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London vs. Wall Street: The Other Side Of The Brexit

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The Ugly Truth

“We did it!” There is not one ‘alternative’ website/media which has not celebrated the Brexit as a victory of the people, by the people and for the people, forgetting that it was a non-biding referendum.

The frenzy we saw everywhere was not unlike the frenzy we saw during the ‘Arab Spring’. The media had galvanized opinion to the point where all objectivity was lost, causing many people to believe that the UK had freed itself from the JWO, that is was the ‘British Summer’.

But Britain is THE beating heart of the JWO! While the USA is right now the preferred attack dog of the JWO, Britain however is the first of the Rothschild’s Empires and the world headquarters of the internationalist financial mafia that rules the world.

I have said in a few ed-notes here on TUT that there is more to all of this than meet the eye vis…

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