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The Day Hezbollah Saved The World

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The Ugly Truth


Jonathan Azaziah is absolutely right: Hezbollah did save the world in 2006. Had they not won, Russia would not have had the time to rebuild herself, and the world would have been a very much different place than it is now. Though it is bad now, it would have been exponentially worst than it already is.

I would like if I may, offer a little historical background on that momentous event.

Israel’s attack dog, aka, the USA, had been looking for ways to invade the Lebanon and Syria as early as September 2001 (cf. Wesley Clark) and have officially declared war on Syria and Hezbollah in 2003 with theSyria Accountability Act.

The new American obsession with Hezbollah got Seymour Hersh of The New Yorker, to write a very good article: “Watching Lebanon, Washington’s Interest in israel’s War”where he reveals:

…………… ” A Pentagon consultant said that the…

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