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Death of the West revisited.

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spengler21By Staś

When Oswald Spangler and others talked about “The Death of the West” or The Decline of the West  I wonder if they really thought it would happen and just how strange it would be.

Now as Spangler was fond of saying the western people are Faustian that they take risk and had or have undertaken a Faustian bargain” to obtain great successes.

Those of us that were here to witness the 911 attacks wonder if the devil has arrived to collect on his part of the contract. The west Great Britain and the United States  in Particular has sold out to the Jewish money power and is paying dearly for it.

Faustian bargain

The victory of The United States or some would say more specifically the victory of the Jewish people after WWII resulted in a New World Order.
That was the deal there was a price to be…

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