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Argentine Jewish leaders call on government to make AMIA bombing a ‘national priority

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–Israel and her 5th column sayanim in Argentina (and elsewhere) do not want the 1994 AMIA bombing made into a ‘priority’ by the Argentine government. What they want prioritized is a statement from the Argentine government whereby Iran and Hezbollah take the blame for an act of false flag terrorism that Israel perpetrated. 

This is what Israel and her peeps refer to as ‘facts on the ground’. Similar in many respects to her building ‘settlements’ and moving squatters into the West Bank, despite the fact that according to international law it is as legal to do so as it is to kidnap defenseless Gentiles, murder them and then sell their organs, nevertheless this is a major pillar in the Judaic method of making reality appear to be such based upon certain pieces of circumstantial ‘evidence.’ By having an official statement emerge concerning the AMIA bombing, whereby false witnesses and fake evidence…

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