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AUSTRIA – Austrian far-right gets second chance as court invalidates poll

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The Ugly Truth

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Sabba – On April 13, the Austrian ‘far right’ real leader went to Israel, visited all the jewish holy sites, prostrated himself 6 million times in Yad Vashem, while totally ignoring the Palestinian reality all around him. The Daily Forward reported that “Heinz-Christian Strache visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem on Tuesday and said he was in the country on an official visit at the invitation of the Likud party.”

The Jewish Chronicle described him as “a strong public supporter of Israel and has said he wants to purge his party of antisemitism.”

Austrian jews are so comfortable with him and his ‘far right, fascist, nationalist’ party that they openly declared wanting to ‘normalize ties with the Freedom Party‘.

A few weeks later, this dangerously nationalist party then went on to win the first round of the election and now this…

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