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Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon joins US think tank

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–A few things worth considering here–

Ya’alon, despite what was a very clever campaign by the JMSM aimed at making him appear ‘reasonable’ compared to the out-in-the-open madman Netanyahu, is nevertheless a member of Likud, Netanyahu’s party. He is no ‘man of peace’ but a Judaic warlord who never saw a massacre of Palestinians he didn’t like. 

Furthermore, WINEP, the ‘think tank’ he has just joined, is a Likud organ operating in the US aimed at swaying American public opinion in favor of Likud and all the bloodbaths it envisions taking place in the Middle East.

Whatever ‘disagreement’ took place between Ya’alon and Netanyahu, all can be assured that it was nothing but schtick aimed at some larger maneuver that all will witness taking place at sometime in the future.

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