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When Captain Kirk slugged it out with Jesus

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The Ugly Truth

A new history of the Star Trek franchise reveals the plot of a rejected early script by series creator Gene Roddenberry that doesn’t shy away from theological questions

ed note–Star Trek, the brainchild of the very proudly-Jewish Gene Roddenberry, is in many ways another manifestation of the same Judaic narcissism represented by the whole Marvel Comics phenomenon, created by Jews writing for a primarily-Gentile readership of young men wherein all the ‘superheroes’ are–surprise, surprise–Jews with superhuman powers. Star Trek’s two main characters–Kirk and Spock–are Jews, leading a tiny group of highly-intelligent/highly-advanced ‘wanderers’ around the universe in search of adventure is nothing more than a made-for-television adaptation of those stories featuring Moses and Aaron leading the Israelites from point a to point z in search of the promised land mixed with the post-70 AD theme of the wandering Jew bringing ‘culture’ and ‘enlightenment’ to barbaric Gentile peoples everywhere.


Now we read how…

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