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Protesters stage massive rally against newly-installed (jewish) president in Sao Paulo

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The Ugly Truth

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Ed note (Trevor)~The jewish world power configuration has long been attempting to sabotage BRICS, of which Brazil is a member, because BRICS is a MAJOR threat to the Rothschild empire. Appointing a Jewish dictator as the phony new president of Brazil was a mistake. The “Chosen People of God” always fail to notice when the people they rule over have had enough. After all, the goyim are just animals in human form, so who cares what they think, right?

The Old Testament says that all of the gold of the gentiles will ultimately be transferred into the hands of the Jewish usurers, kings of all nations will crawl on their knees to their Jewish debt-slave masters, and then the ancient Judaic dream of a one world government will finally come true…Isn’t that lovely? And how could a bunch of clueless, unorganized, rag-tag goyim possibly stand in the way of such…

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