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The Power of the Menorah

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The Ugly Truth

Jerusalem 70AD Titus

Why is the menorah a national symbol of the Jewish people?

ed note–we post this here as ‘exhibit A’ in further underscoring the importance that Rome’s destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD plays in the geo-political events involving Israel and the West today, as partially evidenced in the author’s opening paragraph which reads as follows–

‘The Founding Fathers of the State of Israel saw the Menorah as a sign that the Jewish People had overcome the 2000 year old Roman Exile and had returned Home with their Menorah intact.’

‘2,000 year old Roman Exile’, meaning that despite the fact that the Roman Empire as it existed at the time of the 2nd Temple’s destruction in 70 AD ceased as such in the 5th century, nevertheless that Zionist Jews today view the entire 2,000 year of the diaspora as ‘Roman’ in its origins and its essence. That being the case, the ‘people of…

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