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European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations ‘to be morphed into one’ post-Brexit

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The Ugly Truth

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Sabba – So just by chance, Britain, might just have ‘avoided’ a European superstate, a European super dictatorship. And guess who is pushing for this? Yep… the same country who is pushing for the creation of a European Army: Germany.

Vassal-in-chief, Frau Merkel is already acting like the European ‘Führer’, ‘warning’ other countries from any exit wish, demanding actions to be taken to prevent the departure of other countries for the EU.

The regimented German people should not take any pride in this but instead should feel very concerned and even scared of the future repercussions. They must open up their eyes and realize that Germany has been deliberately fattened up for sacrifice.

They have to realize that their ‘economic success’ is not due to their imaginary superiority but only to the will of her masters. Those who crushed her after WWII could have finished her off if they had…

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