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Yeshiva students arrested for drug-smuggling

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–a few things worth noting here–

1. As Yeshiva students, these men are on their way to rabbi-hood, where they will sit as Dons over their own crime families and will oversee a worldwide Kosher Nostra network of Judaic organized crime that will involve not only drugs, but prostitution, sex slavery, extortion, money laundering, murder for hire, organ harvesting, etc, with strong ties to Israel and her Mossad.

This is how they do it– ‘By way of deception we shall make war on Gentiles…’

2. As Yeshiva students, remember, these are ‘good, Torah following Jews’, just like the fuzzy-wuzzy rabbis from Neturei Karta whom we are told are ‘good’ Jews because they follow the Old Testament.

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