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CANADA – Woman Charged After Attacking Muslim Woman In Supermarket

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The Ugly Truth

virgin_mary-1583481 The Blessed Virgin Mary wearing the ‘Islamic Veil’

Sabba – As a comment, I would like to share an interesting article posted by Henry Makow: Bikini vs. Burka: The Debauchery of Women

I find myself often disagreeing with Makow but he raises valid points, asks the right questions and over all often touches upon key issues which none but a few dare touch.

I had read many years ago an article about the new craze in Europe where teen age girls are now auctioning their virginity on-line. The writer of that article concluded that he would much rather see his daughter dressed the way the Blessed Virgin Mary dressed (which is now called ‘Islamic’ fundamentalist fashion) than see her sell her virginity on line. He was viciously attacked by…surprise suprise, low-IQ, sexually frustrated white supremacists who accused him of everything we, at TUT, are being accused of. 

Fathers and Mothers:…

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