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Germany And The Culture Of Self-Extermination

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The Ugly Truth


Sabba – This is something I have said millions of times on FB to all the low-IQ park trash ‘white supremacists’ I have encountered and whose rational faculty has never evolved beyond the anal stage: if you love your ‘race’ so much, there is only one way to prevent its extinction: MAKE MORE BABIES, stop making excuses and stop trying to find scapegoats for your own failures.

And please do not give me the ‘economic’ excuse, as I do not see this factor preventing the Palestinians making babies. For hundreds of reasons, the Palestinian people should become our role models as they are, in many ways, the most superior and advanced people on the planet.

And please do not give me the ‘feminist fascist state’ excuse . This is only a consequence of something which happened long time ago, namely men having giving up their natural role of protectors of…

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