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Will WWIII start in Poland as WWII did?

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“Why can’t we just wipe Poland off the map?”

Rap Star Eminem

What about the Poles asks Cardinal SpellmanThey will be fine living under Uncle Joe.”


The missile system that will be placed in Poland is sure to start WWIII and at the present time I can see no way around this. Unless Trump wins in November and dismantles NATO.


There is no reason why Poland should believe NATO will back them up in a war time situation. The UK , France the “ allies” did nothing to help Poland during WWII.

NATO troop exercises in Poland and Eastern Europe will do nothing but anger Russia.

The Neoconservatives who still run Washington would like nothing better than to see NATO soldiers US and European and Russian boys kill one another and for what?

And let’s be clear to enter Russia with military force in…

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