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CIA weapons for Syrian rebels stolen by Jordanian intelligence officers and sold on black market

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The Ugly Truth


ed note–the obvious Godzilla in the room is as follows–

Imagine another country–Russia, China, Iran, etc–arming ‘moderate’ rebels in the United States with–as detailed in the story–‘Thousands of Kalashnikov assault rifles, mortars and rocket-propelled grenades’ with the intention of overthrowing the USGOV, utilizing terrorism and extreme violence against American citizens as the process by which that overthrow were to occur.

The outrage–rightly–would be apocalyptic in its volume. Any country engaging in such activities would find themselves staring down the business end of a nuclear warhead and would have their countries turned into barren wastelands as took place against Japan in 1945.

But now, 5 years and counting, the US and other countries making up the ‘Christian’ West have been doing that very same thing vis a vis Syria, and after close to 250,000 dead and millions made into refugees,  nary a single American blinks their eyes in confusion/consternation over it.

Whatever comes…

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