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FLASHBACK – 2011 – David Cameron refusing a referendum (MUST WATCH)

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The Ugly Truth

A little ancient history for those who know nothing about the prior events leading up to the referendum.

Sabba Remember that Britain is Rothschild’s first Empire and that the UK is THE beating heart of the JWO. 

Remember that the founding father of the EU, Richard Von Coudenhove-Kalergi explained what the ultimate goal of the architects is: the creation of a 3 way Trans-Atlantic Union between North America and Europe with Britain acting as the bridge between these 2 unions,while being part of none.

Remember that Britain was THE architect of the EEC/EU decades before it even joined the EEC/EU. Remember that no one has pushed for a United States of Europe more than Winston Churchill while emphatically refusing to allow his country to become a member state of that USE.

Remember that Britain joined the EEC (01JAN73) only after France had agreed to have a private central bank (03JAN73).


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