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Neocon Tribalism vs. Jewish Universalism

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The Ugly Truth

ed note–despite the obvious farcical nature of the title itself which falsely suggests that there can be ‘universalist’ applications of a religion whose very title itself–JUDAISM–makes clear that it is a focused, limited, specific code involving only one group of people (the Jews) and which therefore precludes and prevents any possibility of ‘unversalism’, nevertheless it is a very important and interesting glimpse into the nature of the family feud taking place right now within organized Jewry.

As we have stated before, what we are witnessing in effect is a replay of the same hand to hand combat that took place in 66 A.D. in the run-up to those hardline (Likud) Jews known as the Zealots who were agitating for open war with Rome vs. the more ‘moderate’ voices who knew that such a venture was not as much stupid as it was suicidal.

Or, put in a more modern context, it is very reminiscent of…

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