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Newly-released documents shed light on ‘Lavon Affair’

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The Ugly Truth


IDF archives declassify documents on 1954 false flag attack in Egypt

ed note–a few things worth noting here–

1. Notice that this article appearing on the Israel National News website–one of the most far-right/Jewish supremacist outlets in the world, clearly uses the term ‘false flag’ in its own language in describing the event, thus offering those making up the Gentile Defense League ‘exhibit A’ in the people’s court an ‘acceptable’ precedent that can be used whenever we are trying to convince an otherwise recalcitrant and unconvinced jury that indeed Israel engages in false flag attacks as a means of furthering her geo-political aims.

2. Note the very Arabic names of those spies and saboteurs who were utilized in murdering innocent people on behalf of the Jewish state, obviously something to keep in mind whenever we are trying to convince an otherwise recalcitrant and unconvinced jury that indeed Israel uses Jews with arabic-sounding names to…

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