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Preparing For The Anti-Christ: Tel Aviv Last Gay Bar Just Closed Its Doors

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The Ugly Truth

gay israel_

Sabba – And while Tel Aviv closes its last gay bar, London and Geneva are preparing to welcome their first fellatio cafe.

Mr. Putin is right and it is something we have said ourselves many times. Western Civilization (not to be confused with Christian Civilization) is rotten to the core. This decay is not related to this migrant wave or that migrant wave: the decay started centuries ago and what we now see is only the logical and only possible consequence of Europe’s decision to turn its back on its Christian roots.

The day Europe sold its Christian soul to Mammon, jewish ‘Western Civilizaton’ came into being, being born on the ashes of Christian Europe. The day Europe sold its Christian soul to Mammon, it signed its death sentence, sealing its own fate, with death being the only and inevitable outcome.

We have none but ourselves to…

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