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UK – The Judaification Of Scotland: Scottish inmates converting to Judaism for better meals

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – They have subverted our worlds of politics, finance, academia, media, medicine, they have destroyed our food, our lives, our police forces are now being trained in the zionist entity where they are taught how to treat gentiles and how to turn us all into Palestinians, but that is not enough.

They now need to make our every day lives kosher, noahide laws compatible, all in broad day light, without anyone even blinking or shedding a tear at this dangerous israelification of our nations/culture/heritage. And while all that is happening, they somehow convinced us to get us all up in arms against a sharia threat that does not exist, against a so called Muslim subversion of Europe.

Scotland has been chosen again as a testing lab in this ever growing judaification of our societies, after it was selected in May 2016 to be the first nation to open up…

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