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Old social justice, differing from today’s crop of social warriors, and why

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PB: Joe Webb does NOT answer WHY? The majority of present-day “fighting back” chutzpas have been designed and are being implemented in sequence, by the judeocentric power complex, to destabilize existing world order — vide recent Sorossian “refugee” flooding, gender nonsense etc.
On Tuesday, December 20, 2016 5:24 AM, bronek wrote:

Intro- There are some interesting points in this short piece. It’s another politically incorrect gem by Brother Joe.

It’s worth reading, if simply cuz of the “ Fight-Back” revolutions going on around mother earth. The thoughts of Joe center on bio factors and (2) the pertinent fact that people simply want to be left alone (not be coerced into not being themselves). It’s not about hate (media propaganda). It’s fascinating cuz the Big “O” has done more to alter the demographics of the US than anyone else. The BIg “O” has been Ameryka’s Merkel. Joe’s take on youth buying into the government-media anti-majority philosophy reminds one of the Workers’ Paradise. 

Joe’s thoughts bring one back in time. Have the makers of images, the info masters, made the USA into something like the Homo Sovietus (Homo Amerykanus)? Have the makers of space travel, health and cardo-operation miracles, electro marvels, trains, cars and planes…just been lucky? Is the factor of genes a joke, as Comrade Lysenko insisted? Has this Father of Equalitarianism been a failure in Europe, but a success in America? Look around. See Lysenko’s psychological evolution in America, Canada, Western Europe and ask yourself that question. Be honest with yourself.
How many of today’s kids even know who Saint Trofim Lysenko was? Comrade Lysenko was loved by Uncle Joe Stalin. Trofim Lysenko philosophy was (thus) supported by the entire elite of the Workers’ Paradise; from Budapest to Leningrad, Lysenko’s theory was advanced by all who sought advancement. 
Lysenko’s theory was anti-genes; charakter could be acquired by molding mindsets at youth; geneticists were wrong; genes were not of pertinent value… Lots of transnational anti-majority media gods supposed Lysenko’s philosophy. 
We have come a long way. It’s one thing to see darkness demonstrating and jumping on car roofs, robbing stores and later being shown as victims cuz they were shot by cops.. It’s quite another thing to see the children of respectable, law abiding citizens joining darkness and destroying what was built by others. 
So, how many of the US  kids demonstrating realize they are following the dreams of Saint Walter Ulbricht of Germany, Saint Rakosi of Budapest and a slew of anti-majorityites who migrated to our country? Consider reading Brother Joe’s take on our USA’s evolution and the American success story of Comrade Lysenko. 


Begin forwarded message:


From: joe webb 
How do the Old social justice folks, of a generation or two ago, differ from the current crop of social justice warriors, and why.


