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RRRailways: tanks and water towers

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Tanks for water and other liquids have many uses on the layout: town water supply, industrial and farm installations, and water for steam locomotives. I’ve made a few model tanks w/o knowing where they would go, as the material was at hand.

At a fair I got a polystyrene kit of the most popular (several thousand tanks in N. America)  conversion to steel from wood tanks, accomplished by an outfit in Chicago. Out of scale for my 1:24, it contained one set of legs but two design options for tanks. I used both, adding legs from my own collection of junk (3-stick fibreglass trusses that previous house owner left in a large antenna assembly that I dismatled). I added rings (rubber transmission belts) for funky look. One of the tanks stands on tall legs as a town water supply tower, the other is diesel loco fuel tank at the service end of my largest station:

Large cans beg making them into tanks. Here is an instant one, painted and attached to a “steel” base that I got for free at a club sell-out. It could go to industry or dairy farm:

Another, smaller, installed in a plastic granule factory:

Vertical and horizontal loco water towers

Each tank is a piece of 4 inch plastic pipe. Planks from bamboo table mat. Rings: rubber bands, copper wire. I did not bother with ring clamps, just twisted the wire extra nicely :)) but I can add them if I live another 100 years…
Trestle stand is from 1×1 inch cedar, its “steel” diagonal bracing, ladder and railings —  painted bamboo sticks glued w. silicone. Curious George and his gorilla father escaped from city ZOO and now live under the tank…
The other tank has real shake roofing split from pieces of cedar and a base from trapezoid wooden block (for free from a junk store as nobody wanted it… at a time when I was thinking hard how to make the base  :banghead:

I added fake timber legs to the block, window and door frames etc. then clad walls with coffee stirrers and lollipop sticks.
Both tanks have stood on the garden layout couple years off-winter, weathered and dirtied naturally. The only problem are the planks on the ends of the horizontal tank: rainwater gets in, distorting the wood. Remedy: replace with plastic.

Both tanks have:
– water level scale (plastic measuring scale) w. a “glass” pipe (oval plastic pipe)
– copper 1/2 inch pipe that rotates in kids hands.

The roof came into being in stages:
– attach a metal bowl to the wood block
– with string on silicone, fill and even out bowl’s curvature to cone shape
– glue shakes on w. silicone
– on top, add a plastic lid with manhole and vent.




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