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I.S.I.S And Homosexuality

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The Ugly Truth

isis gay

Sabba – Very very interesting read….

VOLTAIRE NET –  The mass killing in Orlando has shone a hard light on the treatment of homosexuals by Daesh (i.e. Islamic Emirate or ISIL). But the killer, who claimed to be affiliated with the terrorist group, was himself a client of the gay discotheque, and had had sexual relations with at least one other client. It would seem, then, that he had targeted a discotheque, not a gay discotheque.

In any case, the massacre of homosexuals is not the prerogative of Daesh alone, it is a practice of numerous sectarian groups who claim to be followers of various religions, and more particularly that of Islamist groups. It was the case, for example, of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda in the ’90’s, who claimed to follow Jesus – or today the djihadists, who claim to follow Muhammad. More generally, a large number of…

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