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Israel Used Military Censor to Conceal First Settlements From Public, Document Reveals

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The Ugly Truth

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Authorities sought to prevent Haaretz and another newspaper from reporting on first settlements; ‘We cause entirely unnecessary damage to ourselves by publicizing things that can basically be done quietly.’

ed note–nothing new for the readership here, but yet valuable circumstantial proof pointing out to those deranged and deluded ‘nice Jews’ and their supporters that the Zionist project FROM THE BEGINNING was one rooted in deception, duplicity, and denial of what the facts on the ground determined the entire venture to be–the deliberate theft, mass murder and displacement of millions of Christians and Muslims for the benefit of erecting/maintaining the world’s largest insane asylum, the Jewish state.

Furthermore the story underscores a fact of nature every bit as incontrovertible as the laws of gravity, inertia, etc, which ca be summed up as follows–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, Jews lie’, or, put in the same biblical parlance used by a certain carpenter of the Nazarene persuasion…

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