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Imagine Enduring This ~ Every Day!

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The Ugly Truth

!!!ls6mkoWYAAlmpc.jpg largeHundreds of Palestinians cross through the Israeli military checkpoint of Qalandiya, West Bank, as they head to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque for Friday prayer of the holy Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. Men over 45 and Women in all ages were allowed to enter without permits. By: Ahmad Al-Bazz/ Activestills.org

Can you imagine dealing with this sort of thing daily as part of your daily routine? Or if you are ill or have a disability? Yes, this is for a special event, but that really is not the point. Thousands of Palestinian workers endure this daily; read the article below for more on the daily grind, but for now remember this visual the next time you are impatient standing sixth in line to pay for your purchases or a theatre line-up.

Would Jews stand for such treatment to get to a synagogue for a special event? I think not! The kvetching…

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