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War With Russia is Coming–Stop the Sabre-Rattling Before It’s Too Late

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–as we have said here often, people need to understand the events surrounding Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY on June 8, 1967 if they are to understand what is happening now.

The common misconception about the attack on the LIBERTY was that Israel wanted to drag the Americans into the 6-Day war with her. This is not entirely accurate. On June 6, the war was just about over and the Jewish state had basically prevailed over the Arabs.

What was really at stake was driving the Russians out of the Middle East by creating a situation whereby the Egyptians would be blamed for the sinking of the LIBERTY, and therefore Russia–Egypt’s biggest ally at the time–would be put in such a difficult political situation that the powers that be (hoped) would result in Russia pulling out of the region, leaving America as the lone superpower there. As the…

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