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After Brexit vote, Israeli prof predicts that Germany will replace the UK as Israel’s hired guns in Europe

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The Ugly Truth


Jerusalem will be losing a friend in the EU, and trade will be affected too, but Germany will be more influential

ed note–we post this for 2 reasons–

1. As usual, organized Jewish interests always view with a microscope ALL political decisions in all Gentile nations around the world and how these decisions will affect ‘dear, defenseless, pure-as-the-wind-driven-snow little Israel’, proving once again, that all the garbage which is stuffed down the throats of Gentiles the world over that GAAAAAWD is the main architect in building the Jewish state and that GAAAAAAWD stands ready with a lightning bolt from heaven, ready to strike at a moment’s notice at anyone who dares look, speak, or act unfavorably towards the apple of his eye is absolutely meaningless.

And (drum role please)

2. As a validation towards our esteemed editor Sabba who postulated a few weeks ago to the great political indigestion of a…

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