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FLASHBACK – Throwing Turkey to the wolves: Erdogan is the new Saddam

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – Back in March 2016, the Pentagon had already given orders to some 700 US military families and civilians from Adana, Izmir and Mugla, as well as the Incirlik air base to evacuate Turkey due to some ‘security concerns’.

KATHEON- 31MAR16 – Some hours before the Brussels terror attacks, on the other side of the Atlantic, a rather astonishing article was posted on the website of the ultra-hawkish and pro-Israeli American Enterprise Institute. It was written by a known neocon activist with strong ties (at least in the past, but probably also now) with Turkish Kemalists, Michael Rubin. Τhe article was entitled “Could there be a coup in Turkey?” In it, Turkish military are all but strongly advised to overthrow President Erdogan. The author assures them that they have nothing to fear from USA, NATO or Europe if they do it. He is also “describing”, for Erdogan…

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