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IRAQ – Isis’s most deadly attack in weeks but who cares?

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The Ugly Truth


THE INDEPENDENT – Car bombings in Baghdad conjure up no hashtags, no Facebook profile pictures with the Iraqi flag, and no Western newspaper front pages of victims’ names and life stories

Sabba – Numbers speak for themselves: it is not the ‘white race’ which has being targeted for total eradication but the Arabic people and this is the reason why no one in the west really cares. Some reports claim that at least 5 million people have been MURDERED since the First Gulf War, other reports say that it at least 10 million. And we could add to that number the displaced, the maimed, the orphaned. the raped etc. Numbers speak for themselves and yet, the vast majority of the deluded western goyim are still adamant that the only people who are being targeted for genocide is the ‘white germanic race’. If there is any truth in this statement, then let…

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