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Is Israel really detrimental to the world? (MUST READ)

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The Ugly Truth

rabbi ovadia 2

Sabba – The professor who penned this article is trying to philosophize about the beauty of judaism, as if there could be any beauty in the beast. Judaism has been best described by Minister Farrakhan –  ‘a gutter religion’ – and there is no philosophy in the gutter. But it is a very interesting article as it gives us a deeper understanding of the jewish psyche and reveals that the gap there is between the jews and Mankind is so deep that there can be no meeting ground, no compromise between them and us. 

He defines the jews as not a race nor even a religion but simply as a bunch of people who subscribe to a common idea and that idea is that of choseness, though he does not put it as clearly as this.

He shamelessly states that  “All the wars in the Torah are for peace and…

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