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Judea and Samaria – it’s all in a name

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The Ugly Truth


Using the term “West Bank” is a symptom of our malaise.

ed note–we, the Gentile People’s Court, offer this as ‘exhibit A’ in underscoring YET AGAIN that all the jibber-jabber taking place within this movement on the part of certain ‘experts’ who don’t have the expertise to pour p*** out of a boot while reading the directions on the heel, namely that ‘Judaism and Zionism are as different from each other as apples and oranges’ or that ‘Zionism is a political movement while Judaism is a holy, GAAAAWD-centered religion’ don’t know their own derrieres from a hole in the ground.

As our esteemed writer makes clear, ‘Zionism’ did not begin with a quip or slip of the tongue by Moses Hess in the mid 19th century. It did not begin with the publication of Theodore Herzl’s book ‘The Jewish State’ in the late 1800s, nor with the convening of the First Zionist…

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