year transition period, at which point a new constitution will be written.  This story is all over the news, and you can read about it anywhere, for example, here is the Reuters piece foaming at the mouth and calling this a “sick fantasy”.  And there are many more in this vein, in all Westie and English-language media.

Map of Malorossiya

What I couldn’t find (after a quick scan) was an English translation of the “Constitutional Act“, or founding document, of this project. Therefore, I took it upon myself to provide it here.  If at any point I…

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