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Radioprotective Chelators: Pectin!

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Holistic Radioprotection

Powdered Pectin – cool, right?

Pectin Rocks!

Pectin is undoubtedly one of the most amazing tools in the radioprotective arsenal – but first of all, what is it?  Pectin is a soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables.  It is best known as a thickening agent for jellies and jams, however, it is a powerful detoxifier for the body.

Pectin is found to some degree in almost all fruits and vegetables, however the amount of pectin is commonly around 1%.  Most of the pectin is often found in the skin of fruits.  For example, an orange peel may contain up to 30% pectin.  Most commercially produced pectin is made from skins leftover from making orange juice and apple juice.

OK – now for the cool part…

Apple Pectin Reduces Cesium 137 load by over 62% in one month:

Following the Chernobyl accident, a great deal of research went into how to efficiently…

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