In the 60s and 70s, I participated in what can be called a social justice movement.  It was civil right for blacks, and opposition to the Vietnam War on humanitarian grounds, as well as realpolitik grounds, the latter being that the war just would not work in combatting communism.
Race only entered the social justice movement as a junior partner to economic justice, socialism or anti-capitalism, and civil rights—meaning the right to vote and the right to equal access to economic factors like commerce, and jobs.  Then there was the school integration spin off which began the March to Nowhere…the Social Revolution.
The Social Revolution began with modest Political claims and morphed  over the years and decades into non-negotiable demands for Absolute Equality of the Races, and then of the sexes (feminism), and on and on to queer liberation, and every conceivable Natural condition that one could point to as Unequal.  All of this registered in the gathering momentum of new laws for Social Justice, as opposed to merely civil rights under traditional law.
Somewhere along the way, or at many points along the way, the ability to see that people, as individuals and as racial or sexual groups, were Unequal.  Also besides the really zippy non-negotiable demands, like Fat Liberation, Nature was Absolutely Denied and Culture became the fashion.
Culture could do anything.  It could make you stupid or make you smart, make you sociable, or make you a psychopath.  Beauty was also challenged as a Natural phenomenon, and various claims were made for Ugly, Fat, crippled, etc.  Everybody was Beautiful. Fat Liberation! took the prize. Culture of course was that of White Men who controlled, somehow, everything you thought and believed, including your sexual desires.  (This was part of the Blank Slate argument of classical Liberalism….that Culture defined who you are, not your genes.)
Then Children were all Equal, and No Child was to be left Behind.  Prez. Obongo declared in about 2010 that All children were to be college ready by 2014.
Often compared to  King Canute, who contrary to the standard account, actually took some of his people to the seashore to point out that he could not command the tides.  But that was then and Obongo  (no Northern King ) Declared Equality Now !…The tide of Black Failure continued to  ebb and flow, with no discernible meaning, except that, and the niggers continued to pack the jails and the liberal pundits complained about  DISPARITY  in the lock-up rates between whites and niggers.  They do the crime…and must do the time, as jailhouse argot has it.
So, the difference now with regard to the passions of the social justice warriors today compared to 50 years ago, is that the  youngsters today have taken up the Social Question as completely solvable.  A solution exists for all unpleasantness.  The Race Problem is the central dimension, but it extends into just about anything one can imagine….conversations that one does not like, sexual realities that do not please….I am talking about non-crime realities…Save The Whales…well ok, that is ok, save the planet, global warming, Racism of course, but only White Racism matters, sanctuary cities for third world cretins and criminals, sanctuaries for upset coeds at colleges and their pussified boy friends. on and on.  And I skip the current election hysteria of the kids, except to note that even bright white students have become completely unhinged from biological reality.  It is a Protest Against The World, of Nature, of rank, or scientific fact.  In the facts do not support racial equality or equality within the race, or between the sexes (gender please you pig ). then whomever promotes Nature and Fact is  a counter-revolutionary (old term) or just a White Racist! or a Climate Change denier, or a sexist, or whatever  the shriek of the day can blame.  The shriek comes first, and the opportune  target later.
What is wanted today, is Total Revolution in Social Life, not political equality and rule of law.  In fact, Law stinks…it is just the Law of White Men, etc.
Everything is Bad, Wrong, Racist, and so on.  The jew media continues the lie of racial equality.  A.. the books written by jews declare racial equality. The colleges ditto, the news ditto, Fox News especially, as they cherrypick a few Articulate Negroes.  The churches too….what do you expect when The Whole Culture lies and lies…..well…we are seeing the results.  One explanation lies here…white kids who know nothing of the ghetto listen to their college professors and go nuts, social Justice Now!  while ordinary white folks  who have been spared the reeling and writhing of a college education, just observe for themselves nigger and mexican crime, illegitimacy, gutter sex, sh-t music, and then see Affirmative action deny them jobs.
How did this happen?   Besides the problematic of Surplus Altruism in Whites, another part of the explanation is that for a half-century plus, the revolutions desired in Social Life have not happened.  Blacks remain as stupid and violent and unsuccessful as ever, sexual relations have not gotten any better, despite sexual freedom, or feminist ideology and Wymyn’s Studies, Mexicans are now the newest Victim group and if one does not salute the mexican flag, one is a racist! And In Fact, if one does not Love Everybody, one is a psychopath.   The Third World is a mess because of White Racism!, etc.
Another explanation for how we have moved closer to civil war, is that economics stinks for most people, and the resentments mount.  What contributes to the anomie is diversity, as in Robt. Putnam’s Study on Diversity that shows absolutely that diverse communities suffer from lack of trust, etc. etc.  All these strangers around….nobody likes it and every race actually starts to distrust its own members.  The Jews have been the foremost cheerleaders of Diversity for the US and Europe, but maintain a Jewish Only State, as we used to say, lilly white, except for some Arabs that were not killed off or run out in 1948.’
What else?  As GK Chesterton, a Catholic writer put it   over a century ago, in an age of Disbelief (in Christianity) the problem is not that people do not believe, but rather that they will believer anything.     Like racial equality, equality of the sexes,  manmade global warming (which might have some truth in it but the fervor.!..)  Third World people and Negroes as holy, genes mean nothing, or can be altered, and History is Bunk, Sex is the greatest experience one can have, and World Peace is nigh…just get rid of White Men.
The old religion taught that Heaven is not of this life.  You want Heaven on Earth…you are not only crazy, but you will make things worse for everybody and yourself if you try to make it.  It is not in the cards.  It is not biologically and Earth/Evolution consistent.  It is not the way the world works, and certainly not the way humans are hardwired….that is, to live in tribes and amongst their own race, etc.
In short, 50 years ago social and political reforms were limited.  Now the social justice crazies are Unlimited in their Demands.  Nature cannot meet their demands, and Nature will have her revenge on her ungrateful and spoiled children.
All of this otherworldly childishness is leading to civil and race war.  So be it.  A good chance to clean up the White gene pool, getting rid of the race traitors,  and people who do not want children.  I could say something about death, …. nobody wants to die.  Another subject, but for people who do not believe, really, in God, you better figure out this Reality as well.
Joe Webb
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