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EU Referendum Live: David Cameron Resigns as UK Shocks the World by Voting for Brexit

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The Ugly Truth

ED Noor: Congratulations, British people! This has been a most exciting evening as I watched the BBC coverage of the referendum. It was lovely to see a good paper election overseen by thousands of men and women, not an electronic voting machine in sight. Everyone moving and counting little pieces of paper then making note of the results ~ an old fashioned system of honest voting to bring in very new-fashioned changes for not only Great Britain but all of Europe. Unlike the cowed Irish and Scots, you have made the best decision possible and taken a step, optimistically, towards throwing off the oppressive impersonal Jewish noose known as the EU. It is too soon to predict how things will look like as the changes come about but I just had to share the wonderful news of the success of Brexit and the resignation of Mr. Cameron before heading off…

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